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"A banshee's wail followed by a dragon's roar accompanied the sudden grinding of massive cogs and gears. The Orcish gate guards - as uncomprehending as ever of the mechanical wizardry behind the feat - bellowed loudly, grinning and slapping each other on the back as though they themselves had performed some minor miracle. Only at the shrill command of their goblin overseer did they grudgingly drag their attention away from the turning of the great gears and descend the stairs to the gargantuan entrance hall below.

Everything about Yrskalion was huge: great iron doors, rust-free for all the negligence they received, stood everywhere. Even the narrowest of corridors would allow three orc males in full armour to walk abreast. And the ceilings of most chambers and halls were so high - and the guttering peat lamps of the orcs so weak - that they were practically hidden in shadow."

See, experience, and participate in the events and stories of ..

The Crimson Marches.

(a small but growing non pk, extended-smaug mud)
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