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WheelMUD: Seeking C# open-source coders

WheelMUD has been a long term project that is poised for the very real prospects of reaching completion.

We have an active forum, active support for developers, and a roadmap for the future. We are passionate, reasonable, experienced, and mature. We maintain a defined list of work items, but we are not process nazis; our number one job is to have fun. Whether you want to implement a few fun commands or get deep into the core systems, there is likely something that will suit any C# developer well.

Many of us have experience being both MUD administrators and builders on different *nix codebases. We are creating a MUD system for Windows, that could run on other platforms using Mono. Our first and foremost goal is to make a MUD codebase that is a Windows first-class citizen, and not an afterthought.

Target aim:
We are focused on building a high quality, flexible platform for the MUDs of the future to be built upon; not necessarily a MUD itself.

This is a volunteer-driven, open source project.

Although the vast majority of MUD code bases are built in C/C++, C# allows for an accessible, graceful, and maintainable code base. (String manipulation... need I say more?) Heck, THIS code base even compiles and runs the first time you pull down the code! This is just the sort of modernization the MUD community needs. An open source project (MS-PL) means your contributions will be more accessible to others and thus have a greater impact. Modern practices (like the usage of a flexible DAL) come from experienced industry professionals who contribute and help guide the project. Source control (SVN) and easy local debugging in a modern dev environment. StyleCop helps to keep everyone's code style-aligned with everyone elses, and a continuous integration server tracks build breaks (or will when it's back online). We're not just building a MUD; we're building a high quality, flexible platform for the MUDs of the future.

Talent needed:
C# developers.

Team structure:
While team size fluctuates with the ebb and flow of an open source project, we have a few key C# developers who are on the forums daily, even when not actively coding.

WheelMUD - A C# MUD Server > Home - check out the wiki link from there for getting started.

Visit the WheelMUD site; we have forums, private messaging, and members may gain access to our IM listings, etc.

Previous Work by Team:
Older versions of the WheelMUD code base and related tools had been written in VB and such, but have been scrapped in favor of a better, modern approach in C#. Most of the core team right now is comprised of experienced professionals who work on this as a side hobby project. WheelMUD is currently progressing towards v0.4 of our high level road map towards v1.0.

ANY feedback is welcome! I invite you to have a look at the code base, and leave some feedback even if you don't have time to contribute.

~ Karak, on behalf of the WheelMUD Development Team
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