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Arrow Zombieworld looking for Staff Members

Zombieworld is currently in its second stage of Alpha
testing. The server has been up for 2 months now and
gathered a small base of regular players and testers. During
US peak times there are around 10 to 20 players online.

What is Zombieworld about?

In Zombieworld you play a survivor in a Zombie-Apocalypse.
It has been months since the first infected appeared, and
still nobody knows how the disease started… One thing is for
sure, you do not want to end up as one of those things...

Here are four of the many things that you will be doing as a
new player:

Explore the ruins of the cities:
Both the Human survivors and the Infected are roaming the
streets of our big cities for resources and nourishment
(even though the two factions have a different understanding
of what that is).

Fight the Horde:
Sooner or later you will run into the hordes of Infected on
your travels through the perilous ruins. There are 10
different weapon types and many different combat moves to
choose from. We have made sure to make the combat system
very dynamic and gruesome…

Gather resources:
Never have simple goods been so precious before. With our
high-tech world taking a plunge back into the stone-ages you
will be hunting for everything that can help you survive.
Collected ores and textiles that can be crafted into weapons
and armour – and stock up on materials to fortify areas to
secure them from the hungry mob…

Craft your own equipment:
Almost all of the equipment in the game has been created by
players. You can make everything – from a wide range of
murder instruments to important protective gear and useful
bags. The more you create, the better you get. There are no
levels, you just play!

Reconquer civilization:
Every area of the game is constantly fought over. Use your
physical or logistical prowess to re-capture the city for
Humanity and drive the Horde back to hell! Become a Legend
of the Apocalypse and earn your place in history! Or maybe
you can keep others from getting there once you’ve been
bitten and gone beyond redemption...?

The game is actually very simple. You gather resources,
claim areas from the zombies and explore the randomly
generated cities of the Apocalypse.

Oh, did I mention that you can become an Infected yourself
if you get bitten too often by the Zombies? This is the PVP
part of the game. And the only other thing I will say about
it is: Infected != Zombies

I kept it very simple because most new users are playing on
their phones, with the dedicated Android client that I offer
on the Android Market. When I update this client, it is
pushed to the "recent apps" list in the Android Market,
which means that there are a lot of new players on every
patch day and a couple of days after. I just updated the
client this Tuesday and had another 800 downloads with over
400 pageviews on the website. So yes, there are enough
players (at least during US times, EU times are very slow -
seems like not many Europeans are playing MUDs any more).

So now that you know what the game is about, that there is a
constant influx of new players and that there are already
regulars who play every day, let us talk about the Staff
System I'm using for Zombieworld.

There are several Staff levels on the game:

1. Helper
These guys are pretty much like normal players. The only
thing they can do is edit and add help files. To become a
helper you must've shown a helpful attitude in-game and know
how to use the in-game editor.

2. Landscaper
This is the first real level of staff in the game. You can
not play the game as a normal character with one of these.
In traditional games, builders create the areas. In
Zombieworld, the main game world is created procedurally
when the players explore it. Because of that, the areas lack
that certain flair and atmosphere that traditional areas
have. The job of a landscaper is to wander around the game
world that has been explored by the players and to add
roomprogs to the rooms to make them more lively and

3. Crafter
The second level of real staff membership adds the commands
to create and edit new items and mobs for the game. These
npcs can be created in the safety of the staff area and have
to be approved by the administrator (me) before they can be
used in the game.

4. Builder
The third level of real staff membership adds the commands
to create and edit new areas, room for room, just like
traditional building. These areas will be used for special
encounters or missions and are by nature for end-game

To advance through the ranks of staff membership takes time.
Depending on how much you do for the game and how
comfortable you are with OLC (as well as how good your
content fits into the game world) you can advance faster.

If you are still interested in becoming a staff member for
Zombieworld, just log in and have a look. If you still like
the game after playing for a little while you can contact me
via e-mail, on the website forum or in-game (Gevrik).

Website: ZombieWorld Online « the infection is spreading!
Host: Port: 9999

See you soon in Zombieworld!
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Re: Zombieworld looking for Staff Members

Hello gevrik,

Unfortunately I don't have time to become a staff member. I have even had to retire from my favourite MUD. However, I would like to say that I like the sound of your game and the ideas involved. When your game opens I will probably have to check it out - who doesn't like zombies?! I've looked around your website and it is looking nice, too.

I wish you and your team the best of luck. I'm sure you'll do well.
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