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Hardcore Older Gamer :-)

Thanks for the auth! Been a gamer for many years (wrote my first game - breakout on a Timex Sinclair, as that was really the only "home" affordable computer at the time you could do anything LOL) Since then played everything. Browsers, to pc, horror to cute! MMO's almost as many as I could get my hands on - 6k hrs in wow alone! In the early 90's I ran a BBS for many years, then got into the "internet-trend". These days I still have my BBS up. Pure gaming of course. To this day, I prefer most of the games there. My nephew got me onto Two Towers(mud) and realized that I like that style of game play over the eye candy! Which lead me back to the BBS world. It's quiet, unaffected by any internet problems. it is, for a lack of a better phrase - an intimate environment. Going back to my BBS games, I realized there were several muds that I have missed over the years. Aside from the notorious DoorMud I found that Axe & Fang is a really good one - a sleeper if you will - after level 25, players can actually edit the world! Anyways, I write in several different language - I prefer php/mysql on web stuff, and pascal / qb64 for dos, I lean toward qb64 for its ability to go full screen, where pascal cannot. Anyways - not hard to tell about where my age group lies given the mini intro LOL. Even when I was in raids with my son(who is also a big gamer), the group would call me "dad" too, just bc my son did LOL - it became more of a nick name anyways..I'll see if i can post my BBS with these muds there - they are not available anywhere else BUT a bbs. And I like it that way. cheers
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Jazuela will become famous soon enoughJazuela will become famous soon enough
Re: Hardcore Older Gamer :-)

Well hi there old guy! I got my computer starts on a DOS machine, my first PC somewhere around 1989. I was hooked up to FidoNet through a friend who was a SysOp with couple of lines out of his house. I was active on an herbology board for awhile, and played some kind of turn-based adventuring RP game at one point. This was back before the Mouse was a household item, and I typed things using MultiMate, hitting the Alt key to access the menu. I still do that for my OpenOffice stuff, and most everything else. I have a mouse but I don't really use it all that much.

My next computer was Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. Used to love the heck out of finding all the easter eggs in that thing. That was when I really learned to appreciate DOS. I bit my coding teeth on Basic (not Visual Basic - just plain old Basic), back when our computer was this enormous box in another room with reel-to-reel tapes spinning on it. The computers in the classrooms were dummy terminals, and our programs came out on ticker tape at the teletype machine in the corner of the room.

I ended up becoming more of a software user-geek than a coder, but I still remember my old BBS days where I discovered "other people" in the virtual world.
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