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Re: What are the differences between a MUD and a MUSH?

Originally Posted by Delerak View Post
Herein lies the problem for me. I don't want to go OOC to setup specific times to roleplay. When I login I expect people to be on and roleplaying, not idling. Idling is a part of hack and slash muds, it shouldn't be freely allowed on a roleplay enforced game. Just my opinion mainly because it's not realistic. If you idle on a true roleplay mud, especially in certain dangerous areas of the game, you will probably end up with a dead character. Permanently dead.
Socializing OOCly, and being on when you're not necessariyl roleplaying, is very much part of the MUSH community. That does not say anything about how realistic or not the roleplay is when you do go IC. That's why MUSHes often employ a way to set IC and a way to set OOC, to clearly indicate the status of your character. Works pretty well.

Originally Posted by Delerak View Post
You can't login to ANY mud/mush/MU* and instantly get gratified with good writing and roleplay. You have to find your niche on that game because many games cater to many different types of people and roleplay. Unfortunately MUSHes have no players and use a system of "meet and greets" instead of a In-character world frame 24/7 like an RPI does.
There is probably no MUSH that can instantly offer good roleplay all the time, no. But its not like it never happens either. Just depends on the population of the game, and the timezones of the players in correlation to your own time zone.

Saying that MUSHes have no players is ... well, laughable. But in our case, for example, we happen to be in Europe. Since we can't be around to help players on late US and Australian hours, most of our players have ended up being those with similar hours to our own. The world doesn't revolve around a single timezone.

On average, MUSHes probably are smaller than a lot of MUDs. But that has a lot to do with the bar to entry being lower on a MUD. Which is fine, but most MUSHes can't replicate it. They need people to write backgrounds and other stuff. That's why we're offering ready-made characters now, and even offering to CG from concepts. We want to lower the bar to entry without sacrificing the character setup.
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