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Nereids and Brine Elementals - Short RP Story

OOC: First time posting a story from a character log of mine. This is the first time I've felt so inspired to write more than a paragraph entry and thought I would like to share ....

Gifts of the Sea

Come the spring of 53, in the month of Rebirth, I had recently taken to boarding and capturing Coral Galleons. These ships, captained by alluring and deadly Nereids, are true vessels of the seas. Built of coral, covered with flotsam, and smelling of the deep oceans. The Nereids wield prized weapons; the large horns from long dead narwhales covered in delicate scrimshaw scrollwork from their prized artists and imbued with the power of Damhair. In the hands of his faithful, these horns will release lightning sometimes after piercing an opponent. As Damhair commands that the sea provides and this bounty, ship and scrimshaw horns, is but obviously a bounty provided unto me, his devout follower.

Sailing a yacht enticingly named Horn Bandit, I would sail out and wait for these galleons. Thereby I would take my kraken, bestowed as an effigy of my faith by Damhair himself, quickly board passing Coral Galleons, defeat the captain and take ship and horn for my pleasure. Having taken a score of this vessels before I have come to understand their shields and weapons.

Thus it came on Freeday, the 9th of Rebirth, I had outfitted my cruiser, the Derecho Ray, with similar shields and better weapons than a standard Coral Galleon and set sail to further explore the Southern Sea and increase my knowledge of the world. Having touched upon the Xandria desert at the end of the world and making way north on my sweep, I came upon a Coral Galleon, commencing henceforth a barrage upon her shields.

What I did not expect at this point was that the Nereid was a better sailor than I. Thus, while having smaller weapons, her and hers were better in the volley and I realized should I want to survive this day I would need to board and defeat the captain, as I had done numerous times before.

I boarded and commenced with battle, her spells against mine, and her making the better of it unlike most Nereidís that go down quickly once I board. I had to rely on my ability to distract and confuse her in combat that she would no longer be able to cast spells at me. After a long battle she lay defeated and I another scrimshaw horn for my collection.

Alas, a second surprise lay in wait for me. On occasion I have seen these Nereid summon Brine Elementals to fight at their sides. What caught me in this battle was that during the exchange of ship fire I did not see the elementals creep aboard my ship and lay in wait for me to leave the deck. As if she expected me to leave my vessel and board hers, perhaps my reputation with the Nereid had proceeded me.

Such as this surprise lay in wait, it revealed itself when the nymph fell and I was looking over the corpse for my gains. Two Brine Elementals had seized control of my ship and begun a volley now against the Coral Galleon where I and my kraken stood not expecting this. This left me to contemplate pirating the Galleon to fire upon my Derecho Ray to end this battle or reclaiming my own ship and sinking the present prize.

Luckily for I, they only sought to reclaim their own ship and not pirate away with mine. I re-boarded the Derecho Ray and quickly dispatched of the intruders, proceeding to sink the Coral Galleon and claim victory this day.
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