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Re: Armegeddon Forum Policy?

Hey there.

I actually created an account to leave this note. Go figure. Havent participated in these forums for so so long.

Anyway. So check this.

I've played Muds for decades. I have two that I enjoy for the main part and I periodically try others. I've never played New Words Ateraan.

I can guarantee this though. For as long as I remember the existence of this thread. For as long as I remember the existence of NewWorlds forum handle, I will "never" ever try New Worlds Alteraan. Nevarrr. Just to spite him. I realize the mud itself is not at fault. The Mud cant control some overeager player making weird promotional threads on a forum that's not even on the mud's own site. I get all that. But in reading this thread, I have found NewWorlds posts so despicable, that I'm going to go ahead and do exactly opposite of what he is hoping to achieve. Instead of drumming interest in the mud he's 'so subtly' advertising, he/she have generated a vast amount of disinterest/dislike. It is my hope that this post will make the handler of NewWorlds think twice, when creating another one of those underhanded weird promotional threads.

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Cool Re: Armegeddon Forum Policy?

For those of you just tuning in...

This thread is filled with trolls and assholes, and a couple people constructively discussing games. One, Newworlds, [sarcasm] keeps responding to questions or remarks, like some kind weird pedant who responds to things directed at him, and of all the ****wad things to do, he has a good-natured sense of humor about it. What a psycho. [/sarcasm]

If you're skimming, here's the jist. is not 'Armageddon's official website,' but rather one created by a player, and the particular post referenced was asking for negative remarks about muds apparently.

(for more info/detail, discover the truth on your own at, or, if you feel real daring, read the thread and follow the links provided.)

Then, some guy accuses one guy of bumping it just for promotional value, another guy's all 'blah blah blah, I hate stuff about it,' and then another guy, pretty passive about the whole thing is like, 'Meh, maybe kinda, but also, yatta yatta yatta'.

Since this is already filled with dicks and twats, I'll jump in!

I like New Worlds. Haven't played it much, but I'm getting involved. At first, I was like, wtf? Everyone just uses socials. This is lame. I gave it a try, nope, it's much like the real world, people you don't ****ing know or have any involvement in usually just nod and pass you by, laugh reflexively, or, in another words, just canned responses, (socials)

A good handful of people I've become involved don't do this. They started to, I refused to, and it was like some serious **** opened up. The more I role-play with these people, the less they use canned emotes. (I'm not gonna say 'be the change', because **** Ghandi with a chicken on a stick, that's not even his quote) But I am gonna say, if you're interested, don't be dissuaded by bridge-dwelling trolls and this guy up here who created two ****ing accounts just to jizz all over some other group's game just because when he went back, he couldn't come up with more reasons to bash it.

I was concerned about the lack of role-play, but I found it. Then I was concerned about having to 'Borg' as someone put it, which meant repeatedly killing mobs. I haven't found that a necessity at all, or even encouraged. I've spotted some people doing it, but just like those empty taverns that more often than not are full, I avoided them, and stuck with those who actual get a kick out of fleshy, deep emotes, char development, and using coded skills and behind the screen wit in a combination effort with others to tackle interesting, and (if you pay attention) well thought out quests. Not all of the time, no, because humans are people, and people are inconsistent ****heads that sometimes don't know what the meta-character behind the screen exactly wants for their character, or just don't feel like dancing the **** around for you.

The staff, however, will gladly help you. Getting newbies into a guild has become a big concern for them before asshole #2 posted, they even have a dated message board post for newbies and veterans saying, 'If you're not in a guild, and think you should be, contact us. Old folks, help them get in, don't be dicks, love, staff.' [Paraphrasing you pedants.]

Also, some ****head came in at the end of the thread, and made a pointless ****ing post. According to the rules of the internet, he is NOT who he says he is, and he IS who he says he's NOT, therefore, I'll pick someone at random.

I'm not Malifax.

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Re: Armegeddon Forum Policy?

Okay, so, this is Prime Minister Sinister reporting in on a borrowed account because apparently it takes years for TMS to accept new accounts these days. They also don't respond to e-mails in a very timely manner.

Sorry I'm late to the party folks.


I was going to let this sleeping dog lie until this little bit of trash talk here, which prompts me to point out a few things.

Originally Posted by Newworlds View Post
No he posted a singular moment in the Tavern late at night. I told you I recognized this player and he was about as far away from roleplay ability as a 13 year old on Pokemon mud.
My dude, I think you either have me mixed up with another player, or you were only paying attention to me after I realized I wasn't going to find any decent RP on New Worlds and gave up on the prospect. Did you forget the part where the tour guides (on the few beginner tours I did take) gave me more-than-the-typical extra noob money because they liked what they saw and wanted me to stick around?

Also, singular moment in the Tavern late at night my foot. I didn't dump more logs because I'd just be repeating myself. Might want to consider pumping the breaks on the RPI train if proper RP can only be expected at certain times or with certain groups.

It's not a good look.

Originally Posted by Newworlds View Post
I read his post and found that when he had the opportunity to roleplay he didn't want to.
Oh right! All those RP opportunities I had. Of the few I can remember, one involved another character pointing at mine and proclaiming, "Boy fairy!", bewildered at the prospect that the fairy race isn't comprised entirely of buxom women with pretty wings. Apparently ugly fairies are also unheard of, because a few people commented on that shortly thereafter. Was it not in character for me to grumble discontent and ignore them as I tried to enjoy a drink while others formed a cuddle puddle in the corner? Maybe if there was a "think" command or some other way of documenting an internal monologue you'd have a clue. But nah, I remember when I asked about anything similar to a "think" command on the help channel, it was regarded as something useless and not conducive to RP because no other characters could read your thoughts.

There were those other RP opportunities, where people my character met would come meet him at the spawn location after he died and offer to give free equipment and any other help he might need. Asking my freshly-resurrected amnesiac where his body is so they can bury after hitting me over the head with the intro command was always one of my favorite occurances. It's really hard to RP the amnesia aspect of death in-game when pretty much everybody ignores it entirely.

"F*** a duck!"
-Actual quote from some guy that briefly stopped in the room I was in that happened to have a duck in it, he left before I could respond.

That aside, I RP'd plenty with the few people that remembered how to spell "emote" from time to time.

Originally Posted by Newworlds View Post
It doesn't test that, it tests their ability to join an exclusive group. He never had to. He failed on one of the easier guilds and then again to become a guildless person. That quest is actually easier than he made it, but he didn't understand it nor did he get help from others. I remember this guy, he was better off in a game that has easy quests and easy rankings.
I'd hesitate to say I "failed" to join one of the easier guilds. I made an application to join the mage's guild, and was asked to write an essay about magic and why I want to do it. I have no inkling how magic works in this game, I don't know if there are rules, I don't know if there are categories, I don't know what is/isn't possible. There is also no documentation, and the few people I did try to talk to about it couldn't be bothered. I even pored over a bunch of books in the library, and aside from some poetry (ranging from "alright" to "cringe") I didn't find anything worthwhile, so I just kinda gave up.

On a later character it was more fitting for him to join the rogue's guild.

Let me ask you about the Rogue's Guild.

To join the Rogue's Guild, I apparently have to roll up and murder a bunch of monks that are a good bit stronger than a serf. I just.... I don't know. It was around there I gave up on RPing, because there's really no way I could justify that. If there's something I missed, I'd love to know. All I know is "You know anything about the Rogue's Guild?" yields "Go to the Monastery", and that's what I had to face. I didn't "want to hack and slash my way into a guild", joining this was pure combat unless there's some super obscure commands I'm not privy to. I couldn't bring anyone with me, and despite my best efforts and spammings of sojdodge/eat potato, it just didn't happen.

I should also add that asking other players about it in-game resulted in a bunch of "find out yourself", both IC and on OOC channels.

I'm not sure what you expect from me.

Originally Posted by Newworlds View Post
I don't think you really had the chance to play the game long enough to get into the deeper side of things. From your descriptions and critique it sounds like you never even joined a guild which is sad. I think you might have liked the more seroius role play you find when you get involved with a guild, religion, politics, intrigue, social conflict, and the interaction those things bring.
Ah, right. Sad for Realedazed, but I'm an asshole for venting my frustrations and goofing on the game. 10/10

Originally Posted by Newworlds View Post
Really? What a childish response. It is no wonder you don't like enforced roleplay. I'm not angry at the post, just curious why it was sponsored by the game. Kindly enough, Warhound set the record straight in a mature fashion to which I am grateful. To you Dark Acacia, you have the same misinformation as the poster did, let's name them:
  • Login announcments- simple to tune out.
  • Entrance to guild requirements - Complete roleplay. This is the huge part of roleplay that anyone with any roleplaying skill or desire would enjoy and embrace. Not required in all guilds though.
  • Southern creation with mandatory slavery - Wrong. You may be a slave, conscript, or servant. There is no mandatory slavery.
  • Legitimate issues with the game - Yes he did. He wanted a hack and slash game. Ateraan is not.
Bullet point 1: So a barrage of login announcements and various other global announcements = simple to tune out.

But a prompt showing important information such as "am i dying right now" is obtrusive to RP?


Bullet point 2: Complete roleplay, unless you want to join the Rogue's Guild. Then you just have to know enough about the combat system and equipment to go all Viking on the monastery.

Bullet point 3: I dunno about that. I may have missed it, but when I created my current character a couple of weeks back (I'm back btw), I was thrown on to the auction platform pretty quickly. Did I have a choice?

Bullet point 4: was literally directed to hack and slash my way into a guild


In closing, I want to like New Worlds.

I might even wind up enjoying it, after going through the hassle of finding a clique that actually RPs, like everyone else has to apparently.

Until then I'll have my fun with collecting and narrating logs of what some people call RP.

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Re: Armegeddon Forum Policy?

Originally Posted by SelfCoded View Post
In closing, I want to like New Worlds.

I might even wind up enjoying it, after going through the hassle of finding a clique that actually RPs, like everyone else has to apparently.

Until then I'll have my fun with collecting and narrating logs of what some people call RP.
Hmm, there are many new players that either know how to roleplay or learned how in the game. They do quite well and don't need cliques or anyone else to find their way.

Yes, I might have mixed you up with someone else and if that is the case, then my apologies.

Good luck on your search for a great roleplay game!
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