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lenoxx is on a distinguished road mud review

If anyone would of told me that at the age of 30 I would still enjoy playing mud's when I was in high school i would of got a good laugh. It all started one day when I was at a friends and he logged on his mud and started playing and we all teased him a little for it. Then before you knew it we all were playing the mud. My taste in mud's has came along way sense then but I still do log on the old mud from time to time to say hi. Kallindor is big leap from the Vme mud's that I use to play but it reminds me of my Tibia days and the year's I spent playing wow before they reined it, trying to make everything cookie cutter so it would be easier for kids. The Game is based around Classes and Sub Classes and each subclass is completely different from each other but similar at the same time. For example the Cleric Class three subclasses are Avatar, Druid and Herald. The Avatar are group great healers and do very well healing in boss fights or in a group. the druid has a rejuvenate
heal that is similar to wows (hot) heal over time spells, and can summon woodland creatures to help it in combat. heralds are more of a two handed Melee class that do dish out decent damage while sharing the pain of the tank. These are not their only abilitys just a highlight of some of them. Each of the three have heal spells but out of all avatar's are the strongest. Herald's can do the best damage and they have the weakest heal spells of the three thats if you do not consider share pain a heal type support, while druids are in the middle of all three for the class, Their summons make it easy for them to level and they can cast spells or shapeshift into a treant and do melee damage or into a dryad and heal. And that is just one of the five classes and 16 sub classes, some of have not been played as a main yet, Due to the popularity of some of the other classes, or need for them to complete endgame. With talking to some of the founding game member's the mud is in need of some tank's and a few more damage classes players to be able to knock out some of the remaining boss's that need to be killed before more will be released. The player base is very friendly and helps out every chance that they get.
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