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Kingdoms of the Lost: Merriment of Masks Festival

About the festival:

The Merriment of Masks was a festival that usually ran a week in length, and was steeped in Mesilena's tradition. During one of the earliest generations of the kingdom's history, tribal raiders from Klevnone attacked and razed many of their cities. Never having traveled so far to the west, the barbarians had no idea what to expect, but it was well-known that the barbarians from the east were a superstitious lot that was uncomfortable with most magic craft.

Of all the magical arts however, the necromantic ones frightened the otherwise unflappable warriors to their very core. So as they neared their destination of Harthrin - the capital city, one of the wizards in the Cyn bloodline thought of a way to trick the warriors of Klevnone. Mesilena was a land reputed for its dark and mysterious magics. Some even claimed that the lands were cursed.

A clever illusionist, this ancestor of Mechia's gathered up enough magic to give their warriors and people the appearance of the unliving. The Klevnone warriors were the more talented of the combatants, but the distance they had traveled combined with their own innate fears caused their morale to buckle when they found themselves engaged with what they thought were the walking dead.

Mesilena's people and warriors took on the very realistic appearances of zombies, skeletons and apparitions. They drove back the Klevnone hordes, reclaiming their land. It was many years later when Klevnone realized they had been completely tricked, and by then had already begun to expand to the north and southwest.

This was a celebration of that time, when the clever minds of Mesilena thwarted the superior physicality of Klevnone. People since that time gather in the streets, wearing masks that often emulate the undead, but also many other races and people as well in a show of creativity. Most of the celebration would take place in the evening hours, and it was not uncommon to have children or even fun-loving adults to play pranks on one another in 'reverence' to the events of the past.

Somewhere along the way, it became a game amongst the people. The adults would certainly dress up if they felt like it, enjoying the song, dance and other festivities. One night a year however, on the last eve of the festival, the children would dress up as well. They would go about the city, pulling pranks on homeowners and if they were successful, they were rewarded with the one thing almost any kid could possibly want: sweets.

The masks and costumes would help keep the identity of the prankster a secret, which would keep any hard feelings from overflowing into the following morning. There were many who bemoaned the pranks as juvenile, and sometimes even destructive, but in the end it was tradition. It had become a custom every year that not only the people took part in, but that the royalty supported fully.

This day was the first day of the festival, and while the morning was certainly busier than usual, Rylee, Mechia and their advisors had to prepare their end of the festivities as well, as they anticipated the first evening of The Merriment of Masks.

About the MUD:

Kingdoms of the Lost where imagination and adventure are reality. KotL is a MUD that was founded more than twelve years ago back in August of 2000. We have well over 150 original zones created by the players and staff here over that time. The primary continent of Olerax is comprised of multiple kingdoms, each with their own cultures and benefits. Whether you wish to hail from the barbarian kingdom of Klevnone, the peace-loving forests of Murkwood, the reclusive inhabitants of Calararian who live in a city in the sky or the swampy home of Mesilena which plays host to many undead there are many choices for you to express yourself and create an exciting character. The world does change, however. For example, one of our original kingdoms - the anti-magic land of Armengar, recently had a mysterious outbreak of illness. The kingdom is now a shell of what it used to be - with more changes coming to add to the adventure.

Character creation is deep, with hair and eye characteristics but simple as well. There are five classes to start with, but our tiered system allows for your fighter to become a warrior or a knight. If you choose a knight, do you become a doomknight or paladin? If you choose a paladin, do you ultimately choose the path of soulreaver or deathknight? The choice is yours as are the new skills each class (75 in total) presents along the way over hundreds of levels of play.

We have added to and tweaked many of our features over the years, from auto questing and varied lists of rewards that can be purchased from multiple quest masters, the tier system, and evolution system (watch as your lizardman gains enough statistically to become a dragonkin, and then ultimately one of several dragons each new evolution brings better stats, altered resistances and new race-specific skills over 50 races in total but again a smaller number to start as you ease into the experience), custom weapon and armor creation through the collection of quest tokens, moxes and gems that can be socketed into gear to not only boost various statistics but in some cases combine to create powerful weapon and shield flags, runes that can be tattooed to the body to grant additional skills and bonuses, a language system for various races and so much more. We have paid great attention to detail over the years, including things such as unique wear slots based on race and even a system where losses in combat can lead to scars that can be seen by others or covered with equipment.

All of this is brought to you by a friendly, mature and experienced staff of imms. We have been playing and working on games like this for many years, and we are looking for players who want a place to relax and understand the need to sometimes ‘get away from real life’ for awhile we do it ourselves. We like to have fun as much as the next person, and want you to be the next person. Come visit us at Kingdoms of the Lost and lose yourself in the fun and imagination.

We have several features that cater to all sorts of different play styles:

- auto-questing in each of the different kingdoms
- customizable equipment
- arena and limited (but optional) player-killing
- role-playing encouraged through rewards, automatically generated RPXP and ranks in kingdoms and religions

Kingdoms of the Lost (KotL) has a mature staff that has been running this game since 2000. Now that 2014 is upon us, why not stop by and take advantage of our:

- random bonusing for the Spring Festival, including imm and combat-triggered mods
- New code modifications
- New area content

With over 150 completely original zones, a wealth of customized code and a variety of things to do, why not take the time to visit a new MUD for the New Year and see if something catches your eye?

Come find us at port 2222

We will be waiting for you!
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