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Help with LambdaMOO

I've set up LambdaMOO with the JH Core database on a Virtual Box server. I'm able to log in fine, and build new rooms, items, etc., but I've run into a problem with programming an object.

I've been following Yib's Pet Rock tutorial, and it goes fine until I get to adding the line

player:tell("You pet the rock. Nothing happens."); .
which simply refuses to compile. After checking 'list', I noticed that it's stripping the semi-colon off the end. I even tried removing the period and entering it on its own, since that looked a bit iffy to me, and entering the semi-colon on its own line too, but no luck. Even if I try to enter other commands, it always strips the semi-colon off and fails to compile.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
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Re: Help with LambdaMOO

I don't know MOOcode, but I do know the MOO-talk list is pretty active, so maybe try there if you don't get an answer here.

MOO Talk | Google Groups
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Re: Help with LambdaMOO

A couple things, probably.

Your client is probably stripping the semi-colon. What client are you in? In short, clients like to use that for command stacking, as in:

foo;bar becomes

That's probably part of your problem.

The period may or may not be right. I'm not familiar with this core, but the core has a chance to modify the string for a program, so that . may be indicating the end, or something. Scroll down a bit further and try the editor, it's like another 4 or 5 lines down. That's supposed to tell you the compiler errors, or at least so the tutorial says.

Are you sure the core you're using is compatible with that? You might also have a look at the moo manual; I don't have a link atm, but it's not hard to find. It'll not tell you about any specific coore, only about what's going on behind the scenes, and it's a bit complicated, but it is useful if you don't know why something is mysteriously failing and is probably worth a look, anyway, to understand some of the internals.

Try the semi-colon thing client-side first, only giong further if that doesn't work: the easiest way is generally to type look;say test and see what happens; you should look and then say test, and not get a typo message or only do one or the other.
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Re: Help with LambdaMOO

You were right about the command separator. Changing it fixed it. And as it turns out, the period does need to be added on its own, not in the same line, or gets put into the code instead of being used to exit the editor, which also causes a syntax error.
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Re: Help with LambdaMOO

Download VMOO and use its built-in clientside editor.

You will experience endless frustration trying to create and edit verbs in the MOO-side editor.

After you get VMOO and log in to your MOO, type @edit-options +local
This will enable client-side editors for your bit.
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