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To set the mood, prophecies of dark times filled the lands of Aradath as the portal to the underworld was first discovered and opened by the High Sorceress Aiena in the Mud Peoples Village in the Southlands. From the underworld spewed forth an army of the undead at her command which traveled south across the deadly Dragon Peaks under the protection of Aiena's spells to battle the rising armies of Oisin and the hordes of Arioch in southern Aradath....

The Flerian Murdach fortold of coming rains to wash the lands clean of the plague of undeath that had crossed into our world and the Goddess Elindale provided visions to her followers of her righteous anger to be unleashed over the abominations unleashed by Aiena. High Priestess of Elindale Tula and many followers met within the temple to discuss the prophecies and visions provided before them while unknown to them an unknown guest listened in the shadows....

Tula asks Ambertiger, "What do you suggest we tell them?"

[Temple Elindale.]

From this small office, Elindale's high priestess attends to the more mundane matters. With the goddess so much in evidence all around, those duties are few and rarely transcend into the spiritual unnecessarily.

This room is illuminated.
In the room are Tula the Noble Secian (seated and holding a flaming blue diamond staff of friendship), Ambertiger the Leuian (seated), and Yulin the Noble Fir Elf.
Obvious exits: north* west*.

Tula asks, "Beyond the vision?"

Ambertiger says, "Nothing.. "

Yulin raises an eyebrow.

Ambertiger says, "We must find out if their deities have moved in any way, though.."

Yulin asks, "We do not speak of Murdoch's intrusion?"

Ambertiger says, "No."

Tula furrows her brow.

The familiar voice whispers, "They have seen the future this night, it affects our temple greatly"

Yulin asks, "For what reason do we hold this private?"

Ambertiger says, "His words would make Tylar think we were weak.. Not something we want."

Tula says, "I think they must know of the imminent danger if we do not move forward"

Yulin furrows his brow.

Ambertiger shrugs.

Yulin asks, "Educate me. How would this make Tylar think we are week?"

Ambertiger asks, "How much of Murdach's explanation were you planning on giving?"

Tula says, "Tylar is all for uniting the Cleric's Guild, if that is what is needed"

Yulin flails his arms about wildly.

Ambertiger says, "The 'Elindale does nothing' quote would not aid us.."

Yulin says, "Ah do not know...."

Yulin nods.

Yulin says, "Very true.."

Tula says, "We can not let Elindale do what we envisioned"

Arias yells, "Basah!"

Yulin raises an eyebrow.

Ambertiger says, "We must also make sure that we have at least some support.."

Tula nods.

Yulin asks, "We go against our Goddess?"

Tula says to Yulin, "This is not going against our Goddess"

Yulin ponders the meaning of the universe for a moment.

Ambertiger says, "This was a warning.. "

Yulin nods.

Ambertiger says, "Murdach has confused issues a bit.. But that cannot be let on."

Tula says, "This Army we saw... is a dire and unnatural threat, perhaps unlike any that has ever been seen"

Ambertiger nods to Tula.

Yulin nods up and down to Tula.

Yulin says, "Explain ta me...ah seem ta be dense this eve.."

Ambertiger says, "And is being built in a mountanous region.."

Yulin asks, "'vision told that th'army of undead tis bein' held back by th'rains?"

Yulin ponders the meaning of the universe for a moment.

Yulin raises an eyebrow.

Yulin asks, "Rathan?"

Ambertiger says, "Either that, or the rains are holding us in.."

Ambertiger shakes her head from side to side to Yulin.

Tula says, "We saw a huge tidal wave destroy them."

Ambertiger says, "We would hve recognized Rathan.."

Tula says, "That wave will bring more destruction."

Yulin nods.

Ambertiger nods to Tula.

Tula says, "But less than what that army would cause"

Yulin asks, "Is this th'wish o' Elindale, ta flood th'lands ta purify it?"

Tula shudders.

Ambertiger says to Tula, "Depends on the resilency of the ecosystem.."

Yulin ponders the meaning of the universe for a moment.

Tula says to Yulin, "Our tenets come to mind.."

Tula says, "Sometimes, some must do for other might live"

Yulin asks, "Or a statement - ifn we can not handle this, this is th'last step?"

Tula says, "i think that army would wreak havoc.. "

Ambertiger nods to Yulin.

Ambertiger says, "If we can rid the world of it first, the wave will never come to pass.."

Ambertiger says, "I hope.."

Yulin says, "Then th'army must be found...and destroyed."

Tula nods to Ambertiger.

Tula's flaming blue diamond staff of friendship flickers for a moment.

Tula stares into the distance for a moment.

Tula blinks slowly.

Ambertiger says, "The Hithuals will be indespensible for that.. It is in the Mountains after all.."

Yulin says, "It them matters not wether th'rains are Elindale's doin' or another...they single th'holdin' of th'army.."

Ambertiger ponders the meaning of the universe for a moment.

Tula murmurs"Forgive me..."

Yulin raises an eyebrow at Tula.

Ambertiger blinks.

Tula shakes her head from side to side slowly.

Yulin asks, "What, yer Grace?"

Ambertiger asks, "Are you alright..?"

Tula says, "A.. vision of sorts.."

Ambertiger asks, "What of..?"

Yulin says, "Explain, ifn ye can....please.."

You notice a soft white light floating away from Tula, apparently no one else notices it.

Tula says, "The flooding we saw.. is not of our Goddesss... but she has warned us"

Tula asks, "Who is causing it?"

Yulin raises an eyebrow.

Tula says, "Perhaps Murdach..."

Ambertiger says, "Murdach.."

Tula says, "He was the one laughing in the end"

Ambertiger says, "he mentioned Aiena casting a spell to keep us in.."

Yulin ponders the meaning of the universe for a moment.

Ambertiger asks, "Could that be the Rains?"

Tula says, "Perhaps..."

Yulin asks, "But where are th'rains preventin' us from goin'?"

Ambertiger says, "I do not know.."

Tula asks, "oh.. are the rains the spells you speak of? Aiena's?"

Ambertiger nods.

Tula ponders the meaning of the universe for a moment.

Ambertiger asks, "She is ancient.. WHo knows what she is capable of?"

Yulin says, "Aiena holds us in via floods..."

Yulin says, "..ta build 'er army."

Tula says, "I was here her spell was cast.. she put a dome over the city of some kind, I thought"

Ambertiger says, "Exploration is the key then.."

Yulin asks, "But what, by Set's breath, does 'e 'ave ta do with this?!?"

Ambertiger glances at Yulin.

Ambertiger asks, "Who is the 'e?"

Tula says, "The rain is not Aiena's doing.. It can not be"

Yulin says, "Th'accursed flerian."

Ambertiger frowns.

Yulin ponders the meaning of the universe for a moment.

Tula says, "We saw that rain destroy her and her army..."

Ambertiger says, "A wave did.."

Tula says, "Brought on by the rain"

Ambertiger says, "Perhaps someone of greater magickal power.."

Yulin asks, "Does th'flerian 'ave th'power to do such things?"

Tula says, "I still think the rain is Murdach's doing"

Ambertiger says, "Kyrinne should know.."

Tula says to Ambertiger, "Good idea..."

Yulin asks, "Is that why 'e left in a huff? We "insulted" 'em by suggestin' ELindale did it?"

Tula nods to Yulin.

Tula says, "And I think he is frustrated.. I guess he has warned us for some time"

Ambertiger says, "I've never heard him warn us of anything.."

Yulin flails his arms about wildly.

Ambertiger says, "Just comment on his wardrobe.."

Ambertiger ponders the meaning of the universe for a moment.

Yulin exclaims, "Ah've never 'eard of 'em!"

Tula says to Ambertiger, "I have had little contact with him... But perhaps others have"

Tula says, "I have heard people speak of him"

Ambertiger nods.

Yulin asks Tula, "Yer Grace, are ye contactin' Kyrinne?"

Tula says to Yulin, "I can, if you wish"

Yulin shrugs.

Yulin asks, "Would she help?"

Ambertiger says, "She is the High Priestess of Sa.."

Tula says, "She will help..."

Yulin searches the room.

Yulin mutters something beneath his breath.

Ambertiger says, "Surely she should know of magicks and its effects.."

Tula asks, "Someone is here?"

Yulin shakes his head from side to side.

Ambertiger searches the room.

Yulin says, "Murdach is still in th'realms.."

Tula searches the room.

Ambertiger glances at Yulin.

Tula reveals Fortunous!

Tula glances at Fortunous.

Ambertiger asks, "How do you know?"

Tula frowns at Fortunous.

Ambertiger raises an eyebrow.

Fortunous bows to Tula with a formal sweep of his leg.

Tula asks Fortunous, "You spy on us?"

Tula frowns.

Fortunous asks in Caneer, "Eh? Spy?"

Ambertiger says, "Yes, You."

Ambertiger says, "Spy.,"

Tula says, "Yes, you"

Yulin says, "Aye, ye thief."

Fortunous says, "I would never do such a thing."

Tula says to Fortunous, "Yet you lurk in the shadows of my office"

Ambertiger starts pulling on Fortunous!

Fortunous's disguise is revealed!
He is really Rother Blackmane the Male Leuian!

Ambertiger exclaims, "ROTHER!"

Tula furrows her brow.

Rother smiles at Ambertiger darkly, as the flames of Taathian Hatred lick across his eyes.

Tula's mood is now confused.

Ambertiger stands up.

Ambertiger exclaims, "Leave!"

Tula stands up.

Rother says, "Oh, I shall."

Rother says, "I believe I've heard enough."

Ambertiger bristles.

Tula grits her teeth.

Ambertiger asks, "How.. How Dare you?!"

Rother smirks slightly.

Tula's flaming blue diamond staff of friendship flickers for a moment.

Tula glances at Ambertiger.

Tula extinguishes her flaming blue diamond staff of friendship.

Ambertiger stares at Rother.

Rother laughs at Ambertiger mirthlessly.

Tula says to Rother, "Leave us. Please."

Rother says, "Farewell, Elindalians."

Ambertiger asks, "Do you honestly think you can get away with this?"

Ambertiger raises an eyebrow.

Rother asks, "We shall see eacother again soon, shall we not, eh?"

Rother says, "Oh."

Rother says, "And Amber."

Rother returns his long dagger.

Ambertiger asks, "What now?"

Rother readies a wickedly curved hook on a chain.

Rother says, "I have a special plan for you now."

Tula gasps in horror.

Ambertiger says, "Hrmph."

Yulin growls.

Rother caresses the wickedly curved hook on a chain gently across his cheek.

Tula exclaims to Rother, "Be gone!"

Soon after massive flooding filled the lands at the call of a being who many claimed to be a creature of the Lords of Chaos (though who or what it was has never been determined) where weeks on end the rain fell and never stopped. Soon the entire Southlands overflowed with water and poured south across the dismal swamps and formed a raging wave of destruction across the Dragon Peaks. The undead horde raised by Aiena was washed away on the waves and only the Sorceress survived.

As a result of the flooding where once the Southlands was a open plains, there now stood in its center New South Lake which remains to this day. With the fall of her undead horde meant as reinforcements in the south, the already weakened armies of Taath under Aiena in Southern Aradath were soon crushed by Oisin and his Ariochian army. With Southern Aradath in their hands, the armies of Arioch began to turn their eyes towards the north and the lands of Central Aradath and Spur.

Hope you enjoyed!
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I hav enjoyed this reading of RP from your Dgate's. That is very interesting, athough i haven't played Dgate before. very interesting indeed.
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Yes, I enjoyed this as well, sounds like Dgate isn't lacking in RP at the least.
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Well,'s certainly more fitting of the word 'rp' than the last log you posted.
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Kind of simple, no? And the use of any 'socials' in a serious Roleplaying session kind of sturns me off...

Other than that it looks alright. I'll be checkin it out.
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