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Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Lothios and I am the head adminstrator of Age of Falter, a smaug based MUD.  I first started mudding back in 1993 when my mother's friend introduced me to a Diku MUD called Sanctuary (now defunct), I was twelve at the time.  The funny thing was that he was blind and used a speech program to allow him to play.  To keep up with the rest of the players the program spouted out the text at an alarming rate.  It sounded like Stephen Hawkings on speed, even I couldn't understand it.  After Sanctuary went down I started exploring other codebases, including LP, TinyMUD, and Merc.  I ended up being an immortal building on a Merc codebase MUD, I couldn't tell you the name of it now b/c I was in highschool and much of those days were a blur (for one reason or another   ).  I took afew classes in highschool that taught pascal and C++, some of the few classes that I actually didnt sleep in.  About that time I was playing Realms of Despair and eventually started building for a short while under the name of Loth.  But building never really interested me and the coding aspect behind the game sounded more of my "bag".  I started a mud called Heresy that was based off of the great codebase of Smaug and worked on that for over two years.  When 1.4a came out I converted what I had over to the newer version.  About that time a tornado decided to rip through a small town just north of me and (cast 'lightning bolt' ) ended up striking my friends ham radio tower, it traveled through his packet radio into my sun station frying the harddrive and zip drive along with Heresy.

    It took afew years for me to build up enough motivation again to start another MUD, but now I am willing to give it another shot and startup AoF.  

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