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Non AC and non alignment DIKU

Im looking for a dikimud codebase that is not using AC as defence and instead using something more similar to MERP - using Offensive bonus and defense bonus/parry. I would like armour to reduce damage instead of being part of defence itself.

Am also looking for a dikimud derative that does not have alignment at all or some codebase that has the option of turning it off.

Anything that comes in mind? :-)
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Re: Non AC and non alignment DIKU

Well, you could make this change yourself--it's not too hard. Look up grep, find the variables you either don't want to use or want to use in a different way, and make the change.

As for actually finding one that does what you want specifically, I'm not aware of anything. I've seen quite a few muds that have redone combat to be more "realistic" or what-have-you. That said, almost everything is derived from diku, or so it seems, so you can probably find something, but I have a feeling you're not going to find something with just those two changes. Go have a look on mudbytes. I'm not aware of every codebase or anything, not by far, so you can probably find something that's close.

There's also the option of installing a snippet if you can find one that does what you want, but this doesn't sound like a majorly difficult change, really. It's probably faster to change it yourself if you know coding, and you probably won't get far if you don't--writing new spells and the like requires knowing coding anyway.

If you decide to make this change yourself, go look up grep which will be your best friend for the duration.
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