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LFM with a deep and varied crafting system

First time poster, long time player (about a year or three, on and off again)

Like it says on the tin, I'm looking for a MUD, MUCK, MUSH, MOO, or whatever (not really picky in that regard) with a really deep crafting system with a wide variety of craftable items, something like CLOK's crafting system.

Not really picky here, but I'd like something that isn't strictly PvP.

Also, a skill-based crafting system, preferably one where what you can craft shouldn't depend on your character's class (I can understand non-magic users not being able to make magic items or scrolls or things like that).

If you need any more details, let me know.

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Re: LFM with a deep and varied crafting system

Well shadowgate is about to update its crafting system to allow for a complex and wide ranging range of magical effects. Thought you need to be pretty high level to make the really strong stuff. And its RP heavy so...
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Re: LFM with a deep and varied crafting system

I know this is a long time in coming.

Dragonrealms has an incredible crafting system.


forging weapons. you can make your own custom metal mix with almost unlimited impossibles. This has a direct effect on how the weapon turns out. along with the skill required.

DR is a skill based game meaning that as long as you have the skill to forge X weapon you can forge it class/guild doesn't matter. home
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Re: LFM with a deep and varied crafting system

Stratifying based on crafting based on what you described:

1. Accursed Lands
- Anyone can craft anything- I'm pretty sure you can develop most skills from the ground up, and there are a lot of things to make. That said, it'll take a long time to skill up for some things but it's super sandbox- you can build cottages and whatnot.

2. Shadows of Isildur (when it comes back up)/Harshlands
- The RPImud engine has detailed crafting systems, generally based by skill, not class.

3. Armageddon
-Deep crafting system, but class-based. Only merchants will be able to craft a varied and broad range of stuff.
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Re: LFM with a deep and varied crafting system

Just happened across this... to echo the previous suggestion, I've been working the past few years to reinvent Dragonrealm's crafting systems. The goal is to have 5 distinct crafting skills, with 15 total crafting Disciplines -

(Forging) Blacksmithing, Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing
(Engineering) Stone/Bone Carving, Wood/Clay Shaping, Mechanical Tinkering
(Outfitting) Leather/Cloth Tailoring and Knitting, Jewelrycrafting, Artistry
(Alchemy)Remedy brewing, Poisonmaking, Cooking and Alcohol Brewing
(Enchanting) Runecraft, Binding and Invoking

Of these 5 are live, with a 6th coming next month. Older systems exist for 2 others.

The crafting in DR is similar to real life. You mine up the ore, you smelt and refine it into ingots. There is some minor math involved with figuring out metal densities and % composition. Then you actually heat the metal, pound it out, turn it with tongs, pull it with pliers assemble leather padding or hilts to it depending on what the item is, etc.

For tailoring you use a distaff or spinning wheel to turn fibers into various types and thicknesses of thread or yarn. Then you weave cloth using a loom. Once you have cloth you can begin measuring, sewing and ironing it out to make finished pieces. And with knitting you can sit all day crocheting socks, or mittens or whatever strikes your fancy.

The system is tool based, so you utilize a variety of gadgets that have their own quality, potency, durability, etc. Makes for a nice system with a good player economy. We also have one hell of a mining system (growing and lumberjacking are planned) with some pretty wicked disasters (melty lung, cave collapse, explosions).

To top it off crafting earns prestige and the top 5 spots show on a leaderboard in each crafting hall. The workorder system allows you to turn a profit even in the absence of players wanting to buy your goods. Future expansions will likely include a commodity market and bulk orders.

DR is pay-to-play, but has a 30-day free trial that can get you started. A number of front ends exist that work on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and a beta client that runs on Mobile devices. Anyhow, it's been a fun endeavor and I hope folks enjoy it!
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