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Alter Aeon September 2018 Update

We just had an exciting month this past August!

Recently concluded was our Eid al-adha event, the Feast of the Sacrifice, where players of all levels had the opportunity to perform quests to help feed the hungry and poor!

We released the following two areas last month:

- The Tombs of the Forgotten, a level 40 group 10 zone in western Atmir
- Cape Sovestia, a level 40 solo zone in the Dunn Hurr

Also, a lot of work was put into improving the quests on Archais. We plan on continuing to add more quests to Archais throughout next and also add the following areas:

- Levels 5 and 6 of the Nightmare Plane, level 43 group 10 zones
- The Northern Ocean near Cape Sovestia, a level 40 solo zone
- The Dragon's Dish, a level 41 solo zone for Suboria

Craft restringing is implemented for woodcrafted, bonecrafted, lapidary and forged items. Leathercraft and dragonscale armor restringing should be coming soon, as well as some internal reworks to dragonscale armor.

Profession points have been completely turned on. They can be used to improve crafting skills, restring crafted items and for certain enchants.

God entries have gotten major additions, with new holy weapons, characteristics and god incarnate descriptions, as well as the addition of holy symbols.

A news command has been added, which points players to upcoming events, recent code changes and new areas, as well as reporting on in-game happenings such as The Catch of the Day.

Plans for September include refining and expanding craft restringing and ship enhancements. We will be adding the 'dock' and 'ports' commands to help facilitate the latter, which will lead to naval combat and trading.

For more information, please see our latest audio presentation on Youtube here:

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