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Browny points if you get the song reference in the subtitle .

I don't really have a lot of time to play MUDs during the week since I'm busy with music, learning to code, and doing a ton of writing for my own project.

I've played for ages, but last year I had a period where I needed some time off so I could focus purely on school, and now that I'm trying to get back into it, I'm finding it a bit much for my constrained time now that I've added coding to the 'list of things I do' each day .

I need a mud that I can have some fun on even if I can only play on the weekends. Typically I'll probably only be spending about 3 to 6 hours a week on the mud, and that'll all be focused on one or two days of play time .

Either a sci-fy or a fantasy MUD is fine, although I guess a Wheel of Time theme would be nice (but not required), and I'd like to be able to sort of... I guess 'do' something on the mud, even if I can't be on for a lengthy period of time.

I don't PK, usually, and I definitely enjoy RPing, although I don't play MUSHes very often. I also really like level/class based muds rather than open-skill based.

So really just two absolute requirements:

1. Be able to do some fun stuff and develop my character (level/skill/RP-wise) off of a few hours a week.
2. Not be a MUSH/MUX/MUCK

It would also be really nice if the MUD isn't super complex in regards to magic/skills/classes. I'm not looking for something with a steep learning curve.
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