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I have been to many muds. In most i find so many things lacking. Admin staff. Coders. Non stock rooms. Quest items. People who care.
Newbie Friendly Areas. Wide character selection and customization.


Then I found AuricMUD. It was like seeing the face of god. I think I may have pee'd my pants in joy. All I know is that it wasnt just the face of one god, it was many.

This MUD is heaven. Lots of friendly admin staff with great senses of humour, they have built this MUD into something ive only had wet dreams about. Huge character creation and customization combined with more commands then I can get giddy over all at once make this insane!
Characters can buy their own houses, found their own adventuring companies and guilds, dominating through power, politics, alliances and otherworldly abilities.

If your looking for a basic stock MUD, go home and play with your G.I. Joes. If your looking for something fun and new, something that will have your imagination spinning and your thirst for adventure satiated better than a Tolkien novel, come to AuricMUD. "

Those who give us a chance can't stop raving. Why don't you come give us a try and see if you can't catch the addiction too?
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