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So you want to play a MUD.

So you want to play a MUD. Why?? Because someone told you that you
don't have to pay $60 for a huge game that takes hours to install and
eats up 3 gigs of your hard drive? Or because someone told you that
there's no monthly charge to play it?

Before you log on to one, you should know what you're getting into.
Do you even know what a MUD is? MUDs (Multi-User Dimensions) are the
forerunners of all the huge Mmorpgs today - only without any graphics.
That's right, no graphics, no mouse, no voices, no music. You won't
click your way through it with your mouse, you'll type your way through it.
MUDs are text versions of today's Mmorpgs.

What is text? Text is written words, i.e, what you're reading right now.
And you have to have a certain skillset to play a MUD. Oh noes! I needs
a skillset to play a MUD? And what skillset might that be? You must be
able to read and write english, and be able to absorb the material you
are reading (Reading Comp 101). You must also be able to follow directions
and in the case of Deathwish MUD, find your way out of mazes and solve
puzzles and riddles that you will inevitably stumble upon in your

Also keep in mind, that while MUDs are free for you to play, someone, or
many someones had to spend hundreds of hours coding the game and writing
all of the text that you are reading just so YOU could learn how to play it.

It is an insult to the MUD admin to log on and refuse to read anything,
opting instead to ask the admin stupid questions, such as the guy who
logged on to Deathwish yesterday who never walked out of the entry room in
the Learning Center, instead typing "done" and being teleported to the
newbie area without reading a single thing.

After asking some questions, such as 'where do I train directions?' and
being told to read several times, I teleported him back to the learning
center 3 times, recovered his corpse twice because he never read the part
about 'you should get to level 10 before leaving the forest, as you won't
survive the main mud otherwise', I finally said, "so you log on to a text
game, you don't read anything and now I bet you think it sucks, right?" which he got all ****y and deleted his character. Just as well, as no
MUD can accommodate players that think requiring reading in order to
play is unreasonable.

I personally do not have the time or patience any more for players like
that. All MUDs are in need of players, and Deathwish is also. Before you
log on to a MUD, be aware that you WILL have to read a lot and follow
directions before you can play it.

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