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Hoi! o/

Hello all, new to the forums and new to mud development/administration. I've been playing MUDs MUSHs and MUXs since I was five years old and now in my twenties after a long time of absence from the MU* communities I thought I'd try my hand at running my own.

I've played on a variety of MUDs.. some names sticking harder than the rest.

-Stolen Reflections: it was colorful and had a lot of variety that let me create multiple characters and have a ton of fun as a kid with some local neighborhood kids at home and at school. The online community and the staff was pleasant as well. I always what happened to this place.

-SWR:NGO: my first dive into Role playing since it was enforced, I was a huge fan of Star Wars so I put up with it eventually growing to like the immersion into the realm. I was a pirate and had a blast disabling people in space for ransoms, stealing ships with my smuggler buddy and pretty much Owning Nar Shadda. We both somehow ended up retiring as Rebels and dying of old age haha.. I'm still friends with that guy. Loved the permadeath aspect for some reason, made you feel those high risk situations and take everything seriously.

-DBZ muds: What kid didn't play DBZ muds? I forget which one I went all the way with but it was a blast. Never again though.

-Various God Wars: I think this is where I got my first taste for non-stop pure PvP, been hooked ever since.

-EmpireMUD: Getting to meet the creator Paul I think it was? great codebase as well... Loved the overhead map system, loved the city building, gathering your own resources, crafting your armor and weapons and all of that. Love the lore for the supernatural creatures as well via White Wolf Age of Darkness, pretty much set my standard for fantasy werewolves and vampires. Vamps were a little overpowered compared to humans but even in the books that's true so I guess he kept it realistic to the genre haha.

-Deckeon: Love the genre, love the tabletop game Shadowrun. Great mud with tons of dedicated roleplayers, scripts for the world are awesome... Loved the decking(hacking) being able to open up locked doors, hack contracts(Pretty much life insurance) to your account, even hack banks and big name companies and sell their dirt for Nuyen(money). The cyberware was awesome, physical adepts were OP, it's such a shame that a lot of the active GM's left it in the dust because when it was kicking the roleplay and the admin run missions were fantastic. Combat was top tier as well, but those damn Phys-ad's.

-God Wars II: I was suprised to see a bunch of hate towards KaviR here and at TMC, dude is pretty chill if you talk to him while he's online. Fantastic mud though if a bit grindy, you really can't find another place with that much detail (on my vampire I experienced a really interesting little touch he added, fighting a Swarm of Bugs) and such complex combat.. Then again you don't even need to level up to have fun in that game, I loved having avatar duels with my friends.

After all that I left mudding for the 3d world for a couple years, but now I'm back to try my own hand at it.

I'm not trying anything too complex, I just want to build a nice realm for my Tabletop gang to immerse themselves like I did back in the day.It's one thing to be in an empty chat room or thread and say to people you're in a forest and theres a soft breeze flowing through the area, but its another to have all that happening around you to everyone who's there experiencing it as well.

I've gotten a pennMUSH server running, but the lack of a buffer for descriptions irritated me.. Also I'm not sure about giving the players freedom about building things. Maybe there's some alternatives?

Then I switched to AFKmud, which is pretty cool. Has a lot of what I'm looking for but I don't so much care for the minimap while walking around in town (Wish I could turn it off really) but the overland map that you can use to connect cities is really amazing. Something I didn't really like either is it seems Doors don't operate correctly, when you open it up from one side the other doesn't respond and will stay shut/open respectively.

I was a head builder on a SWR mud before and It seemed to have a bit more options and working features than AFKmud which is weird considering how updated the codebase is.

Some basic features I'm looking for in a codebase:

- Nice options for building, working doors, windows, tick message options
- Buffer for player Descriptions, Bios, fancy stuff
- Colors, who doesn't like colors?
- I want to strip combat out, maybe keep statistical information for Character Sheet info?

Of course there are more desires I just can't think of them right now my brain is kinda fried haha.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and maybe you could help direct me to the appropriate forum for answering some of my questions.. I'm sure some people with possible answers for me might avoid the introduction section of the forums :P
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Molly will become famous soon enoughMolly will become famous soon enough
Re: Hoi! o/

I think you should try tbamud, (The Builder Academy). The codebase is a heavy modified Circle, with most bugs ironed out, and new features added. We use a similar codebase in 4D, and I really love all the extra stuff you can do with it.

Above all it has the DG_scripts, which are a lot more versatile and easy to work with than mob_progs and object_progs. You can do amazing things with DG_scripts, almost anything that enters your mind, and it's a tool for Builders, not Coders, which makes it even more accessible.

Also TBAmud has a website and a forum, where you can ask questions about the codebase and scripts and get them answered. And they have a running Mud, that allows anyone to build, so they can acquaint themselves with how the codebase and scripts work, and get help and advise on line, if they get stuck on anything. It's really a totally amazing Mud resource, with totally nice and helpful admin. .

Home port 9091
CWG Project Home Forums-Builder Lounge
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Re: Hoi! o/

Thanks for the suggestion molly I'll give it a shot now
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Ide will become famous soon enoughIde will become famous soon enough
Re: Hoi! o/

I'm curious about what you mean when you say 'buffer for descriptions'. Is that an editor where you can put in the description line by line and look at it as you go?

If so I'd recommend using a client where you can resize the input line (like Mushclient, etc.) and/or use a notepad in the client that can quote in the full description with a keypress. It's much easier to just re-enter the description than use any line editor in-mud.
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Re: Hoi! o/

No suggestions, just wanted to say welcome :-)
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