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Pengolod sings 'death death death, destruction and trees, we all live together, but I still need spirit greaves'

Agreli gossips 'There is nothing more disgusting then a horny minotaur'
Someone gossips 'oh, you've never seen a horny Ancient'

You give a moldy leather bag infested with maggots to Tholci.
You say to Tholci, 'For you.'
You say to Tholci, 'For calling me a bitch.'
Risking a slap to the face, you give Tholci a peck on the cheek.
Tholci says, 'sorry, should have called you an ungrateful stuck up hauty ass bitch instead'
You nod at Tholci.
You say to Tholci, 'get it right next time.'

Pengolod says, 'Id rather you not molest my elk'
Lacerta says, 'She doesn't mind, but I will stop'
Pengolod says, 'Its a he, and I do'

>l lacerta
You see Lacerta, he is a tall, lean ranger, a slightly evil grin on his face as his violet eyes sparkle as he contemplates his strike against the mighty Squirrel Tribe that so brutally beat him on Main Street so long ago...
Lacerta is in excellent condition.
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The reason why people try to avoid faeries at all cost...

Neia yells 'everybody do the faehop dance!'
Neia yells 'c'mon FAEHOP!'
Neia yells 'FAEHOP DANCE!'
Neia yells 'eat a chocochocochocolate and do the faeboogie too!'
Neia yells 'DANCE!'
Neia yells '..uhhuh...beat'
Neia yells 'EVERYBODY!'

Angston auctions 'Looking to purchase valuable things! Send a tell if you have something of value!'

Lacerta question 'Anyone willing to help me find my body?'
Fyjit answers 'where it at?'
Celani answers 'I will I need mine anyways'

Argoth says, 'And Im getting a job at Banana Republic. I applied to all 3 stores, Banana, Gap, and Old Navy - they all want me'
Argoth says, 'so its just what I want to decide now'
Argoth says, 'you're not really talking, so I thought I'd share my recent events with you'
Argoth says, 'speaking of which, I just got back from Huntington Beach'

A tiger gossips 'They're GGGGRRRREEEEEEAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Lacerta question 'Please, anyone between 25 and 35, send me a tell, we need your help Obi Wan Kenobi'

Galenn question 'anyone seen whizzle? or wizzle something like that, hes kinda small and has hairy feet?'

Lional asks, 'Well Mister I have almost everything, got a sanc shield?'
Lional snickers softly.
Tholci says, 'no, I already sold it'

Tholci does the "I'm a mage with over 100dr" dance of joy.

Tholci just ****ed himself.
Isyll looks at Tholci.
Isyll notices the wet streak down his spirit greaves.

Traker question 'can u get sick on this game'
Dorrin answers 'yes'
Tholci answers 'aye'
Farceur answers 'poisoned'
Galenn answers 'yes poison and plague'
Lional answers 'you can get drunk too...! get drunk it's FUN!'

Vesper gossips 'I should have a money bin party. We can all go swimming in my gold crowns and rare gems.'
Isyll gossips 'I always did love those money bin parties..'

[Llywarch]: we need a mwah.
[Llywarch]: social
[Vesper]: whom are you "mwahing?"
[Llywarch]: everyone?

Canae shouts 'beat him into a bloody mess dear!'

Rowen gossips 'i again apologize for bringing my dumbass of a friend to this mud'

[Someone]: heading home, back on in a bit
[Boon]: night
[Eamonn]: later sucka
[Dwenn]: Its me isn't it?
[Boon]: EAMONN !?!?!
[Dwenn]: EVERYONE HATES ME!!! *sob**sob*
[Boon]: and dwenn
[Boon]: is the world ending ?
[Dwenn]: Just mebbe Boon...Just mebbe
[Boon]: <leans out his window looking for the four horsemen>

[Llywarch]: Any Ancients up for giving Sarla a last name
[Boon]: and it would be ?
[Dwenn]: Spalarla
[Dwenn]: It rolls trippingly off the tounge

global> Just wanted to let you know kiddos, I'm back and I'll be watching...Dwenn out
Canae gossips 'I lurve you Dwenn'
Sarevok gossips 'Who was that?'

global> The drake lord says : and remember dwenn turned into a werewolf once
global> The drake lord says : he can do it again

[Marius]: who plays jahron now?
[Jahron]: Me.
[Marius]: heh

Kintara question 'Any clerics around who can come uncurse my quarterstaff?'
Boon answers 'nope but I'll curse the rest of your eq'
Lional answers 'how about you curse me with a black rune shard :)'
Kintara gossips 'sure, gimmie one to curse you with.'

Kintara gossips 'Good lord..I think I might..actually just go..EXPLORE!?!?!!! *dumdumdduuummmm!!!!*'

global> Heeelllloooooooo Stonegate! Are you ready to rock?!
Kintara gossips 'Yeah!'
global> I saaaaidddd Are you ready to ROCK?!
Galenn gossips 'ya!'
Lional answers 'YEAH!'
Kintara yells 'YEAH!!!'
Ferallwen gossips 'Nope, sorry.'
Pengolod gossips '<screams like a girl>'
[Galdorf]: eek!
global> Okay, we have to wait for Ferallwen.

[Thomas]: Galdorf.
[Thomas]: Whizzle my nizzle.
[Galdorf]: Sup
[Galdorf]: Guys
[Galdorf]: bwahahaha
[Galdorf]: Dude
[Galdorf]: Whizzle's the best name ever, man
[Galdorf]: I told him to make his last name McFizzle
[Galdorf]: But he won't listen to me
[Galdorf]: Whizzle McFizzle throwin' it down fo shizzle
[Galdorf]: my nizzle
[Marius]: damn you new people are wierd

-[81] Whizzle McFizzle of Steelforge. my nizzle

[Thomas]: Galdorf, type who.
[Thomas]: and die laughing
[Galdorf]: I saw
[Galdorf]: the mcfizzle
[Galdorf]: He Imed me
[Galdorf]: and called me an ass
[Galdorf]: bwahahaha

Pengolod question 'Is there a font god I can pray to?'
global> The font god replies: "No."
Pengolod gossips 'Damn you font god for not giving me fonts'

Canae answers 'my age in score and rp age are very different.. and.. we're not going to discuss the numbers.. <g>'
Someone answers 'yeah, I'm one damn old ogre...'
Canae answers 'Rumor has it if you poke Terloch in the right spot he crumbles into a big pile of dust.. it's all smoke and mirrors holding him together these days'
Someone answers 'rumor has it that elves taste damn fine with a wine sauce'

Calvin answers 'I hear ogres die easily. How about we find out.'
Bryant answers 'lol'
Saralysa answers 'oooo..'
[Jahron]: DO IT, FIND OUT! Beat Calvin up.
Canae answers 'I think Calvin can be the one to find out for us all if a slay counts on mob deaths, player deaths, or neither :)'

Calvin gossips '*rollls up his sleeves* That's it. Terloch, me and you. One on one!'

Ferallwen answers 'Alas, Calvin was wiped out, and smeared across the dueling arena. Thank you for playing 'Terloch wins again.''

Timbo answers 'everyone knows mino meat taste good on a seasameseed bun!'
Lacerta gossips 'I like my own flesh!'

--> Coby got toasted by a spiritual soul at Before the Gates of Castle Rondre [room 8200]
Bedwyr question 'How do you get to rondre?'
Dorrin answers 'you do something really bad to an ancient. Then you get smited a few times and sent right in.'
--> Argoth got toasted by a spiritual soul at Before the Gates of Castle Rondre [room 8200]
Someone answers 'follow the trail of bodies that lead to it from all the people who've died trying to get in....'
--> Saralysa got toasted by a spiritual soul at Before the Gates of Castle Rondre [room 8200]
--> Agreli got toasted by a spiritual soul at Before the Gates of Castle Rondre [room 8200]
Someone gossips 'yep, follow the bodies...'

Someone grats 'a spiritual soul!'
Clarie answers 'Go spiritual soul...did he hero?'
Someone answers 'nope, but killed 4 of them in the span of oh, 30 seconds'

[Terloch]: yes, don't faint, leaders and imms can see me
[Tinarith]: *groan*
[Tinarith]: what if we dont wanna look?

Timbo gossips 'Oh no! It's Boon!'
Feyrbrand gossips 'Hes here to take your man hood again!'
Conner gossips 'Knew I messed up that summon ancient spell...*growl*'

global> The drake lord says : Timbo don't make me turn you into pumpkin pie

Clarie quotes 'A cold drake gives you a long and passionate kiss, it seems to last forever...'
Araltizario gossips 'Don't his razor sharp fangs get in the way?'

Dwenn gets an angry look from Dwenn's Big Bag of Facial Expressions.
Dwenn places an angry look onto his face.
Dwenn puts a happy look in Dwenn's Big Bag of Facial Expressions.

Leowyn quests 'Mental note, do not charge the Drake down the stairs, the horse doesnt like that much.'
Aothacos quests 'mental note, the drake kills me instantly....'

--> Aothacos (questing) got ferschenned by a cold drake at A Cellar [room 25353]
Aothacos quests 'Man, I was close to living too.'

You say, 'Whatcha want Calvin?'
Calvin shrugs helplessly.
Calvin says, 'Bracelet'
You say, 'You can have gloves or anklet'
Calvin says, 'and your hand in marriage'
You clone a white bone anklet.
You say, 'Hey, that's not a prize :)'
You give a white bone anklet to Calvin.
Calvin winks suggestively at you.

You tell Canae 'Jow went off talking about rabid dogs and bunnies :)'
Canae tells you 'jow needs psychiatric help'

[Moeve]: let's rename elron Enron

Dagkor gossips 'We need blood in this bloody fountain'
Timbo gossips 'Go drink the blood in Rondre.'
Dagkor gossips 'Been there, done that, got the dagger'
Dorrin gossips 'But did you get a t-shirt saying "I went to Rondre, died to the multiplying skeletons and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt"?'
Tess gossips 'I did'
Dagkor gossips 'No, musta been cause I didn't die....'
Timbo gossips 'I got the, "I went to Rondre, got locked in and stayed there for 15 years" shirt.'

Wenlin tells you 'quick, I'm a pickpocket and don't have any pockets...give out pockets!'

You give a pocket to Wenlin.

Bedwyr says to you, 'We neEd mussic'
Azalie falls over in drunk stupor giggling
Nash breaks out maracass
Bedwyr gossips 'There is a party at the center'
You ponder the question.
Nash shakes maracass with vigor
Bedwyr says to Nash, 'yoUh nEehd someh Praosjtice with thooOoZSssSE'

You ask, 'What else can we have for the party?'
Nash says, 'a GOAT'

Nash says, 'let's get an oomla and play "Spank the oomla!"'

Erandu question 'what would happen if i kill the gluttonous lord ?'
Saralysa answers 'he dies?'
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Araltizario quests 'prepare to be blown to death'
Araltizario quests 'er'

Tilal says, 'ok... Pick a spell <me>'
You exclaim, 'change sex!'
Tilal quietly incants the words, 'mutare sexus'.
Angston doesn't look like itself anymore...
Tilal quietly incants the words, 'mutare sexus'.
You feel different.
Tilal gossips 'Thanks to <me> for that little magical bit'
Feyrbrand gossips 'Awww man'
You gossip '*bows*'
Yaksha gossips ' a female now?'
Lional answers 'i don't think that ws needed'
Migdalia gossips 'Thank you, you cleared up that monthly problem for me.'
Fyjit gossips 'people are rude.'
Someone gossips 'You didnt Do Scourge like I asked!'

Tilal quietly incants the words, 'depellere magicus'.
Someone gossips 'Hey... you took my haste!'
Lional answers 'please don't do that on everyone.....'
Argoth gossips 'Too bad, I'd rather be male again'
Tilal gossips 'That one was curtesy of Argoth'

Lional gossips 'WHY DON"T YOU PEOPLE PICK COOL SPELLS.......Surrealism please....'

Tilal says, 'It is not easy to loose a wizard'
Neia shivers uncomfortably.
Neia says, 'like Wenlin'

high above the city of stonegate waves a solitary red flag.
Lional answers 'CAPTURE THE FLAG!'

Lacerta asks, 'Why the heck would I have a purse?'
Dorrin says to Lacerta, 'To keep all your makeup in.'
Dorrin says to Lacerta, 'I keep all my makeup in my purse.'
Dorrin shakes his purse full of makeup.

[CHAT] Zelminer: *cries help me*
[CHAT] -> If I help you, do I get to kill you afterwards?
[CHAT] Zelminer: ... any other offers?

[CHAT] -> Dynamite rave!
[CHAT] Raver: no i dont play DDR

Angston tells you 'me want you to enchant stuff'
You tell Angston 'err, I might make pieces of shrapnel lodge in someone's eyes'
Angston tells you 'Whatcha talkin about?'

A manx exclaims, 'Don't throw me in the fountain! I'll get all wet!'

Lional asks, 'You beep instead of call out?'
Salja says, 'you beep'
Aval slams his hand on the buzzer. BEEP!
Wenlin BEEEEEPS!!!! very loudly.
Borne emits an electronic BEEP from his nose!
Lional slams his right hand down on the buzzer. -=--=BEEP=--=-

Salja asks, 'Who was Cerridwen's father?'
Calvin says, 'Mr. Brynn.'

Timbo quotes 'Gender: male'
You quote 'Gender: female'
Dorrin quotes 'Gender: none'

Aleolus says, 'Any of you have heal-other? I just did a stim'
Wanker says, 'only a medic can use the heal skill.'
Aleolus says, 'shoot'
Kogroth asks, 'which way?'
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Pengolod says oocly, 'it was good'

Pengolod says oocly, 'but it was DEAD'
Elelia says oocly, 'it was ROADKILL!'
You say oocly, 'But.. it was.. run over...'
Pengolod says oocly, 'how is it different from eating any other animal?'
Elelia says oocly, 'yes!'
Canae says oocly, 'dude'
Pengolod says oocly, 'It was still warm!'
Canae says oocly, 'you just dont eat possums'
Elelia says oocly, 'cause you don't hit other animals with cars'
You giggle.
Elelia says oocly, 'NASTY NASTY NASTY'
Pengolod says oocly, 'dude, it was fresh, I so promise'

You say oocly, 'Why would you eat something off the road?'
You say oocly, 'I don't eat things that have touched the floor...'
Argoth says oocly, 'thats really funny'
Pengolod says oocly, 'why not? if its freshly dead its like shooting something'
Elelia rolls on the floor laughing at your antics!
You say oocly, 'Let alone being run over :)'
Argoth says oocly, 'hey if I were with Peng, I'd try a bite too'
Argoth pats Pengolod on his head.
Elelia says oocly, 'But shooting something is not hitting it with a vehicle!'
Pengolod chuckles politely.
Argoth says oocly, 'when men are hungry, they're hungry damn it'
Pengolod says oocly, 'WHERE THE DIFFERENCE!!?'
Elelia says oocly, 'YOU JUST DON"T DO THAT MAN!!!'
Canae says oocly, 'did it have tire marks on it?'
Pengolod says oocly, 'I didnt see it'
Elelia rolls on the floor laughing at Canae's antics!
Pengolod says oocly, 'might have'
Canae shudders at the horror and represses tears.
Elelia says oocly, 'peng, your friends are messed up man.'
Argoth rolls on the floor laughing at Canae's antics!
Argoth says oocly, 'thats funny ####'

Elelia says oocly, 'Peng .. i'm never .. ever EVER coming to your house for dinner .. EVER'
You say oocly, 'haha'
Pengolod must like Elelia a great deal to beam at her so broadly!
Canae says oocly, 'hey'
Canae says oocly, 'have yall ever had pheasant?'
Argoth says oocly, 'thats good'
Elelia says oocly, 'no'
You say oocly, '"We're having possum tonight, and some unidentifiable thing I hit the other day."'
Pengolod says oocly, 'will you all bite my head off for saying Ive eaten crayfish?'
Argoth says oocly, 'ever had Ram Jerkey? thats goood too'
Elelia rolls on the floor laughing at your antics!
Canae says oocly, 'dionae make sure youre getting this in the quote file'
You nodnod.
Elelia says oocly, 'did you hit it with your car Peng?'
Pengolod says oocly, 'no'
Elelia says oocly, 'then no lol'
Pengolod says oocly, 'dude, how am I gonna hit a bloody CRAYFISH with my car'
Elelia falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically.
Argoth says oocly, 'what if he bought a possum and ate it?'
Canae says oocly, 'dude'
Argoth says oocly, 'would that be better?'
Elelia says oocly, 'your the one that answered me goofball'
Canae says oocly, 'do you eat crawfish?'
You say oocly, 'So.. first Pengolod licks squirrels.. then he eats them... :)'
Pengolod throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Pengolod drolls at the thought of opossum on his tounge.
Pengolod throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Elelia says oocly, 'Hey Peng, if you ever hit a person, would you pick him up and eat him?'
Argoth says oocly, 'lol'
Pengolod says oocly, 'only if Im REAL hungry'

Argoth says oocly, 'maybe Peng prefers the company of men'
You giggle.
Pengolod smacks down Argoth for being so stupid.
Pengolod says oocly, 'only after I hit them with my car'

Argoth says oocly, 'smite kintara for saying bitchin on globals'
Canae says oocly, 'no thats fine'
Canae says oocly, 'we have really wierd language standards here'
Canae says oocly, 'like you can say ass'
Canae says oocly, 'you can say bastard'
Argoth says oocly, 'but bitchin is different bah'
Canae shrugs helplessly.
Pengolod gossips 'ass, bastard'
Pengolod pokes Canae in the ribs.
You giggle.
Canae says oocly, 'boggle'
Pengolod throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Canae hopes that was an emote
Pengolod says oocly, 'Cecilia tells you '!!!''
Pengolod throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Canae says oocly, 'oh im a lumberjack and i'm ok'
Pengolod says oocly, 'great song'
Pengolod stops using a platinum stiletto.
Pengolod holds a lumberjack axe in his hand.
Pengolod says oocly, 'I should learn that song'
You snicker softly.
Argoth says oocly, 'what song'
Pengolod says oocly, 'something about I wear womans underwear'
Pengolod says oocly, 'monty pythons Im a lumber jack'
You say oocly, 'He chops down trees, he eats dead roadkill...'
Canae says oocly, 'i put on womens clothing and hang around in bars'
Pengolod beams broadly at nothing in particular.

Pengolod yells 'where are the cats?'
Canae yells 'dead i hope'
You yell 'Don't eat them!'

Pengolod has arrived.
Pengolod hold the cat guts high.
Canae must like Pengolod a great deal to beam at him so broadly!
Pengolod eats the guts of a cat.
Pengolod chokes and gags.
Canae pats Pengolod on his head.
Pengolod says oocly, 'yummy'
In elven, Canae says 'Silly.'
Canae snorts derisively.
Canae says oocly, 'did you run over it enough?'
Pengolod pats his stomach.
Canae inquisitively raises an eyebrow at Pengolod.
Pengolod says oocly, 'I ran THROUGH it'

[Jahron]: Not touching this stuff.
[Ruyven]: Aww come on.
[Jahron]: I don't touch stuff that's given out by ancients who has a rabid, mutant bunny as a pet

Argoth says oocly, 'I wish I could kidnap someone in this game'
You say oocly, 'Me too'
You say oocly, 'Oh wait'
Argoth says oocly, 'I'd kidnap Kylara - haha that'd make Reiger ****ed'
You say oocly, 'I already kidnapped Aaryn'
You cackle gleefully.
Argoth says oocly, 'if I kidnapped Kylara - I'd have Jahron in Argoth's hands'
Argoth says oocly, 'and force Jahron to do what I please'
Adonia says oocly, 'In bed!'
Adonia says oocly, '*duck*'
Canae giggles.
You bat your eyelashes.

[Daehron]: damnit, saves failed.
[Jahron]: ?
[Daehron]: plagued by my own weapon..
[Jahron]: Haha
[Jahron]: -Grin-

Larsax yells 'i sacrificed some brains and corpses for you!'
Larsax yells 'you owe me gold!'
You yell 'Ew.. brains...'
Larsax yells 'just 10000 silver '
Larsax yells 'the brains were for terloch'
Larsax yells 'you got the corpses'

[Daehron]: apparently I can't breath under water

[Daehron]: Gimili is like the godfather.."yuus guys din't haf ta replac me! I was jus gon a lil"
[Daehron]: and galdorf is like "boss, I dint mean it! I swear! don't kill me!
[Gimili]: And I'm like... "BAM! BAM! BAM BAM BAM BAM!!!"
[Gimili]: and "BAM!"
[Gimili]: "BAM! BAM! BAM!..." for good measure.

[Jahron]: Uh, here's the thing though.
[Jahron]: Gimili's supposed to be dead
[Jahron]: And yet, he's... there.
[Gimili]: Oh yeah?
[Galdorf]: not dead
[Galdorf]: lost in the woods
[Daehron]: haha
[Gimili]: Sweet. I've had two legendary characters gone missing!
[Daehron]: apparently he's lost in stonegate now.

[Galdorf]: To the bat-cave!

[Llywarch]: well when your members aren't trying to kill you in your sleep they can get a lot of things done.

Tagof quotes 'I wake up, I scry someone, I kinda get mad at myself....why, because they're already in the same room as me....thinking that i typed look without relizing it i scry them need sleep....'

Forehi says, 'He's like Eloquai without the temper and the urge to kill.'

Kesin asks, 'damnit, you were a good ranger what the hell did you remake as a thief for?'
Laul grins playfully.
Laul says, 'i dont know'
You say, 'Yeah, stupid Laul'
You giggle.
Kesin says, 'I outta attempt to kick your ass'

Laul asks, 'So is it really multiplaying if i log two of my chars on from diff ip adresses?'
You say, 'Yes it is'
You whap Laul upside the head!

Angston says oocly, 'What can we do..'
Aaryn says oocly, 'We?'
Angston nods.
Angston says oocly, 'We'
You snicker softly.
Aaryn says oocly, 'Don't expect me to do anything.'
Angston points excitedly at Aaryn!
Angston expects Aaryn to do something!

You say oocly, 'I had a rp fight in my head.. does that count?'
Aaryn says oocly, 'RP fight with?'
You say oocly, 'um..'
You say oocly, 'I don't remember'
Aaryn says oocly, ':\'
Aaryn says oocly, 'Kinda, yeah'
You say oocly, 'I think my character like slapped the duchess or something, and her soldier got ****ed'
You giggle.

Aaryn says oocly, 'everyone sucks then'
You say oocly, 'Yeah, everyone does suck'
You snicker softly.
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Soldiers, commence quoting...NOW!

Aerusyne thrusts her sword into the air, screams 'I have the POWER!', and morphs into She-Ra!

Diputs quotes 'Too bad you can't buy a voodoo globe so that you could make the earth spin real fast and freak everybody out.'

Lional quotes 'This object requires a brain to use.'

Diputs quotes 'Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess
is why several of us died of tuberculosis.'

Diputs quotes 'As I bit into the nectarine, it had a crisp juiciness about it
that was very pleasurable - until I realized it wasn't a nectarine at all,

Calvin quotes 'How in gods name do you not notice?'

Aval quotes 'Oooo, Buffalo testicles! *crunch*'

Timbo quotes 'I guess my fear of clowns started when one killed my dad.'

Diputs quotes 'When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular
heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it's
not, mmmmmmm, boy.'

Timbo quotes 'A good way to threaten somebody is to light a stick of dynamite.
Then you call the guy and hold the burning fuse up to the phone. "Hear that?"
you say. "That's dynamite baby."'

Timbo quotes 'I wish I had a Kryptonite cross, becuase than you could keep both
Dracula AND Superman away.'
Elisonal gossips 'but why on earth would you want to keep superman away?'
Someone says, 'Cause he's gay'

Chastity quotes 'I've got a theory, it could be bunnies!'

Dorrin quotes 'Neia slowly hops into Kordadar's mouth.'
Laul quotes 'Try to eat neia like i did'

You say to Toran, 'don't bother timbo just because he can't count'
You say to Toran, 'I can't count either, 1 2 3'
Timbo says, 'See im not the only one.'

Diputs question 'Hey guys, what's the "Gayest" class? Like, if one class were gay, which one would it be?'
Domtar gossips 'Depends, what class are you Diputs?'
Diputs answers 'Warrior, gotcha. Thanks, Domtar.'

Kalidore question 'what do you where on your elbow'
Dorrin answers 'elbowpads'
Kogroth says oocly, 'did you know that it is impossible to lick your elbow'

Toran quests 'I like to sniff them when I pick them up..'
Toran quests 'mischan'

Nash auctions 'one way romantic cruise to the Methane Labs! Come one come all!'
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Calvin says, 'Can I stay up here? All the mortals pick on me.'

Argoth puts a very breakable ceramic vase in a green silk sash.

Laul gossips 'Woot!'
Dorrin gossips 'Woot!'
Sipe gossips 'qoot'
Canae gossips 'Woot!'
You say, 'hehe, qoot'
You say, 'I think we should say qoot from now on...'

Icthan gossips 'in satchel'
You say, 'Poor Icthan...'
Canae asks, 'he wants to go in the satchel?'
Canae giggles.
You giggle.
Canae says, 'that'd have to be one awfully big satchel..'
Canae says, '"A small purse seems to hold quite more than its size would imply."'
Canae snickers softly.
Boon says, 'body bag'
Canae falls down laughing.

You say, 'Rj and his brothers sent me questions for a fate quest'
You snicker softly.
You say, 'Some of them are silly'
Canae says, 'ok fate quests are stupid'
Canae says, 'we need rp storyline'
Canae says, 'i did really-uber-hard trivia the other day'
Canae snickers softly.
You ask, 'what is the approximate weight of a tsuraish flyer?'
You giggle.
Canae says, 'nobody could get them right'
Canae falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically.
Canae asks, 'african or european?'
You giggle.

Canae says oocly, 'hey dionae..'
You say oocly, 'Hm?'
Canae says oocly, 'canae isnt too old to have a kid, is she?'
Canae looks at herself.
You say oocly, 'She's already got a kid :)'
Canae says oocly, 'i mean 95's still damn young for an elf'
Yaksha says oocly, 'VERY'
Canae says oocly, 'yeah but we dont like that kid'
You say oocly, 'And he's like.. grown up..'
Canae says oocly, 'we want another one'
You say oocly, 'haha'
Canae says oocly, 'a GIRL'

Canae does the 'i have a half gallon of ice cream in the freezer to pad my hips even more' dance and skips off to the kitchen for more
Boon does the 'I have 6 sleeves of oreos, a box of thin mints, and a bag of hersey kisses in my room' dance.
Yaksha does the 'I got 3 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and 2 gallons of milk' dance.

Worth gossips 'Have ye heard that Worth hasn't a clue what he's doing?'

Worth question 'why is this priest trying to crush me'
Nash answers 'he likes you'

Boon gossips 'hail me or die'

[Vesper]: How in the hell is a sea monkey a sea monkey if they GROW IN FRESHWATER?!
[Daehron]: hehe
[Vesper]: *mutter*

[Vesper]: Bow before my manliness!
[Vesper]: Watch me as I over-compensate for things I don't have!
[Vesper]: AHHH, MOTH!

Argoth says oocly, 'maybe we should just overthrow Dionae instead :)'

You say oocly, 'So many newbies...'
Keloros says oocly, 'go help them'
Keloros ruffles your hair playfully.
You grin playfully.
Keloros says oocly, '=P'
You say oocly, 'Aren't you a guide?'
Keloros says oocly, 'No....'
You nudge him.
Keloros says oocly, 'see i gotta go...'
Keloros has left the game.
--> Keloros rejoins the real world. [room 25194: Rothen's Savings & Loan]
Keloros dismounts from a Haflinger horse.
A Haflinger horse stops following Keloros.
A Haflinger horse slowly fades away.
You giggle.

Neia gossips 'I SHALL DRAKE YOU ALL...was that good, Boon?'
Boon gossips 'better'
Dorrin gossips 'I shall bring frosty deathness upon you!'
global> The drake lord says : thats my line
Isyll gossips 'But what about sweet, fluffy death?'

Feyrbrand question 'BOON! How did Neia get his hands on Horn Cutter!?'
Boon answers 'he wanted to become a Boon, I stole part of his soul and he became one'
Dorrin gossips 'Hurrah'


Feyrbrand answers 'Neia gets the mythical axe "Horn Cutter" from a green silk sash. This is horrible.'
Feyrbrand answers 'Boon! Quit filling Neia's head with ideas!'

Guan gossips 'were would you get a ship?'
Dorrin gossips 'the shipmaker in kisah.'
Boon gossips 'I ordered it in Yelid, got it for a discount, millitary surplus'

[Daehron]: kintara's one of those double stuffed oreos...but she's missing a cookie on one side.

Calvin says to you, 'Dionae...'
Calvin asks you, 'Can I have a hug?'
You ponder the question.
A black tiger hugs Calvin.
Calvin goes *ACK* and looks somewhat worried.
You smile happily.

Wenlin waves her arms and utters the words, 'vocatio'.
Neia disappears suddenly.
Neia arrives suddenly.

[Someone]: D...?
[Dionae]: Hm?
Someone has transferred you.
Yeek! Someone lifts your shirt and blows loudly into your navel!
Someone gooses you tenderly!
Someone has transferred you.
[Someone]: :P
[Dionae]: hehe

Glaviel question 'Whats with the Rabid squirrels at center...?'
You answer 'They have been preserved in solid granite...'
Argoth tells you 'pfft'
[Daehron]: rabid whats!?
[Dionae]: hehe
Timbo question 'any chance of them escaping and finding me?'
You answer 'Maybe.. just maybe...'

global> When Ancients are bored...
global> ...bad things happen.

Kirtar stops using a rabid squirrel.
You snicker softly.
Kirtar gets a rabid squirrel.
Kirtar shows his approval by clapping his hands together.
Kirtar makes the two squirrels kiss.
You giggle.

A rabid squirrel comes flying in and hits Adonia smack in the head. Boink!
Kirtar tries to come in unnoticed.
You say, 'I've named my squirrel Foamy.'
Kirtar throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Nash question 'how do I make my hamster stop looking at me weird?'
Boon answers 'blind fold it'

global> Boon sneaks around as the mission impossible theme plays.

[Rhodre]: NO YOU IDIOT !
[Jahron]: Ehh?
[Rhodre]: <cackles insanely>
[Rhodre]: sorry, random outburst of rage
[Rhodre]: :P
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Una says, ' la vida loco.'
Una says, 'yech...ok, slap me.
*thowck!* You slap Una ringingly.
Una says, 'Thanks'
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I am winning the quote-athon!

[   Human  ] Duchess Trystram Tirome, Duke of Tirome

Someone says, 'My name is Kogroth, I am a beach bum hailing from Stonegate'

Timbo tells the group '-*-Timbo-*-  aval has hairy toes'
Aval tells the group '-Aval- VERY hairy'
Timbo tells the group '-*-Timbo-*-  yep'
Timbo tells the group '-*-Timbo-*-  he has dreadlocks in em'
Timbo tells the group '-*-Timbo-*-  with bows'
Timbo tells the group '-*-Timbo-*-  lol'
Aval tells the group '-Aval- THe women love to run their fingers through my toe hair'
Aval tells the group '-Aval- No bows'
Timbo tells the group '-*-Timbo-*-  no bows?'
Timbo tells the group '-*-Timbo-*-  to bad'

(Terloch-copyrighted-yellow): Mahin, shut up now before I snap and seriously get ****ed off
Mahin question 'I guess this is going to dampen our relationship isn't it?'
Amon gossips 'A clerics advice to the ancients: 'Take a deep breath, and count to three; then release the bow string''

Nysitre question 'what is the symbol for Brynn?'
Galdorf answers 'the swastika.'

(gecho) Okay. Here we go.  One spell up Dwenn STyle.
Dwenn drops the spell 'up'.
>look up
A useless spell lies here labeled 'Up'.

A group of beautiful dancing girls wiggles his bottom.

Admiral Quan tells the house 'We need more..loyal people..'
Executor Vesper tells the house 'I'm about as loyal as I can get'

You auction 'a black runeshard, starting at 12k, OR a red rune shard OR a blue rune shard'
Kintara tells you 'I'll give yeh 9K for the red.'
You say, 'you don't need to give me a tell, I'm right here'
Kintara says, 'Thought you left :p'

You give a chamber pot to Radan.
Radan asks you, 'Is this a delayed wedding present?'
You say to Radan, 'err....yes'
Radan says to you, 'You're about... um, 10 years late on that, I think.  But thanks anyway.'

(This is a little bit of fun with emoting)
Wenlin whispers, 'Don't tell anyone, but I like you the best'
Kintara whispers, 'like _who_?'
Fyjit whispers, 'ahh...'
Kintara whispers, 'Who was that comment directed twords (like you the best)?'
Wenlin whispers, 'Its just a secret between you and me, ok?'
Kintara whispers, 'Why do you like me now? I mock you constantly.'
Fyjit whispers, 'okee... I am good with secrets... I like you too.'

You exclaim, 'to that wooden city!'
You exclaim, 'WoodGate!'
Cyrtilan says, 'Its Rockgate, dummy'
You say, 'No wait, that's not right either'
You ask, 'CementGate?'
Cyrtilan shakes his head.
Cyrtilan sits down and thinks deeply.
Cyrtilan asks, 'Irongate?'
You say, 'could be, they have iron'
Cyrtilan says, 'hmm'
You exclaim, 'SteelGate! Like Steelforge!'
Cyrtilan says, 'Thats it'
Cyrtilan says, 'Wait'
Cyrtilan asks, 'Dirtgate?'
You exclaim, 'MUDGate!'
Cyrtilan says, 'no...not mudgate'
Someone exclaims, 'sSzzssstoooP JOooKING awraouhhuNd Itss cjAlLEd BuMmMGahhhhte!'
You say, 'no, that doesn't sound right'
Cyrtilan asks, 'Stonegate?'
You ask, 'Stone?'
Someone asks, 'ZSssStonegAhteh???'
Someone says, 'nOoot sstooOonehgaote'
You ask, 'You crazy?'
You ask, 'What planet are you from?'
Cyrtilan exclaims, 'it was just a guess!'
Someone says, 'im ffRoMmM MmMYsSsstEry plaoneht'
Cyrtilan asks, 'Uglygate?'
Cyrtilan exclaims, 'Slategate!!!'
You ask, 'wait, what are gates made from?'
Someone asks, 'cawndy?'
Cyrtilan asks, 'Sand?'
Cyrtilan asks, 'Skin?'
Someone says, 'BooOonegAtE'
You say, 'gates aren't made from bones'
You ask, 'BloodGate?'
Someone asks, 'grillehd zjhEezzZzssZeh?'
Cyrtilan says, 'ooo'
Cyrtilan says, 'maybe....'
Cyrtilan asks, 'Firegate?'
You say, 'Fire's dangerous'
Cyrtilan asks, 'Faeriegate?'
You say, 'It it was, I'd cook me up some gates..'
Cyrtilan exclaims, 'I know!'
Cyrtilan exclaims, 'Wenlingate!'
You say, 'Ooh, sounds good'

A small toad says to you, 'Ribbit rib rib bit bit ribbit rib rbiit'
Revelin nods in enthusiastic agreement with a small toad.

A small toad exclaims, 'Their GGGGGGRRRRRRRIBIT!!'

You exclaim to A small toad, 'This is a robbery!'
A small toad asks A Stonegate Guard, 'help?'
You say to A small toad, 'hand over all your jewels and valuables'
A small toad put his legs up!
A small toad exclaims to you, 'dont harm me!'
A small toad stops using a delicate bracelet.
A small toad stops using a delicate bracelet.
A small toad exclaims, 'here, take this!'
You say, 'That's right, hand 'em over'
A small toad gives you the bird...What an ass!
A small toad falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically.

A gray squirrel tosses his nuts at you.
Caedon says, 'Too....many....nuts.......'
Caedon dramatically collapses to the floor from exhaustion.  

Kuema auctions 'bowls af nasty fish stew'
Cesar auctions 'why would I want something that already says its nasty and I haven't even seen it yet!'

<- Death -> Draik picks up McBite and SWALLOWS him WHOLE! Yum!

[RACE] Wanker:  heh, I want nuclear devices of mass destruction
[RACE] Wanker:  I want to set someone up the bomb

<- Death -> Silk swallows Sinister whole .... >+< BuRP >+<
(He copied off me!)

Galdorf asks, 'Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?'
Galdorf says, 'O' course Oi'm da fairest'
Galdorf flexes his muscles...what a stud!!?!

The vision of a horrid man arises from the altar.
Galdorf goes *ACK* and looks somewhat worried.
Galdorf exclaims, 'Elven beauty!'

You ask, 'can you survive a 1000 foot fall?'
Aval shrugs helplessly.

You ask, 'a hunting dog is licking itself?'
You say, 'that's worse than a squirrel tosses his nuts at you'
You say, 'c'mon, make a witty comment'
Aval asks, 'A/S/L?'

You exclaim to Aval, 'you fight like a dairy farmer!'
Aval exclaims to you, 'Look behind you, its the Goodyear blimp!'
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Jaina gossips 'Is the Prision of Iwizia a hard place?'

Adonia sings drunken verses of nonsense, offkey even.
Adonia says, 'hahhhhT RahcK quhhuiIbBle vbaOoovbBle stick fffiGuRE..'

[Trystram]: hey lly hey dio
[Llywarch]: Hi.
[Dionae]: Meow.
[Vesper]: *puurrrr*
[Vesper]: heh
[Trystram]: i thought you were a rabid squirrel
[Dionae]: No, I just hurl them at people

[Trystram]: can you dispel me dionae
[Vesper]: hehe
[Vesper]: Dionae...
[Trystram]: pleaseeeee?
[Vesper]: Meet the Duchess of Tirome.
[Trystram]: that
[Trystram]: or cast change sex again
[Trystram]: =)
[Dionae]: haha

[Trystram]: two more days till my birthday
[Trystram]: everyones getting me something right? =)
[Vesper]: I'll get you something.
[Vesper]: What do you want?
[Trystram]: I'll have a birthday banquet
[Trystram]: in tirome
[Trystram]: and sick my eagles on you all
[Trystram]: bwahahah!
[Trystram]: I think i will do a birthday banquet
[Trystram]: what do you think *nudges dionae*
[Vesper]: I'll sick my gecko on you.
[Trystram]: hmm
[Dionae]: Not the gecko...
[Vesper]: Damn right the gecko
[Trystram]: doesn't cats eat geckos?
[Vesper]: back up
[Trystram]: =P
[Vesper]: Gecko's eat Dukes who's first names begin with T
[Vesper]: and beetles.

[Trystram]: so what are you getting me vesper
[Trystram]: i want a writ of ownership..
[Vesper]: A half-orc in a thong, that jumps outta yer birthday cake
[Trystram]: or or.. 8 shards of same color
[Trystram]: or or
[Trystram]: hmm
[Vesper]: And to top it off...
[Trystram]: its my 18th too =X
[Vesper]: I'll have trolls dancing in top hats and canes

Vesper nodnodnodnodnod's at you.

Vesper gossips 'I thought you used to be a Duke......Duchess.'
Vesper chuckles politely.
You snicker softly.
Wenlin quotes '[ Human ] Duchess Trystram Tirome, Duke of Tirome - That's disturbing'
You giggle.
Vesper throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Trystram grumbles and growls. You wonder what's wrong...
Trystram exclaims, 'dispel me!'
Dionae is going to quote that.
You smile happily.
Vesper says, 'Vesper: 1 Trystam: 0'
You snicker softly.
Trystram mutters something quietly to herself.
Vesper says, 'to HERself.'

Moeve gossips 'there will be a copyover shortly'
Kogroth gossips 'do we need helmets for that?'
Moeve gossips 'helmets on please'
Kogroth gossips 'i don't have one'
Moeve gossips 'oh no! then you will probably die'

Dionae thinks she should change her poofin to BOING!!

Alfinngor gossips ''how do i stop flying?'
Roland answers 'Have you tried very large weights?'

Trystram tells you 'guess what'
You tell Trystram 'Hm?'
Trystram tells you 'i made a weapon =P'
You tell Trystram 'Is it good? :)'
Trystram tells you 'no'
You tell Trystram 'hehe'

Breym looks at you.
Breym says, 'Even she defies ye, minotaur.'
You say, 'I defy a lot of things.'
You nod sagely.

Conner holds a rabid squirrel in his hand.
Conner says, 'Hm.'
Conner wipes a rabid squirrel's mouth.
Conner asks you, 'And what shall I do with this? Feed it to the wolves I run with?'
You ponder the question.
You say to Conner, 'Well.. you could let it run loose around Stonegate for a while.. that's what I did...'
Conner drops a rabid squirrel.
Conner says to a rabid squirrel, "Be free little one, but do not brandish those teeth too much, you might offend the oxen."

[Vesper]: Hey, I have a club named after me!
[Vesper]: Kintara started her own club
[Vesper]: "Head of the People-Against-Vesper Club"
[Laran]: I'm working on having one of those.
[Vesper]: heh

Guan question 'so you can swear your loyalty to dukes in this game?'
Lephi answers 'dukes, barons, captains, and evil two headed ogres that live in caves and talk with a bad accent.'

Terloch trudges in, leaning on his staff.
Terloch says, 'stop multiplaying'
With a resounding WHAP!, Terloch reprimands Tagof.
Terloch trudges out, leaning on his staff.

Kilfer question 'why are you scrying me?'
Isdenar answers 'because I lurve you.'

[Rhodre]: <cackles insanely>
[Rhodre]: I'm a nut
[Daehron]: nut is a little too...soft of a term.
[Rhodre]: <grins evilly>

[Rhodre]: I can't believe someone perverted my name and made it into an area

--> Rhodre rejoins the real world. [room 28802: The Earthen Passage]
[Someone]: nooooo Rhodre left
--> Rhodre has left real life behind. [room 28802: The Earthen Passage]
[Rhodre]: Very well
[Daehron]: I have this telepathic connection with rhodre, and told him to come back.
[Dionae]: hehe
[Someone]: heh
[Rhodre]: Yes
[Rhodre]: It's annoying having insane people inside my head
[Someone]: other than yourself, right?
[Rhodre]: I call them my figments of my imagination

[Rhodre]: How long is this meeting?
[Moeve]: days sometimes months

Dwenn's beard hugs you.

Out of the shadows, a quite voice is heard: I do appologize for any inconvenience, but Vispilio is not currently here. If you wish to contact him, leave a scroll and he'll get back to you. A brief clicking sound can be heard, then silence.

Wenlin gives you a bright blue cap.
You snicker softly.
Wenlin says, 'you can be in my vigilante'
Wenlin says, 'The Blue cap vigilante consists of: Wenlin and Aval. We are at war with Camo caps(defeated), Purple caps, Red caps, Dragon Haters, and the travelling caps.'

Wenlin asks, 'what's your special power? espionage?'
You say, 'Um.. yes.'
Wenlin says, 'good'
Wenlin says, 'we need some remote explosives put on the travelling caps HQ'
You nod.

Una tells you 'shhhhhhhhhh be very quiet I'm hunting wabbits'

-[81] [GUIDE] Wenlin Darkhand, Sub-Baroness of Riverdale

Neia yells 'HAHAHAHAHAHA!'

Kilfer says, 'time to go kill a dummy'
Kilfer leaves north.
Zooka asks, 'He's going to kill himself?'

Sareena walks over Anddrew and gives him a light hug.
Sareena says oocly, 'over to rather'
Anddrew says oocly, 'Ouch, she just walked over me...'

Agreli gossips 'I took on twenty five Timbo's at once, what a bunch o weaklings i got out without a scratch'
Timbo gossips 'There was 25 of me?'

Vesper gossips '10,000 gold to the first person who whips up a poem honoring myself and how filthy stinkin' loaded I am.'
Sevxo gossips 'Vesper is rich, Vesper is loaded. He can't get richer, his wallets too bloated'
Keit gossips 'Vesper Oh Vesper thy sweet stinky wallers, how keit would worship thyne awesomely money stuffed bottom if ye should drop 10k g for old buddy of yours!'
Rjakegel gossips 'I am Vesper, filthy stinking rich, the most powerful count ever, and Stonegate is my b%tch'
[Dionae]: hehehe
Agreli gossips 'Nice one Rjak!'
Vesper gossips 'Damn right it is.'
[Vesper]: *cackle*

Enlin quotes 'I wonder if Daehron has two belly buttons...He does have two heads.'

[Trystram]: bored
[Trystram]: we should have like
[Trystram]: noble version of chess
[Trystram]: where we get to use people as pieces
[Trystram]: =D
[Trystram]: like galdorf can be my bishop

Keit quotes 'a little squirrel isn't harmless.......yeah right'
global> The drake lord says : don't make me show you the ones with sharp pointy teeth
global> The drake lord says : and the rollie pollie that can rip your arm off

--> Domtar was defeated by Cecilia at A Dim Passage [room 4048]
Llywarch quotes 'Cecilia's punch injures Domtar.'
[Daehron]: did cecilia just kill domtar?
[Llywarch]: yep
[Dionae]: With a punch? :)
[Llywarch]: yep

Moeve gossips 'I would like to copyover'
Raymond answers 'We are your willing pawns whenever you wish to Moeve'
Metch gossips 'what are we getting ?'
Timbo answers 'we need crash helmets.'
You gossip 'You are all getting rabies. From all the rabid squirrels.'
Moeve gossips 'no I need shovel and a bucket for all the corpses'
Kylara gossips 'Lady Moeve, shall I dig a large hole for the bodies?'
Moeve gossips 'yes a large one'

[Trystram]: don't die
[Daehron]: I don't die!
[Daehron]: unless I'm outnumbered
[Daehron]: I'm just defenseless, weaponless and poisoned...with 3 hps left...
[Daehron]: kidding

global> Tonight is special "Throw everyone in jail" night.
Llywarch gossips 'How dare you!! OFF TO JAIL!!'
global> See amazing new places! Contact your local houseleader for more information.
Caedon gossips 'You know what they do in jail...*tremble*'
Cree quotes 'Do not pass GO. Do not collect 200 dollars.'
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Topmudsites falls apart without quotes.

<- Death -> Denton spares Ikoenz's life in return for pizza!

You say in common, 'I think smacking rats with the pamphlet was effective'
Derfel exclaims in common, 'Maybe so but what did the pamphlet think!'
You say in common, 'I think he liked it'
Derfel says in common, 'I think it was a sick pamphlet'

The night watchman shouts in common, 'It is the hour of midnight and Baron Tellborn is a fink!'

>message XXX I shall haunt ye forever
You touch their mind...part of your soul floats free.
Black Wind(00:01 AM) : I'm being haunted =o

You ask in magic, 'What's your favorite magic word?'
Thuvos asks in magic, 'Me favorite word? Uhhh... it food.'
You say in magic, 'That is a good word'
You ask in magic, 'What about a favorite magic spell? Do you have one?'
Thuvos says in magic, 'Me like blueberry focus spell best'

PingPong(04:44 AM) : I can speak Elvish now
PingPong(04:44 AM) : and you can't, mwahaha!
PingPong(04:44 AM) : oh wait...
Black Wind(04:44 AM) : Silly Rowan, elven is for elves! :p

You dunk your head in the cask and drink some water.
It tastes wet.
PingPong(05:05 AM) : It tastes wet.
Black Wind(05:06 AM) : Wet is a taste?
PingPong(05:06 AM) : Not sure
Black Wind(05:06 AM) : It's more like a texture ^_^

Adonia says, 'Concolor is flowers.'

Mew says in rowan, 'Meow'
You say in rowan, 'No no no'
You say in rowan, 'Rowans do not say meow'

You say in rowan, 'Speak to me, it is the only way you will learn'
Mew asks in rowan, 'Bla bla bla?'

You say in catfolk, 'The quick brown cat jumped over the lazy dog'
Mew exclaims in catfolk, 'Lazy dogs! Supper..'

Killian exclaims, 'All your base are belong to us!'
Killian says, 'I like those newbies.'
(Killian is a mob...on a RP-manditory mud...)

Melfice force all : auction info
Item is being sold by Melfice
You are able to use this item.
Object 'melfices glock 9 mm' is type weapon, extra flags none.
Weight is 1, value is 0.
Damage is 3245246 to 532434 (average 1888840).
This razor sharp weapon can slice through armour without difficulty.
This item will degrade at approximately Sun Aug 11 18:35:54 2002

Paet chats 'which hilt is best to furge your weapon with'.
Paet chats 'forg too'.
Paet chats 'BAH forge'.

SalsaXpress: but you like the velociraptors and the WelNin cathedral better
Resplendent Posy: Sure
SalsaXpress: velociraptors ;-)
SalsaXpress: ;-)
Resplendent Posy: But they aren't wearing clothes
SalsaXpress: no, we should fix that on FR
Resplendent Posy: But.. velociraptors don't wear pants...
SalsaXpress: they do on FR, let's fix it
You nudge her.
Dionae snickers softly.

Dauthi gossips 'Your nova ===>>> DESOLATES <<<=== an old man! *Pelvic Thrust*'
Agreli quotes 'DO not quote damage'
Gobrev quotes 'Don't quote damage. -Terloch.'
You gossip 'astrek pelvic thrust astrek? and why are you picking on old men?'
Dieb quotes 'DO not quote DO not quote damage'
Dauthi quotes 'Agreli quotes 'DO not quote damage'  I did not quote it...*cackle*'
You tell Dionae 'how do you gossip "pelvic thrust" anyway?'
Dionae tells you 'um..'
You tell Dionae 'come on, make up something, all the news cameras are fixed on you'

Dauthi gossips 'Your nova does **** UNBELIEVABLE **** things to an immigrant! not quoted...This is gossip! *cackle* um...i'm done *pelvic thrust*'
You gossip 'Now the word around town is astrek cackle astrek...what is this world coming to?'

Angston answers 'You could always go to a noexit room and rp there.'
Enlin answers 'I've done that. Then, five minutes later, a new person walks in and goes to sleep there.'
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[Dwenn]: emote rubs his nipples in a way that makes you hot and bothered.
Karazuran exclaims, 'BUM RAPE!'
[Dwenn]: quickly
Karazuran twitches nervously.
A drunk bum rubs his nipples in a way that makes you hot and bothered.
[Dionae]: Bum rape, hehe
Karazuran says, 'yipe'
Karazuran exclaims, 'run away run away!'
Karazuran leaves south.
A drunk bum falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically.
[Dwenn]: I'd say 10...that was good clean fun
Desdra says, 'that was fun.'
[Dwenn]: well maybe not clean

global> Hey kiddos, the Triple D's RP Cross Country Search Contest Thingy is coming to an rp session near you.
Saralysa gossips '.. u just lost me on that one...'
global> You never know when, where or for how long but...
Desdra snickers softly.
global> RP points shall be awarded for favorable roleplay found...
Keit gossips 'Is it triple d as in cup size?'
Desdra says, 'Never know where we will pop up.. '
You giggle.
Desdra falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically.
global> That is the perfect example of unfavorable RP, Keit's earned himself a smiting!
You say, 'It's only triple d if Dwenn grows boobs :)'
Desdra snickers softly.


Sydney gossips 'Dionae smells'
You gossip 'Like fresh roses.'
>goto sydney
Breym says oocly, 'If you taunt them, they will come.'
Sydney brings you down in a playful tackle!
You snicker softly.

Morkala tells you 'well, m'lady, is there anything else a mortal could help with, perhaps some noble trek with a noble ending?'
You tell Morkala 'Hmm...'
You tell Morkala 'Well, I'm not sure how appealing noble treks seem...'
Morkala tells you 'better then sitting on one's noble arse near a fountain'

Keit question 'is it just me or is harek a little...... scantily clad for a guard? he only has a lantern and an axe'

Bedwyr question 'If you are married can you and your wife combine rp to get a cottage?'
Una question 'if I have three husbands and two concubines can we combine rp for a cottage?'
Chade answers 'why would you want to? if there is a divorce then it's all hers'
You answer 'I don't think you can combine rpp, but you can share the cottage if you want..'
[Dionae]: hehe
Mandrake answers 'And use RPP to buy a king size loft.'

[Chade]: who's the one thats on the most and has a good head on their shoulders?
[Boon]: me
[Chade]: no I said a good head
[Chade]: :P
[Dionae]: hehe

global> Boon sneaks up on Una and Pours a bucket of ice down the back of her shirt.
global> Una reminds boon thats he's dumb and she's naked.
Azhure gossips 'anyone know where the punch is.. I know where the ice is'
Angelle gossips 'she's nakey :P'
Storms gossips 'of course she is nekkid, she took her shirt off cuz it was wet!'
Caedon gossips 'I think that is what she was getting at Keit...'
global> Boon sneaks up on Una slams a shirt over her head and pours a bucket of ice down the back of her shirt.

[Galdorf]: I wish this was a pk mandatory mud sometimes
[Galdorf]: Like, now for instance
[Galdorf]: I would slay everyone that said nakey
[Dionae]: hehe
[Galdorf]: or lurve
[Galdorf]: Saying lurve would equal death
[Galdorf]: It's unnerving
[Galdorf]: Man, everyone would die in my imaginary world
[Galdorf]: I'd probably end up killing myself out of sheer boredom

[Galdorf]: My talking is in hopes that maybe you'll throw a quest to shut me up
[Chade]: nah just nochan him
[Chade]: that works
[Una]: I was thinking..
[Galdorf]: Hey, I don't like that solution

Nash question 'what are blue leaves?'
global> The drake lord says : eat it and find out
Nash gossips 'Okay....... I am trusting you boon...'
global> The drake lord says : you really shouldn't
global> The drake lord says : I'm hazardous to your health
global> The drake lord says : just ask timbo
Timbo gossips 'Boon, I'm hazardous to MY health.'

[Una]: I wear nothing but hula skirts and coconuts

Trystram tells you 'i think you should auction your self'
You tell Trystram 'hehe'
Trystram tells you 'i'll bid 2 silver =)'
Trystram tells you 'wouldn't it be cool if i go and bid on everyone'
You tell Trystram 'It will look like you need a woman badly :)'
Trystram tells you 'big pimpin =)'
You tell Trystram 'hehe, I thought that was Vesper?'
Trystram tells you 'well hes away'

[Tinarith]: have splitrock discovered the secret of asexual reproduction and not told anyone?
[Daehron]: it's not a secret...heh
[Dionae]: Yes, they learned it from Laul
[Tinarith]: or are y'all just inbred...
[Aequitas]: Dionae that was a good one...
[Tinarith]: cuz i KNOW you didn't find that many girls you could get THAT drunk......
Tinarith giggles at you. Hope it's not contagious!
[Dionae]: hehehe
[Daehron]: die tina
[Tinarith]: pffffffft......leave me alone or ill bite your ankles

[Daehron]: so..why do I have all these racial skills if I'm not special enough to use them?
[Daehron]: Your gore *** DEVASTATES *** an eerie spectre!
[Daehron]: may wanna make it so gore is restricted by race...I don't have horns.
[Dionae]: You can use your second head

[Moeve]: I cannot spell

[Someone]: ok I had an epiphany about what to give knights for beckon
[Someone]: Moeve will kill me, but I think it will be cool
[Dwenn]: hemmorhoids
[Someone]: start off with small things like trained war dogs
[Rheul]: hehe
[Someone]: but move up to people
[Dwenn]: so they can't sit on their horses

Kye answers 'Fight the Power Ancients, your years of newbie pack oppression is over '

[Dwenn]: I hate children
[Dwenn]: there sticky and often smell
[Chade]: but they are great for picking up chicks
[Dionae]: I like puppies better..

[Dwenn]: Rheul you're starting to sound like Stalin

[Dwenn]: Lo and the smack doth cometh down from up on high.

[Boon]: if all else fails just launch your self out of the catapult a few times

[Trystram]: i mock all of you
[Boon]: I'm gonna mock you with my ladder gaurdian mace

Keit gossips 'You never suspect the firefly eating fearie and the evil horn hunter to be in the weird romeo and juliet relationship O.o'

Keit says oocly, 'I thought you were an elf boon'
Boon says oocly, 'no I'm a boon'
Boon says oocly, 'I thought I clarified that'
Boon says oocly, 'it would just look silly if it said Boon Draigon a boon with grey hair and grey eyes, is here.'

Azhure looks at you.
Keit looks at you.
Boon looks at you.
You giggle.

Karyn says, 'I think there are too many special people in one place between Myself, Dionae, boon. The atmosphere is way to charged with speciality.'
Karyn grins playfully.

Morkala answers 'Sarion has 1 TNL, thats right, 1 !!!'
Sarion question 'amazing isnt it?'
global> The drake lord says : kill him quickly

global> The drake lord says : Lephi Choco is a pumpkin
Lephi answers 'and I shall smash him like the pumpkin he is!'
global> The drake lord says : actually I think he's a pie right now but I'm not sure

Keit quotes 'The dismount command has been changed slighlty. < don't you love moeve's descriptive notes?'
You answer 'Now, when you dismount, you will fall on your behind.'

Wenlin tells you 'is the spell 'up' redeemable?'
You tell Wenlin 'um.. no'
Wenlin tells you 'why not? You can't cast up on all of us?'
global> Dionae glows slightly and intones the word 'Up'.
Wenlin tells you '*applaud*'

Ferigon question 'vial'
Keit answers 'yes........ vial'
Boon answers 'no rock'

[Someone]: ok, need shower. I log in from work. be goof.
[Tinarith]: goof? we can all handle goof :P

Terloch gossips 'I need a guinea pig'
Terloch gossips 'who wants to help?'
Haldon gossips 'sure'
Rjakegel yells 'oh me!'
Rjakegel yells 'oh me!'
Rjakegel yells 'oh me!'
Mikla gossips 'Sure!'
Mahin yells 'ill help'
Mahin yells 'i wanna be a guide'
You gossip 'You guys sure are eager to be guinea pigs.. you don't know what you're getting into...'
Mikla gossips 'I saved first. *grin*'

Doubles are on, I'm off to make lunch and feed the moose
[Terloch]: bbl from work
Rjakegel gossips 'Thanks!'
Angston gossips 'You have a moose?'

Shados slaps Banar lightly with a glove. 'I challenge you to a duel!'

You clone a thick mane.
Dieb says, 'Dionae, ill trade you my soul for that mane'
You ponder the question.
Dieb says, 'i dont want my soul'
Dieb snickers softly.
You say, 'Well...'
You say, 'I am running short on souls...'
You give a thick mane to Dieb.
Dieb clasps a thick mane around his neck.
Dieb throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Dauthi yells 'Anyone wanna help me rob the bank.'
Dauthi yells 'lol'
Pareza yells 'Nothing like being stealthy when you rob the bank'

Wenlin says oocly, 'I have PIERCING silver eyes, that means I attack with them, and their denoun is pierce'

Genki says oocly, 'What are you plotting?'
You say oocly, 'Boon is plotting :)'
Genki says oocly, 'Boon is always plotting...'

[Vesper]: There is a problem with lying to/playing with/charming/kissing everybody's ass. Being a sneaky, conniving bastard leaves you nobody to kill when they all like you.
[Vesper]: *mutter*

Conner question 'Is there an announcement, or anything about that?'
Terloch answers 'what, the random crash?'
We had a random crash, there's your announcement...sorry we didn't plan it and write a note, teehee
Conner answers 'Ok, good enough for me.'

Sabelle question 'i disconnected and when i reconnected, my pet was gone..'
Kuema answers 'happens to the best of us'
Nash answers 'I'll be your pet, join my group please?'
Tinarith answers 'might i suggest a leash next time......'

Cromax yells 'You ancients are so mean and unfair! :)'
[Dionae]: Quick, change your title to 'mean and unfair'
[Tinarith]: *giggle*

*[96] Tinarith is mean and unfair

[Marius]: Hey Vesper
[Vesper]: *gives a big ol' welcome*
[Marius]: Thanks, brb
--> Marius rejoins the real world. [room 25138: The Grotto]
[Tinarith]: *rofl* see what you did???
[Tilal]: great.. vesper.. chasing off our new house leader..
[Vesper]: damn, I'm good
[Dionae]: hehe
[Tilal]: that's a new record!
[Vesper]: My very presence strikes fear into the hearts of text-based men

[Dwenn]: Well, notes are done and its been fun, this dwarf has sent his mort to run. The time for roleplay has begun!
[Dwenn]: muhahaha
--> Dwenn rejoins the real world. [room 9477: A Open Spot]

[Galdorf]: I'm a woman
[Laran]: :)
[Galdorf]: Vesper, care to be charmed by my feminine wiles?
[Marius]: Grats?
[Vesper]: You mean you haven't always been a woman?
[Vesper]: hehe

Diomare says, 'thehn i'Ll taannnk Frommm naow aonn'
You nod.
Silma says, 'o.o'
Diomare says, 'iimmmm druhnnK though'
You snicker softly.
Diomare says, 'jusSzzssst PaoiNt mME iNn theh riIght dIREzjtiaonnn....i'll Keep us ssaffe'
You grin playfully.

Diomare says oocly, 'im not drunk in osay, cool'
Diomare says, 'dRUhuhhuhnk'
Diomare says oocly, 'not drunk'
Diomare says, 'dRUhnk'
Diomare says oocly, 'not drunk'

Khalil says, 'I wonder what else changes my sex. . .'
Khalil chuckles politely.
Khalil slips a pair of simple brown pants onto its legs.
Laran looks at Khalil.
Agreli question 'Can i have my genitals back, something made me an it'
Neville says, '...'
Daran answers 'Nah'
Khalil says, '.....'
Sarla answers 'haha'

Laran tells the group 'there is only one actual it in the game.'
Agreli tells the group 'yes marthalamew'
Agreli tells the group 'hehehe'
Laran tells the group 'yeah...the anncients didnt know if he was a boy or a girl, so terl set him to it'
Neville tells the group '...why didn't they know?'
Laran tells the group '*shrugs* they get confused sometimes'

Commandant Agreli tells the house 'Damn i need to find a date!'
Brigadier Karyn tells the house 'haha, sorry, I am taken agreli.'
Khalil throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!
Commandant Agreli tells the house 'Will you go to the ball with me Captain?'
Brigadier Karyn tells the house 'Go with laran'
Captain Laran tells the house 'no'
Brigadier Karyn tells the house '*grin*'
Commandant Agreli tells the house 'hehehe'
Captain Laran tells the house 'I already have a date'
Commandant Agreli tells the house 'damn all the sexy ladies have dates!'
Commandant Agreli tells the house 'Khalil your a woman'
Brigadier Karyn tells the house 'Try adonia'
Commandant Agreli tells the house 'wanna go with me?'

Agreli asks, 'can i have my manhood back too?'
Agreli says, 'a pair of pants stole it'
Tinarith giggles.
Neville stops using a pair of simple brown pants.
Neville exclaims, '..Me too!'
Agreli chuckles politely.
Tinarith says, 'don't look at me, i sure don't have it'
Khalil slips a pair of simple brown pants onto its legs.
Tinarith grins playfully.
Khalil throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!

Valden gossips 'great, now im hungry, thirsty, and lost with a big mean animal running around'
Leowyn answers 'just think of the fun adventure you are having to tell someday to your kids if you get out alive :)'

Xv CIoud: You grapple a baby namarrgon, and crush the air from its lungs!
Xv CIoud: =D
Resplendent Posy: Noo!

Enlin says, 'She said you where her master.'
Enlin shrugs helplessly.
Desparin says, 'I taught her how to read.'
Desparin says, 'Necromanctic theorem that is.'
Desparin says, 'Not that I'm a necromancer.'
Desparin says, 'No no no.'
Desparin says, 'I'm a fisherman.'
You ask Desparin, 'Weren't you just a farmer?'
Desparin says, 'I farm shrimp.'

You say, 'You see, this is why I don't spend time in Stonegate much...'
You snicker softly.
Someone asks you, 'and what might that be, exactly?'
You say, 'It is a silly place.'

[Moeve]: can you please all do score and give me your weight/item line please
[Tinarith]: Items: 88/1000 Weight: 173546/1000000
[Dionae]: Items: 553/1000 Weight: 365176/1000000
[Moeve]: does the weight bother anyone
[Moeve]: ok I got to say it
[Terloch]: Items: 648/1000 Weight: 5958/1000000
[Moeve]: ok point one
[Moeve]: each object takes space
[Moeve]: the code must loop through all the objects
[Moeve]: that is all every minute
[Moeve]: why are imms goins around with stuff
[Terloch]: because I'm a horrid packrat and a lot of this stuff is OLD that I want to keep
[Someone]: restrings
[Moeve]: that takes even more space!
[Tinarith]: i hate stuff
[Tinarith]: clean house nonstop cuz im an anally retentive obssessive compulsive kinda person :)
[Moeve]: I will shortly add new code
[Terloch]: don't add in code to clean my bag out!
[Terloch]: nooooooo

You drop sweet, fluffy death.
sweet, fluffy death dissolves into smoke.

Sojun question 'how would I get to Stonegate from "Brelchtin Grasslands"?'
Galdorf answers 'Tap your heels together...'

Saira question 'what are those hostile tags?'
Nash answers 'they are killing little children >)'
You answer 'Hostile means that they are pkilling at the moment'
Saira answers 'NO!!!! That's bad! Killing children ba.... oh, well as long as they are killing one another its fine.'
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A zombie drinks water from a fountain.

A zombie says, 'Being undead makes you thirsty.'

A zombie nods sagely.
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Katro says in Tradespeak, "I need some sort of light to whittle."

Nnight says "I can make fire."

Nnight continues striking sparks into the shredded bark.
The sparks catch in the shredded bark, and it begins to burn.
Nnight coaxes a shredded bark into flames.

Kudzu says "And if it gets out of hand Ah'm sure one of us can make water."
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Than says in siri 'Seems like alot must have been going on lately.'
You say in siri 'Yes, indeed. We had a skull demon just last week, quite the pleasureable experience, having minor demons wandering the city streets at night.'

Tharos sends you an OOC message saying 'please let me have a wedding where everyone lives this time?'

Delithralas says in siri 'I feel ball-less..'
Delithralas says in siri 'Why, if I could make my own balls on the spot, you wouldn't ever hear me complain.'

You send an OOC message to Malaggar saying 'soon the world will revolve around gheldale and I will be GOD! I mean..'

You send an OOC message to Grym saying 'eventually this island is going to turn into, 'there are millions of trees here. just keep walking.''

[Melopene]: i may still be bitter but i'm not insane

Elizabeth sends you an OOC message saying 'just throw a cookie and i'm gone'

[Melopene]: the colors on my terminal screen are rich and velvety, like cheesecake.
[Melopene]: now that's some damned poetry.

an individual wearing a brown paper bag with two big holes says 'Taste my recycleableness!'

an individual wearing a brown paper bag with two big holes says 'Thank god this isnt plastic, or i'd be sufficating'

You say 'I feel so loved.'
You feel loved.
You say 'aww...'
Adeiven gives herself a great big hug.
You feel really yourself.

Adeiven says 'I can run around naked with this bag on and nobody can see

Adeiven says 'I'm invisible!'
Adeiven giggles.
Adeiven dances around naked.

You say 'looks like I've got a bag on my head FOREVER!'
You say 'ooh..'
Wyare says 'and your new name shall be'
You say 'i am so having a costume party.'
Wyare says 'THE BAG LADY'
A woman wearing a brown paper bag with two big holes screams like a little girl.
You say 'NOOOOOOO!'

You tell the group 'skeletons dont have meat, silly, thats just ground up

bone marrow youre eating.'

[Celandine]: I bet you didn't have a bear do the mob echo of growling - it's probably the squirrel.
[Melopene]: actually, i did the bear this time.
[Melopene]: i thought of having the squirrel go 'WHEEEEE!!'
[Melopene]: but I figured that blatent refrences to gonads and strife might be bad.

Adeiven looks for a nearby rock and starts banging her head on it.

You send an OOC message to Antarius saying 'an asteroid was drawn to the gravitational pull of my boobs'

You send an OOC message to Antarius saying 'youre just jealous that the asteroids weren't attracted to your own boobs, aren't you?'
A male voice yells 'someone is slappings mes!'

Delithralas tells the group 'If we had a dumbass barbarian in the group, then he could be comic relief'
Delithralas tells the group 'Mental note, recruit dumbass barbarian'

Elandril prays to Crystal: 'Lady Crystal, I pray for the strength not to kill ALL THE IDIOTS WHO GOT ME KILLED. Amen.'

You send an OOC message to an attractive elysiriyu maiden with gold colored hair and crystal blue eyes saying 'hehee. i'm totally going to turn gheldale into the center of the universe.'
an attractive elysiriyu maiden with gold colored hair and crystal blue eyes sends you an OOC message saying 'ROFLMAO!'
an attractive elysiriyu maiden with gold colored hair and crystal blue eyes sends you an OOC message saying 'No! No! Anyhing but that! "I've got a lovely bunch of Cocanuts, tiddle-dee, there they are standing in a row..."'
You send an OOC message to an attractive elysiriyu maiden with gold colored hair and crystal blue eyes saying 'big ones, small ones, some as big as your head..'
an attractive elysiriyu maiden with gold colored hair and crystal blue eyes sends you an OOC message saying 'Oh1 I never had to do this sort of thing When Cerskel was around. *sigh*'

an attractive elysiriyu maiden with gold colored hair and crystal blue eyes sends you an OOC message saying 'Sorry...on a different brain length pattern.'

Something forces both Arigan and Duril to grin wide smiles.

a lithe figure clad in a colorful robe says 'Maybe we can sell Tharos to the circus, seeing that he is spinning and all'

You say 'You dint hops an you all gots mads an you all gots stupid.'


Arigan says ' does it feel to be arguing with a child...and losing?'

You say 'I's not bein stubboronabbles, I's hoppin!'

You say 'Mister Riddick knows how to play an he knows he knows an he knows he knows he knows!'

Arigan yells 'Whats wrong?'
You writhe in agony from the plague.
A female voice yells 'Oh..'
A female voice yells 'SOMEONE HAS THE PLAGUE!'
You yell 'EEEEK!'

A tu'ril quickly runs by you and smoochies you on the face and dashes down the street.

Celandine says 'What's a spearfisher?'
You say 'someone who.. fishes with spears?'

Aetheoran says 'Cute..yet horribly grotesque'
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Johnathan question 'Could someone help me out, you see... i have just come here and i'm not sure what is trendy to wear, and i don't want to be a mockery now do i?'
Nash answers 'NAKEY'
Johnathan question 'Is there certain equipment that a new traveller should wear?'
Dorrin answers 'Ooo!'
Nash answers 'what you find, wear it and compare the stats of score'
Dauthi answers 'wear nothing and run the streets asking for large amounts of coin'
Roland gossips 'That only happened ONCE, and it was a bachelors party!'

Brigadier Karyn tells the house 'you mean we shouldnt have nudity?'

Laran says, 'Shouting AYE at the top of your lungs is supposed to be half the fun.'
Laran shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Laran asks, 'Next?'
Mahin raises his hand.
Laran nods at Mahin.
Mahin boldly steps forward.
Mahin winks conspiratorily at Kesin. You wonder what this can mean.
Kesin reaches over and flips the switch on a magically enchanted box and a song blares out , 'I'm too sexay for my shirt, too sexay...'.
Mahin begins a slow, erotic strip-tease act...
Mahin stops using a Black, Necromancer's Robe.
Mahin stops using a darkmail cuirass.
Azariah says, '...'
Mahin stops using pants of charred human flesh.
Tallia says, '...'
Laran laughs out loud.
Mahin improves your life one pelvic thrust at a time.
Nazdormu snickers softly.
Mahin improves your life one pelvic thrust at a time.
Tallia says, 'Thats more than enough...uhm..'
Mahin tosses his pants to the women.
Nazdormu does the macarena!!! remember hes a TROLL, just picture that.
Mahin puts different pants on as he walks back.
Tallia says, '...'
Mahin slips pants of charred human flesh onto his legs.
Laran starts to turn slightly red from laughter, almost doubling over.
Kesin roars with laughter, nearly falling from his perch in the rafters.
Mahin fits a darkmail cuirass onto his torso.
Mahin uses a Black, Necromancer's Robe to cover his torso.
Azariah just shakes his head.
Mahin sits down on the ground.

Mahin gossips '**moments after stripping for the concolor ball, Mahin puts an end to Marius**'

Genki asks Terloch, 'So you are Terloch?'
Terloch says, 'no, I'm the Easter Bunny'
Genki says to Terloch, 'My mistake, then.'

Calduri question 'is it moldy or mouldy?'
Elisonal answers 'it depends - are you british?'

You say, 'I have no idea which way is which'
You say, 'I also have surrealism :)'
You say, 'Why am I leading again? :)'

Argoth says oocly, 'its so nerve-wracking being pk and standing in center'
Aaryn says oocly, '...'
Aaryn says oocly, 'There's no one else PK, man.'
Argoth says oocly, '... still!'

Roland exclaims, 'Quickly Marius...Dance!'

Roland yells 'Oh sure you'll dance with him...but the Ogre? Noooooo, he might break me...'

Roland asks Fyjit, 'You okay ma'am?'
Fyjit says, 'I am quite naked, sir... but my companion is supposed to be bringing me back my possessions.'
Fyjit smiles happily.
Fyjit covers herself, modestly.
Roland uses a steel-plated kite shield as a shield.
Fyjit sits down and rests.
Roland covers Fyjit from prying eyes with a steel-plated kite shield.
Fyjit hides in the waters of the fountains until her companions return.
Fyjit says, 'thank ye, sir.'
Roland nods.
Fyjit says oocly, 'on the bright side, this is only my 9th demise.'
Roland says, 'Not a problem, can't have you making a fool of yourself simply because of a poor run-in with a monster or two.'
Fyjit nods.
Fyjit says, 'I do so hate being naked in public.'
You snicker softly.
Fyjit grins at you...can you come out and play?
Roland says, 'I don't mind bein neggid but everyone else seems to.'

Someone answers 'hm, is there an echo in here'
Someone answers 'IN HERE.. IN here.. in here'

Nash answers 'I can't help it, all the wit fell out of my ears ;_;'

Marius yells 'Mushroom throwing war!'
Tagof yells 'COME ON HIT ME'
[Galdorf]: We're throwing magic mushrooms at eachother
[Galdorf]: This is retarded
[Dionae]: hehe
[Marius]: lol
[Jahron]: What do you mean, Galdorf?
[Marius]: It's funny
[Galdorf]: If they come in and kill us
[Galdorf]: They're going to execute
[Marius]: Mushroom wars
[Galdorf]: And we're throwing friggin' mushrooms
[Marius]: Were throwing mushrooms at them heh
[Jahron]: Ha.

[Galdorf]: Global channels are like the com system
[Galdorf]: "Terloch, please call the operator, Terloch, call the operator"
[Galdorf]: "Galdorf, call extension 312, Galdorf, 312"

[Trystram]: i'm not stupid
[Galdorf]: You aren't?
[Galdorf]: damn, I owe T 20 bucks
[Jahron]: Hahaha
[Trystram]: shut up galdorf

Marthalamew gossips '*smiles*'
Johnathan gossips 'Word has it Marthalamew just smiled'

Angston exclaims to Marius, 'I am not scary!'
Argoth says, 'just ugly'
Marius chuckles at Argoth's joke.

[Laran]: but morons are so cute

Lional asks, 'anyone have anything made of crystal?'
Nodatrep says, 'uh'
Nodatrep says, 'is a steak made out of crystal? =)'
Lional says, 'heh'
Lional says, 'no'
Nodatrep snaps his fingers.
Nodatrep says, 'then no'

You get Feysal from a black leather bag of stuff.
You say, 'He escaped...'
You ponder the question.
Zephir gasps in astonishment.
Feysal screams like a little girl.
You snicker softly.

[Daehron]: ognomon counts as 1/3 of a normal pker cause he...well...says yawl a lot.

Sarion gossips 'Has anyone seen a hippogriff walking the streets?'
Feena gossips 'Was it singing doo wah dee dah diddy dum diddy doo?'

Keldon says, 'Oill give you somethin nice if you win'
You snicker softly.
Keldon gives you a long and passionate kiss, it seems to last forever...
Keldon says, 'dats jus a taste.'
You hear Nash hrm.
Fyjit blinks innocently.
You bat your eyelashes.
Nash says, and if boonie wins
Nash kisses Boon passionately.
Keldon falls down laughing.
With a resounding WHAP!, Boon reprimands Nash.
Fyjit throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!
You giggle.
Boon says, 'bad nash'

Boon pulls out keldon's tounge
Celani giggles.
Boon gives Keldon's tounge to Celani.
You giggle.
Keldon says, 'ow.'
Celani exclaims, 'Thanks!'
Keldon says, 'y un'
Keldon says, 'ive it ack'
Keldon frowns.
You snicker softly.
Fyjit chuckles politely.
Celani strings it on a necklace leaving lots of room for the other things she'll remove from his body
Boon falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically.
Keldon mutters something quietly to himself.
Boon says, 'waste of a perfectly good dwarf tounge'
Keldon says, 'eh, '
Boon says, 'eat it'
Keldon grows another.
Fyjit says to Keldon, 'soon, sir dwarf you shall be but a torso and a eyeless head.'
Keldon says, 'I dont need eyes to see, i use the force.'

[Jahron]: Dionae, what's the message you get if you get snared by someone?
[Dionae]: Um..
>at jahron snare jahron
You have ensnared him!
[Jahron]: Thanks.

Desparin auctions 'The Duke of Tirome's sacred blade Ascalon, bids starting at 75000 gold. I will throw in a free shovel for when he kills you, your descendants can dig your grave.'

[Vesper]: Galdorf, if I petition Steelforge, would you let me in? I wanna drink with dwarves in the middle of caves.

Desparin answers 'whoa!'
Desparin tells you 'someone has my blessed shortsword.'
You tell Desparin 'You have one'
Desparin tells you 'where?'
Desparin tells you 'Oh it was in my hand, LOL'

[Tilal]: how I wish I could force desparin to wear the straight jacket.

You bat your eyelashes.
You say, 'Hm.'
You ask, 'What was I doing here again?'
You peer around yourself intently.
Mercatox says, '. . . Giving me a back massage.'
You say, 'Oh, right.'
You gently massage Mercatox's shoulders.
Mercatox says, 'Oh yes. . . that's the spot.'
You say, 'Wait, that's not right.'
Mercatox mutters something quietly to himself.
Mercatox asks, 'You sure?'

You gossip 'I think I've lost something... Perhaps it's my mind...'
Ognomon gossips 'i found it'
You gossip 'You did?'
Ognomon gossips ' its a penny'

Lephi says, 'What a coincedence. These people are getting tired at the same time you say Somnus.'
Lephi says, 'That is rather weird.'

You gossip 'No one will help me find my.. key..?'
You gossip ' the universe.'
Lephi gossips 'Im trying! but its like looking for a key in a keystack.'

You gossip 'Is there a locksmith in the realms, perhaps?'
Vesper gossips 'Indeed there is.'
Tillad says to you, 'I'm a bum, i could help.'
Cinder gossips 'I walk through locks does that count?'
You ponder the question.
Tillad says 'My name is Tillad, I am a bum hailing from Stonegate'
You gossip 'Okay, find the lock to the universe. And make me a key for that.'

Lephi gossips 'I say we round up every knowlegeable female in Kirganthis and frisk them for Dionae's key. I nominate myself to handle that.'

[Vesper]: if someone calls me Meliak one more time, I'm going to kill somebody
[Jahron]: Meliak.
[Vesper]: yer dead.
[Jahron]: Kill Duke Trystram.
[Rhoran]: Meliak
[Jahron]: You said you're going to kill somebody
[Vesper]: You're all dead

[Dionae]: So now I'm just stuck with goblinese and bladecraft, and a bunch of runes on the wrong char :)
[Vesper]: All you need now are the goblins, Dionae
[Dionae]: Yes
[Vesper]: sweet talk some goblins with yer goblinese...they'll fall into a false sense of security...than make blades outta 'em

[Dionae]: Shards should load more often :)
[Vesper]: hehe
[Sirus]: hl's should get a free set of 8, heh
[Vesper]: Shards should load randomly leaders.

[Daehron]: so terloch, what's with the bitter sarcasm recently?
[Daehron]: I like it, but why the change from optimistic sarcasm?

[Mercatox]: Bladecraft and hiltcraft suck when you can't EVER get quarry stones. :(
[Marius]: Erm yes...:gathers his 50 quarried stones:

[Galdorf]: I think I'll name my weapon "Generosity"
[Moeve]: I think I'll name my weapon "the cat whipper"

Wenlin auctions 'Can we do a little more than 1 gold increments? Possibly 2 gold increments?'

Wenlin auctions '3k'
Xaneros auctions '3.00000001k.'
Wenlin auctions '3.00000002k'

[Galdorf]: Where the hell is my sack of dwarven pillows?
Galdorf has lost his sack, please help him.

[Galdorf]: Thank you, captain obvious
[Galdorf]: Quick, don't waste your talent here
[Galdorf]: The city is in great danger

[Galdorf]: A public beheading
[Galdorf]: It can be a family event
[Jahron]: ...
[Galdorf]: You can bring the kiddies

Tillad says oocly, 'i wanna wear a bra'

Nash says, I think boon is sexy
You snicker with him about your shared secret.
Nash gets a dreamy look in his eyes
Nash says, 'mmMMmmMMmmMMmm'
Nash says, Boon cakes

[Someone]: Rhoran, you've officially gone nuts, I love it

[Laran]: its best not to listen to the ramblings of the ****ed off

[Someone]: Someone says, 'galdorf is so freakin cute'
[Galdorf]: Hey, nice
[Galdorf]: <flex>
[Jahron]: Eh?
[Someone]: Someone says, 'in like this pinch his cheeks kinda way'
[Jahron]: Hahahaaaa
[Galdorf]: <sigh>
Galdorf]: I'm gonna go crawl in a corner and die
[Jahron]: Man, sucks to be you, Galdorf.
[Someone]: hey Galdorf
[Marius]: lol Galdorf
[Galdorf]: Yeah?
[Someone]: Daehron killed you
[Jahron]: -Dies.-
[Galdorf]: Hey, eat me.
[Daehron]: haha
[Galdorf]: LOL
[Galdorf]: Daehron's laughing
[Galdorf]: He dissed you too, bro
[Galdorf]: It's embarrassing to die to you
[Tinarith]: Dorfy's day is almost as bad as mine *giggle*
[Jahron]: Hahahaha.
[Daehron]: seriously...Terloch, I like this bitterly sarcastic Terloch
[Daehron]: never throw him away

And my last thought of the night for everyone...
[Galdorf]: Don't say it
[Galdorf]: Damnit
[Dionae]: lol
[Galdorf]: Don't
[Daehron]: hehe
[Galdorf]: DAMNIT
[Daehron]: I knew that was coming
Isdenar gossips 'Wow! Its about time.'
Galdorf gossips '<mutter>'
[Laran]: heh
[Jahron]: HAHAHAHA
[Someone]: toodles
[Galdorf]: I hope you have nightmares
[Someone]: and suck it up like the 3' man you are Galdorf
[Galdorf]: Dirty, evil nightmares

Genki question 'Why is pk house only? Doesn't that discourage pk altogether, because of the fear of house wars?'
[Jahron]: What fear?
Isdenar answers 'doesnt seem to have discouraged pk thus far'
Daehron answers 'house wars...rock...and I killed Galdorf.'
[Tinarith]: *rofl*
[Galdorf]: Jackass.
[Dionae]: hehe

Nash quotes 'You put a glass-bottomed barge in A satchel. Wooo gotta love those collapsable huge boats :)'

Aris question 'where might i locate the Hydra?'
Isdenar answers 'in the tunnels of death!'

Clio gossips 'This is messing up my game! I was doing good, drunkenly molesting random people in center! Sadly, my groove is off now.'

Fyjit quotes 'Celani stops using Boon.'
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Its so odd seeing yourself in someone elses quotefile...I want more!
And I have a bunch this time.

- Nash Shells Shesells down bye the seasore

Adric says in magic, 'Language#french +'

Arizel says (OOC),'omg my bot just asked a hamster if he was a virgin O.o'

You place a hat imbued with the Great Jnitari Spirit on your head.
You feel the spirit of the Great Jnitari come over you.
You hop around like a little kid.

Timbo asks you, 'Do you have my killing blade?'
You say to Timbo, 'um...'
You give a Wenlin certified sword of justice to Timbo.
You say to Timbo, 'There you go'

Timbo exclaims, 'Prove you are wenlin!'
>flash timbo
Swiftly you jerk open your jacket, trying to get him to notice you.
Timbo says, 'Ok that will do...'
Timbo shudders at the horror and represses tears.

>murder self
Suicide is a mortal sin.
You quote 'Suicide is a mortal sin.'
Someone quotes 'so is murder =P'

Clio thinks Nash is pretty as a woman.

Rhoran tells the group 'how many druids are there within Gelathia currently?'
Isdenar tells the group 'Isdenar: 1'
Rhoran tells the group 'who?'
Isdenar tells the group 'Isdenar: Isdenar'

>split 0
You hand out zero coins, but no one notices.

Nash question 'what is good hp raising eq?'
Feyrbrand answers 'Bear mask!'
Havilar answers 'Don't go for hp, go for hr/dr eq dude'
Feyrbrand answers 'Yes, be like Feyrbrand. Not Havilar.'
Someone answers 'go for tells, not public exortation of thine drivel.'
Morrian answers 'Be like Morrian. Wear lotsa stuff that does nothing and doesnt even look good.'
Aethal answers 'be like mike '

Boon answers 'we had a quest earlier suffer'
Desparin answers 'define quest.'
Genki answers 'quest: (kwest) n. 1. a seeking 2. a journey for adventure'

Aethal question 'not my place to say. but for an rp encouraged/enforced mud. wouldn't names like LordMatttn be somewhat inappropriate? nothing gainst you LordMattn. Just an example'
Feyrbrand answers 'LordMattn Mattn.'
Desparin answers 'no. see he's from a different culture and its not pronounced the way you are thinking, it is pronounced Lawrence.'

Neia says, 'dun make me go to plan uh...k'

Dionae gossips 'I think I've lost something... Perhaps it's my mind...'
Ognomon gossips 'i found it'
Dionae gossips 'You did?'
Ognomon gossips ' its a penny'

Executor Vesper tells the house 'darn, I want a dragon now'
You tell your house: 'SOMETIMES, I can get a lukewarm drake'
Executor Someone tells the house 'oooh, I want a "slightly chilled" drake'

Kilfer quotes 'LOL this is Funny The black stallion hits harder and Marius'

Viscen gossips 'NOOOOO!!!!'
Nash gossips '.... bye'
Aris gossips 'why!?'
Someone gossips 'Who is Azhure?'
Feena gossips 'Don't do it! You have so much to live for!'
Xaneros gossips 'Nooo!!!!!'
Halscath gossips 'why?'
Cliona gossips 'poison's the way'
Nash gossips 'have fun'
Halscath gossips 'so much fire breather yet to be drank'

Adiakin tells you 'do you have time to portal me to Tyrone?'
>c gate tyrone
You say, 'Some guy named Anakin wants me to summon them to you'
You ask, 'Is this true?'
Tyrone says, 'you got arrows stuck in ya'
Tyrone says, 'yeah'
You say, 'I know, it makes me look cool'
You ask, 'Am I getting paid for this?'
Feena says oocly, 'Summon him. The force is strong with that one.'

You auction '3k'
Xaneros auctions '3.00000001k.'
You auction '3.00000002k'
Xaneros auctions 'Too rich for my blood.'

Suin says oocly, 'marius wanna do a pair of restrings?'
Marius says oocly, 'Sure, how many?'
Suin says oocly, 'just two'

Xaneros says oocly, ''marius wanna do a PAIR of restrings?''
Xaneros says oocly, 'sure how many?'
Xaneros says oocly, 'heh'
Xaneros says oocly, 'comedy at its finest'

Timbo says, 'Thrynn is my alter ego'
Timbo says, 'By day I am mild mannered
Timbo says, 'but at night'
Timbo says, 'bum bum bum'
Timbo exclaims, 'Super Thrynn!'

Sabelle auctions 'anyone want to buy "'
Someone auctions 'sure!'
Someone auctions 'OOH OOH I Want it'

Dionae quests 'Stop killing each other in the convaslescence room '

A stone basin filled with blood.
>Me thinking "Mmm, blood"
You drink red wine from a fountain filled with blood.
You feel drunk.

Someone gives you a limited edition shirt reading, "Daehron killed Galdorf".
Someone gives a limited edition shirt reading, "Daehron killed Galdorf" to Kuema.
Someone gives a limited edition shirt reading, "Daehron killed Galdorf" to Kintara.
Someone gives a limited edition shirt reading, "Daehron killed Galdorf" to Loric.
Kuema auctions 'limited edition shirt called daehron killed galdorf'

Someone question 'how long until sunrise?'
It is 9 o'clock am
Isdenar answers '-4 hours'

Someone gossips '=^..^='

Aris question 'grr....anyone know why doesn't work??'
Arcthia answers 'Feu not Fue. '

Arcthia gossips 'Does A Kind mage want to come haste my group again? ::innocnet
minotaur smile thing:: '

Arcthia tells the group 'just make them follow you. lol'
Arcthia tells the group 'like "yo bitch follow me and we get maaad exp"'

Someone quotes 'Dont drink Juicy juice! its not 100% fruit juice'

Sevxo gossips 'I wonder what FATE has in store for us? Perhaps a QuEST?'

Someone gossips 'I listen to you adorable purple voice! '

Kogroth question 'does anyone remember who was Fluffy's relative?'
Tillad answers 'NotsoFluffy?'
Nash gossips 'spiney'

In a great flutter of pale blue wings Boon arrives born upon the flesh of ice.
You exclaim, 'Dragon!'
You point at Boon.
Nash beams a smile at Boon.
Nash says, 'BOOOOOOON'
Boon mutters something quietly to himself.
You snuggle Boon.
Nash hugs Boon.
You say to Boon, 'Aww, you're snuggly today too'
Nash says, 'mmmmmmmm He is ALWAYS snuggly'
You nod in enthusiastic agreement with Nash.
You say, 'Today he's EXTRA snuggly'
Nash nods in enthusiastic agreement with you.
Nash hugs Boon.
Boon says to Aethal, 'does mage magic make them this way or did they start out fried'
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Corauk sends you an OOC message saying 'shh, i'm incoginito..I'm Doug the Apeman.'

You say 'Wots a mecronancy?'

[Melopene]: i'm out of ideas. I feel like my area's missing something.
[Aun]: Beer and ****. Every area needs a hooters.
[Melopene]: agreed.
[Aun]: Ok, we'll make the Halfling valley the hooter valley, a twin set of depression shaped like a set of tatas, and have the little zuluesque boob people live there.
[Melopene]: yes, their village can be named hooterville
[Aun]: They'll look mysteriously like Dr. Seus characters.
[Aun]: But more in that George Carlin after he left shining time station for dirty adult comedy type way.

[Melopene]: i just got lost in my own area.

The essence of nature is here to HAND YOU YOUR ASS ON A PLATTER!

[Aun]: Well, I can have those descs done and in tonight/tomorrow. You'll just need to look them over since I'm not sure they'll be what you want.
[Melopene]: I'm sorry I called you a tumor, Marla. Let's have babies together.

You send an OOC message to Than saying 'its a two-handed mace made to castrate immortals, lol'

You tell the group 'but you cant pat me on my head if you cant reach my head!'
Quannic tells the group 'c 'extend arm''

Raynos says 'i opened a temporal rift, and poped out here'
You say 'Well I dunno bout temporals but my daddy saids that I gots a bad one.'

Velrik tells the group 'I wonder if they have little yellow carriages on the know. For the twilight zone people. '

Velrik tells the group 'I'm an omnivore. Animal. Plant. Paint chips. Nothing is safe from me. '

You say 'Wot does liking a bad horse an fallin into the water haves to do with a big fish eatin a small pony?'

a tall hylsiriyu with red eyes, silver hair, and tan skin tells the group 'you know whats worse than your mom telling you about her sex life?'
You tell the group 'your mom having sex with you?'
a tall hylsiriyu with red eyes, silver hair, and tan skin tells the group '................................................'
You tell the group 'when in doubt, always go for the shock factor'
a beautiful elysiriyu with golden hair and emerald eyes tells the group 'ok we can move now'

a pointy-eared figure with ice-blue eyes tells the group 'i am not jamaican'
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My quotefile is getting a little chubby, and he won't exercise or diet.

You have challenged Dwenn to a duel!
You tell Dwenn 'Duel me!'
Dwenn has arrived.
Dwenn looks at you.
Dwenn says, 'You have got to be kidding me...'
You crack your knuckles.
You exclaim, 'come on, little man!'
You exclaim, 'bring it!'

Dwenn asks, 'Ready?'
      *     W     W   H  H    A    M   M   !!     *      
      *      W   W    H  H   A A   MM MM   !!     *      
*****     W W W  HHHH AAAAA MMMMM   !!   *****    
      *       W W     H  H  A   A  M M M          *      
      *       W W     H  H  A   A  M   M   !!     *      

Dwenn raises his hand and smites you!
You are knocked on your butt!
Dwenn says, 'Go.'

Deception (<+>)Death Dancing(<+>)  chats, 'I was winking at tall dark and handsome Samurai over there ;]'.
Kaladon chats 'Can't be me, i'm caucasian'.
Deception (<+>)Death Dancing(<+>)  chats, 'Rofl'.
Kaladon chats 'however its spelled'.
Deception (<+>)Death Dancing(<+>)  chats, 'Whitey will do'.

Genki answers 'Arrrrg I hate microsoft!!!'
Isdenar answers '*posing as Microsoft* I hate you too!'

Moeve, who can make smoke come out of her ears

Kaarde Triad  chats, '..u know...i didnt know i was married '.
Kaarde Triad  chats, '..this is kinda scary'.

Yoxeawadoejookukelabe the halfling.

Shaknar question 'How do I "trip"?'
Reku answers 'while fighting, type trip'
Halscath answers 'dont tie your shoe laces '
Tymir answers 'depends what kinda drug you want to trip on'
Caddox answers 'By not watchings where you go'

We need 15 votes to hit 400, I won't give out crap if we do, but I'll be happy...
A happy Terloch is a good thing, isn't it
Tymir answers 'You changed your colors!  *Faints away*'

Laul auctions '1,000 gold pieces bidded by Isdenar!'
Isdenar auctions '1001!'

PoliceOfficer111: Wooo its sexy dionae!
PoliceOfficer111: hehehe
SalsaXpress: Hi Dionae!
S3SolidSnake: howdy
Netscanur: Dionae's name is solid snake?

Laul gossips 'ive been in jail a while, hows it on the outside world?'
Ereptor gossips 'Very nice'
Someone gossips 'pretty dark....'
Wynn gossips 'good weather'
Sevxo gossips 'Terrible. Mass nuclear war.'
Iris answers 'I am dying in the grasslands but other than that fine'

Laul answers 'ive been in jail for more then 6 irl hours, what the hecks going
Nash answers 'they forgot about you'
Shaknar gossips 'Oh. . .that. . .could be bad. '
Laul answers 'woops i mean Game time'

Shaknar quotes 'A hobbits oath: "When in danger or doubt, run in circles,
 scream and shout".'

Shaknar gossips 'Well, a hobbit is kind've like a snake. (I am a halfling, by
 the way, good sir) They are afraid of you. . .but corner one. . .*peers at
 his dagger menacingly*'
Desparin gossips 'Corner a snake and I'm getting the stew pot ready...'

Kintara gossips 'Me bear is like..a bear, it'll rip yer face off.'

<Q&A> You: How do I ask a question?
<Q&A> Ryndth: you can't
<Q&A> Ryndth: they closed the question channel for repairs
<Q&A> Dayanand: Questions are illegal on this MUD
<Q&A> You: oh, but I really need to ask a question
<Q&A> Rouen: NO!

(William OOC): ugg, working is hard
(You OOC): HA HA, I go to scrool from 12:30 to 4:30 and have no homework
(William OOC): Scrool?
(You OOC): Misspelling of scroll
(Hoax OOC): hahahaha maybe you should stay longer
(Oz OOC): it shows

Laul quotes 'Tillad says to Sarion, 'Your Baron likes to have intercourse with chickens.'''

Rhoran answers 'tillad you leveled in less than a week I believe, Sareena has been leveling for the past 5 to 6 months now, and rping all that time. I think that is the pot calling the kettle black.'
Dorrin answers 'down with kettles!'
You answer 'Agreed! I shall declare war on kettles!'
Dorrin answers 'and pots will be the next to go'
Nash answers 'The Travelling caps will crush all'
Tillad answers 'but but, what about the handles! DOWN WITH HANDLES!'
Aerius answers 'Yes...those kettles where using those secret whistling sounds to call the others..I knew it...I knew they were planning something :shifts eyes:'
Nash answers 'whine whine whine'
Dorrin answers 'down with headaches!'

Waffle Untainted: you know the worst thing about fr?
SalsaXpress: Terloch
Waffle Untainted: ok, the second worst thing

Waffle Untainted: this is problem
Waffle Untainted: problem is this
SalsaXpress: salt?
Waffle Untainted: alts
SalsaXpress: stalls?
Waffle Untainted: alts
SalsaXpress: stilts?
Waffle Untainted: alts
Waffle Untainted: alts
SalsaXpress: You're confusing

Dorrin shouts 'Hey you!'
Sorkim shouts 'Hey you!'
Dorrin shouts 'I can see you from atop my tower.'
Sorkim shouts 'lemme know if you see this!'
Sorkim drops his pants and gives you the vertical smile!

Feyrbrand answers 'Anyone seen Domtar lately?'
Reiko answers 'yeah, he lives like 3 minutes away from me'

Suin quotes 'Your head ruptures and then shrivels as it undergoes a sudden
You quote 'ruptures? doesn't that mean you're dead?'
Dorrin quotes 'um being hacked 50+ times with a pair of large bastard swords,
 wouldnt that mean your dead? no...'

Wenlin plays with some silly puddy.
Tillad sticks his hand in his pocket and pulls out some silly putty.
Tillad forms the silly putty into a dragon
Tillad places the silly putty dragon on the ground.
RAWR! Says the Silly Putty Dragon, Tillad smiles and kicks it high into the
You tell Tillad 'What the?'
Tillad tells you 'hehe'
Tillad tells you 'fun!'

Tillad swirls in circles then trips over his feet and smashes his head against
 the ground.
Tillad looks up as blood runs down his head.
Tillad smiles calmly and pulls a knife from his pocket.
Tillad stabs himself in the leg with the sharp knife.
Tillad exclaims, 'HA! My head don't hurt no more!'

Vishne exclaims, 'eeek, my ear has no more coins!'
Vishne says, 'u took my reserve cash '

Tillad pulls out a piece of paper and makes a airplane.
VROOM! The airplane flies from Tillad's hand and smashes into your head.

Tillad reaches into your stomach and pulls out a coin.
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Dauren question 'what does small round stones do?'
Mikla answers 'they float? '

Heydon auctions 'my corpse'

Trysten whispers, ' there a IQ requirement for this game? I think this proves that maybe there should be'

Heydon asks, 'can anyone help me lvl or something?'
Trysten asks, 'You hunt naked?'
You say, 'I do.'
Trysten would like to see that..

Isdenar slaps you around with a bit of wet trout.

[Laran]: people make my brain hurt

[Galdorf]: Where you gonna work at?
[Laran]: I do R&D for the government
[Galdorf]: Into what?
[Chade]: sexual deviance
[Laran]: heh...blowing stuff up
[Jahron]: I want to join.
[Chade]: its why she's here all the time
[Jahron]: Where do I sign up, Laran?
[Laran]: heh...get a degree in physics so they can pay you nothing and make you sit in a small room all day bashing ideas out of your head
[Laran]: but you could sign up just about aywhere in new mexico. we like to blow stuff up here
[Laran]: I live 20 miles from where the first nuke was dropped
[Laran]: *smiles*
[Galdorf]: Is it still radioactive?
[Laran]: a little bit
[Chade]: well that explains a lot about you

[Jahron]: I'm going to work at the post office soon.
[Galdorf]: lol
[Jahron]: That being if I past the exam.
[Galdorf]: Are you disgruntled, Jah?
[Jahron]: Kind of.
[Galdorf]: You're in!
[Jahron]: Yay.

Halscath question 'whats a black rune do?'
Isdenar answers 'it dances and sings, but only when reunited with 7 other black ones.'

-[81] Adaemir Ke'Los senile spellcaster... suffering blow to head

Shados answers 'Aethal is broken =)'
Isdenar answers 'nooooooooooooooo!'
You answer 'Get the gnomes to fix him...'
Laul answers 'yeah he hasnt twiddled my ears complelety destroying me lately'
global> The drake lord says : NOOOO NOT THE GNOMES
You gossip 'Yes the gnomes.'
Laul gossips 'Gnomes are evil!'
Adiakin answers 'Its the Gnomes vs the Gremlins'
Halscath gossips 'gnomes are eddible'
Isdenar gossips 'Tripaters!'
You gossip 'You're just hanging out with the wrong gnomes, my friend.'
global> The drake lord says : so are gremlins with enough salt
Halscath gossips 'bad for your blood preasure tho'
Shados gossips 'Gnomes of the world, I summon thee to my assistance to do my evil bidding'
Laul gossips 'Im a gremlin, dont get me wet or ill multiply'
global> The drake lord says : I don't think I have any blood to presurise
Halscath gossips 'good point'
Laul gossips 'i hear drakes are good eatting'
Adiakin answers '*Gremlin voice* Gizzzmooo..'
global> The drake lord says : nope too stringy

Sydney question 'who the hell put shent in the dark tunnel'
Isdenar answers 'I did. He was craving new scenery'

global> The drake lord says : I'm boon I can make what ever spelling errors I wish

Cinder says, 'stupid red herring'
Cinder says, 'it's wieght 8'
Cinder says, 'can't hurl it'
Cinder chuckles politely.
You snicker softly.
Cinder exclaims, 'I need a fish to hurl!!!!!'
Cinder cries on your shoulder.
Cinder says, 'thats all I want'
You ponder the question.
Cinder says, 'is a hurlable fish'

Tillad asks, 'Guys, you don't mind if i bring my kid right?'
Isdenar says, 'only if I can bring mine too.'
Sabelle falls down laughing.
You giggle.
Tillad asks, 'Isdenar you got a kid?'
Isdenar says, '7... but none confirmed.'

Feylan quotes 'Tis a far, far better thing I do, than I have ever done. Tis a far, far better place I go, than I have ever been. Sorry, copyovers bring out the drama in me.'

[Rhoran]: can the bears have laser beams mounted on their head? bears with laser beams.

You gossip 'Marthalamew! You passed 500 mob deaths and I wasn't here!'
Marthalamew gossips 'hehehe'
Calduri gossips 'rofl!'
Marthalamew gossips '542 to be exact'
Fyjit gossips 'ooh... I want a slaughtered Marthalamew doll with action grip....'

Roland exclaims, 'Come on, there is no sillier article of clothing than PANTALOONS!'

*[96] Caddox Daytric is alive! And the people cried out, "awe crap"

Laul gives you a majestic golden cloak.
Laul exclaims, 'Thats too damned bright!'
Torvak looks at Laul.
Torvak says, 'your too dull'

Kintara gossips 'Damn my lack of thieving skills!!!!'

Dauren question 'what does a wood key do'
Belyn answers 'unlocks a door probably'

Isdenar quotes 'Pain is temporary, but glory is forever.'
Iris answers 'and chicks dig scars'

[Vesper]: there are two bisexual girls hitting on Vesper right now...
[Rhoran]: cause they are both sluts?
[Vesper]: how do I do it? *grins*

[Daehron]: eh?
[Vesper]: what the hell did you guys put in the water?
[Dionae]: lol
[Tinarith]: you freakin stud! the testosterone is oozing through the web
[Vesper]: I've got more women than I can count, geez
[Daehron]: they're paying players to make sexual advances on you
[Vesper]: I'm being set up
[Vesper]: this never happens
[Vesper]: you all want me dead
You gossip 'Word has it that Vesper is just too hot to resist.'
[Vesper]: I know it
Vesper gossips 'Now the Miza'har are drooling over me!'
You snuggle him.
Laul gossips 'heh heh heh heh'
Lita gossips 'wheres my Snuggle! '
Vesper gossips 'I was just snuggled by the evil chick in the sky'
Karyn gossips 'where is my snuggle?'
Lita gossips 'I WANT A SNUGGLE TOO!! '
Celani gossips 'I never get snuggled by Evil chicks!'

[Vesper]: geez...this is like, "Feudal Realms: After Hours"

[Vesper]: I want naked dancing goblins

[Tinarith]: g'night :)
[Vesper]: night, night
[Marius]: later
--> Tinarith rejoins the real world. [room 2351: Awaiting Death]
[Daehron]: she's not really leaving
[Daehron]: I'm like a big iron chunk...and she's a magnet
[Vesper]: not unless you leave with her
[Daehron]: aww, she left
[Dionae]: hehe
[Vesper]: must have got her polarity all messed up

[Vesper]: And the Vespie award for the dirtiest, womanizing, sun of a bitch goes to...
[Vesper]: er, *son even
[Cerridwen]: vesper!!
[Vesper]: yay!!
[Dionae]: Bitches can have suns
[Vesper]: lol
[Vesper]: that one quote is going to be in my head all day, Dionae
[Cerridwen]: rofl
[Cerridwen]: quote file!

[Vesper]: this is a computer generated technically, all I have to do is break the code Matrix style.
[Vesper]: Once I see you all as the 0's and 1's you really are..
[Dionae]: There is no spoon
[Vesper]: I take over.
[Cerridwen]: there is no spoon rofl
[Vesper]: I...I...I SEE IT ALREADY!
[Vesper]: ahahahahahahaha, BOW YOU MISCREANTS!
[Cerridwen]: yawn
[Vesper]: I'm moving so fasat, you can't even see me.
[Vesper]: I'm also moving fast
[Cerridwen]: fasat and fast?
[Cerridwen]: sheesh
[Cerridwen]: talented
[Vesper]: see? My knowledge is so superior now, you don't even know what fasat is.
[Vesper]: but it's faster than fast, so you better watch out
[Cerridwen]: sheesh
[Dionae]: Do you know kung fu?
[Vesper]: I sure do. Ninjitsu also
[Vesper]: AND...I look great in black trenchcoats
[Cerridwen]: sexy...shades too?
[Someone]: flashing people in the subways doesn't count
[Dionae]: lol

Sorrow240: wow, my group sucks some serious ass....i've been with them an hour and no level
Resplendent Posy: hehe
Sorrow240: but we did get stranded on westland road with no mv, stranded in a pine tree with poison, and lost in the sewers...

Matamer question 'can someone please summon me to riverdale'
Trillian answers 'sheesh jus walk'
Matamer gossips 'i would if i knew where in the hell it is'
Miiku gossips 'You know it's in hell, thats a start.'

Waffle Untainted: I bet you are sad that you missed Tom make another char.
Waffle Untainted: We always try to do it when you are around.
Resplendent Posy: Yes, quite sad
Waffle Untainted: His name was Domination Station
Resplendent Posy: snicker
Waffle Untainted: I regret to inform you that you also missed Detective Chade and Particle Man
Resplendent Posy: Such a shame...

Halscath gossips 'i do beleve i have some of the best dumb luck around'
You gossip 'You should try getting some smart luck. It's much better.'

[Rhoran]: Knights are supposed to be the Good guys, splitrock the evil.
[Ruyven]: Heh
[Rhoran]: concolor and tirome a little less evil,
[Ruyven]: Depends on how you see it.
[Rhoran]: reiger and gelathia sorta more good natured
[Rhoran]: and riverdale is in the middle.. quessa should be good guy too but not sure anymore
[Dionae]: I can't really tell the difference between what Quessa, Gelath, and Reiger stand for...
[Rhoran]: I think gelathia should be more neutral since druids.
[Someone]: Riverdale is just paste
[Someone]: oh, hi Vesper
[Jahron]: -Snicker.-
[Vesper]: Elmer's...that's us.
[Ruyven]: Also, I really dont even follow house power. I know that there are two sides in them, and basically 2 dukes, 2 barons, 2 captains. And they are fighting for good and evil, whatever that is.
[Jahron]: Good and evil
[Jahron]: So dramatic, and so plain
[Tinarith]: mmMmmm paste
[Jahron]: Pssh.

Salvadora gossips 'Who's dead body is laying on my doorstep?'
You gossip 'It was a gift. You don't like it?'

[Jahron]: That's not healthy.
[Ruyven]: What
[Jahron]: Someone set fire to Karathos
[Ruyven]: Heh heh heh
[Ruyven]: Gives the house texture

Tillad auctions '200 gold pendants, random drawing out of like 10 pendants....*brulan ones*'
Mologant auctions '10 gold for an interpretation of what Tillad just said into English'

Fyjit gets some kitty cooties from a tattered satchel.
Fyjit grins playfully.
Fyjit says, 'I still cherish them.'

Fyjit counts her toes. still 10. excellent.

Tillad yells 'HELP! I have a hungry bobcat on my head!'

[Rhoran]: what is with all of the maxwells?
[Jahron]: Family?
[Rheul]: gonna be a new house. Reiger, Meliak, Maxwell, Gelath, Tirome
[Jahron]: Hmm.
[Jahron]: Not sure if Maxwell(The dwarf) would like that.
[Rheul]: heh
[Rhoran]: great we have a coffee house
[Rheul]: :)
[Rheul]: It's good to the last drop

Sarion says oocly, 'Jahron admit that you love me.. you know you want to'
Kylara nods at Jahron.
Jahron says oocly, '...'
Kylara falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically.
Jahron says oocly, 'Love is a strong emotion'
Jahron says oocly, 'Just as hate.'
Sarion says oocly, 'You will feel alot better'
Jahron says oocly, 'I offer it to a very few.'
Kylara says oocly, 'plus he loves me, leave him alone.'
Jahron says oocly, 'And you're not one of those few.'
Kylara pokes Sarion in the ribs.
You snicker softly.
Kylara cuddles Jahron.
Sarion says oocly, 'Oooh stop holding it in Jahron I feel your love!'
Sarion says oocly, 'god I'm tired I'm going insane'
Jahron says oocly, 'If you feel it, its probably something else.'
Jahron says oocly, 'Maybe something like annoyance, which usually turns into anger.'
Kylara says oocly, 'He belongs to me. Sarion, I don't want to hurt you but I will fight for him.'
Kylara tickles Sarion.
Sarion frowns.
Sarion says oocly, 'Sorry sheesh'
Jahron says oocly, '-Grin.-'
Kylara snickers softly.
Jahron says oocly, 'I wasn't serious. -Pat.-'
Sarion says oocly, 'HAH! SO YOU DO!'
Kylara falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically.
Jahron says oocly, '...'
Jahron says oocly, 'Maybe I'll get serious, honestly.'
Kylara tosses her hands up and gives up.

[Galdorf]: I could marry Banar, she's a woman now
[Galdorf]: heh
[Jahron]: Hahaha.

[Galdorf]: What're you guys up to?
[Jahron]: Nada.
[Someone]: talking about you while you were LD
[Galdorf]: That's cool
[Galdorf]: Good things?
[Jahron]: Naw, Daehron killed you.
[Someone]: just about Daehron killing you
[Jahron]: Just kidding.

Tymir question 'Anyone know what room this is that I am in?'
Dorrin answers 'looks like uh oh'

7) Tymir is in Uh oh [5122]

Kakurine answers 'I have to pee.'
Nash answers '..............'
Corlan gossips 'can someone help me?'
Laul answers 'rofl!'
Kakurine answers 'Corlan, what do you need help with? Need to potty? Talk to nash.'
Nash answers 'grrrrr'

Kuema question 'what weapons are books?'
Someone answers 'poor ones, frying pans work much better if you have one handy'

*[96] Tinarith has the attention span of a gnat

Starmie question 'and where's that necro tower?'
Feylan answers 'Just follow your nose, wherever it goes! Oh wait, that takes you to fruit loops.'

*[99] Moeve Rockbrain does not have rabies

Wenlin says oocly, 'where's my area? I made the trail mix out of hair'
You bat your eyelashes.
Wenlin says oocly, 'I want to give everyone hair-trail mix'

--> Remake: oak long A length of minotaur tendon is still soft and mooing.
[Dionae]: mooing?
[Daehron]: yes
[Ruyven]: Mooo! :)
[Dionae]: hehe
[Daehron]: Kinda like raw meat
[Daehron]: from a cow
[Dionae]: That is the funniest remake ever...
[Daehron]: people say "Damn thing nearly jumped off my plate mooing it was so raw"
[Dionae]: Funnier than A FLAMING BALL OF MEAT!!!

Tillad says oocly, 'Dorrin you have Lchat?'
Dorrin says oocly, 'yeah. doesnt everyone?'


[Rhoran]: I say we should make a group of desert warriors that strike from the sands and then surprise people
[Galdorf]: We can call them Sand-people
[Dionae]: hehe
[Galdorf]: Or seeple
[Galdorf]: "Oh no, here come the Seeple"
[Galdorf]: "run!"

[Jahron]: I wish Riverdale wasn't above us in the wholist. =P
[Dionae]: hehe
[Jahron]: I don't care, greed will get you nowhere.
[Someone]: it got him above you on the wholist
[Jahron]: Shut up
[Dionae]: lol

[Jahron]: Its hard to do an evil laughter.
[Jahron]: So that's why there aren't any evil characters. Its hard to do an evil laughter.
[Dionae]: hehe
[Dionae]: It's not hard at all
[Dionae]: Just start with Mwah
[Dionae]: Then add hahahaha

--> Newbie alert! Llegolas sighted.
Dorrin answers 'heh'
Nash gossips 'hee hee'
Dorrin answers 'adding an L in front does not make it that much less the name :P'

You tell Llegolas 'Can you pick a new name?'
Llegolas tells you 'hmm must i?'
Llegolas tells you 'it's got two l's!'
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[Vesper]: Domtar's in Quessa now?!
[Rhoran]: yes
[Dionae]: Of course :)
[Laran]: best not to think about such things

Darron question 'Whats the purpose of a totem?'
Tillad answers 'roleplay'
Xaneros answers 'rp'
Darron answers 'ok'
Feylan answers 'It's a psychological profile used by the imms. When people pick certain animals, they recieve an "idiot" flag. Other flags are "moron", "fool", and "buffoon".
[Rhoran]: what is gods name is feylan talking about?
[Laran]: totems i think
Feylan answers 'Morts can't see their smartness flags, only imms can. I've been told by a reliable source that I have the "pompous jerkwad" flag.'
Demgan answers 'what about me'
Feylan answers 'Not sure, but if I'd have to guess, I'd say "wannabe smurf".'

Zooka gossips 'The Slaughtered Lamb is a fine dining place, as long as you step over the rats.'

[Tilal]: she said she really didn't WANT to execute, but got confused and choose the wrong one..
[Tilal]: don't ask me how that comes into play.. but this IS cerridwen we are talking about..

Kraggan says, 'I found a person named Throm. He was dead'

[Cerridwen]: dae your rp but #### i dont understand a thing heh
[Jahron]: -Snicker.-
[Dionae]: Would you like a guide to Daehron's accent? :)
[Daehron]: it's been the same for 1100 hours now, deal with it!
[Jahron]: Haha.
[Cerridwen]: yah yah yah alright

Kilfer quotes 'Feyrbrand says, 'Minos dont have mothers idiot''
Torvak quotes 'lol'
Keloros answers 'Yea, they just fall out of the sky'
Kintara answers 'Yeah kilf, didn't you know? Minotaur babies are delivered by the stork.'
Laul answers 'yeah i guess they just magically appear.'
Nash quotes 'well imagine what childbirth with the horns does? most mommies don't live'
Ereptor gossips 'They aren't born with horns! ROFL'
Salvadora answers 'hahahaha.'
Tillad answers 'easy way to answer this, a ogre and a ram....and poof a minotaur!'
Dorrin gossips 'the horns grow like baby bulls'
Laul question 'How do you know? Did you ever see a minotaur being born?....half the women who are pregnate in this era die'
Ereptor answers 'Alot of things in this game aren't as they should be, so until they are, I don't wanna hear about it.'
Kuema answers 'minotaurs are cows they aint born witth horns'
Kilfer quotes 'Can we spell moron? I can F-e-y-r-b-r-a-n-d.'
Salvadora answers 'Amen Ereptor.'
Dorrin answers 'down with pregnation!'

Feylan question 'Do you guys think it would offend Hetfield if I created a "McCoy" and started a feud with him?'

Torvak question 'can you make you horse sit?'
Tillad answers 'no'
You answer 'If you're really good, you can teach him to roll over though..'

[Dionae]: I have no idea what Feyrbrand is talking about...
[Vesper]: I didn't know we were supposed to. =)
[Dionae]: hehe

Nash question 'am I the only one noticing the mobs are WAY more hostile then before'
Tillad answers 'heh'
Chade answers 'well if you get killed constantly day in day out you'd get ****y too'
Nash answers 'I haven't touched respin yet'
Dorrin answers 'yeah. If I was a rollie-pollie I wouldnt even leave my Rollie-Pollie house.'
Dorrin answers 'speaking of rollie-pollies. Am I the only one that finds it funny they can kill people? BIG people moreover. Like imagine being fighting something that can fit on a fingertip and dying to it'

Keit answers 'you'd think a big club would do a bit more to a centipede if a land a direct hit on it'
Iris answers 'exoskeleton...?'

Kaiz question 'what do i do with my corpse?'
Sevannah answers 'sac it'
You answer 'It makes a nice friend when you're lonely.. or get all corpse to get your things out.'
[Rhoran]: hehehe a friend when lonely?
[Dionae]: Yes :)
[Dionae]: You can dance with it, whee
[Rhoran]: uh huh... dont get out much Dionae? :smiles teasingly:
[Dionae]: hehe

Kintara quotes 'You eat the arm of Etau. (MmmMM! Tastes like chicken! Or was that newbie..I don't recall.)'

Armuro gossips 'how you get a free hand?'
Desparin gossips '...'
Anddrew answers 'Take something out of one of them...'

Armuro gossips 'i'm gonna die'
Nash gossips 'that is not good'
Halscath gossips 'that sucks'
Moeve gossips 'we are all going to die eventually'

[Someone]: but you want true sick twisted mean-ness
[Rhoran]: hehehe ACK
[Rhoran]: But, I like my keep.
[Laran]: balista *drool*
[Dionae]: lol
[Rhoran]: I would be fixing it all of the time.
[Rhoran]: hehehe at least your tents would be safe laran.
[Dionae]: snicker
[Laran]: heh.
[Laran]: mock not my tents!
[Laran]: I have a wall damnit. a big wall
[Rhoran]: sure you do...
[Rhoran]: is it made of dirt?
[Rhoran]: hehehe jk :)
[Laran]: grr and stuff

Conner asks Rhoran, 'Are you a religious man Duke Tel'Aros?'
Rhoran beams a smile at Conner.
Rhoran says, 'Very.'
Conner says oocly, 'did I spell that right?'
Rhoran says oocly, 'yep dont worry I do often still get it wrong myself'

Melchiah gossips 'Fyjit is coming as an ambassador of peace to you, don't attack her'
Fyjit gossips 'I shall meet you at the center of town.'
Aethal answers 'we come in peace....'
Genki answers 'Take me to your leader...'

[Galdorf]: I should change my title to: Lauphel, illegitimate son of Vesper and Salvadora!
[Vesper]: One of many
[Galdorf]: lol

[Galdorf]: You know what looks good about that whole raiding thing?
[Rhoran]: you didnt die for once? :)

[Galdorf]: My head just crumbled into dust
[Galdorf]: That kind of sucks.
[Dionae]: lol
[Cerridwen]: sux to be you
[Vesper]: it was empty anyway
[Galdorf]: Luckily.
[Vesper]: *ducks*
[Galdorf]: Or I'd have a mess to clean up

[Galdorf]: lol
[Galdorf]: the blade of "Debt Owed"
[Vesper]: yes, give me that back, ya bastard
[Cerridwen]: chortle
[Rhoran]: hehehe
[Galdorf]: <dances around with his dagger>
[Galdorf]: <throws the dagger at his picture of Vesper>
[Vesper]: At least I dance with women, damn
[Vesper]: =)
[Galdorf]: <lights the picture on fire>
[Galdorf]: <laughs with insane glee>

[Vesper]: Cerridwen, petition Riverdale. I want you to do my bidding. For our kid's sake.

--> Rhoran got toasted by The Guardian Spirit of the City of Stonegate at The Shrine of the Spirit [room 18723]
[Rhoran]: hmmm my corpse is gone
[Cerridwen]: boggle
[Jahron]: Ouch?
[Dionae]: You should be more careful where you leave that...
[Rhoran]: It was at the spirit guardian I died to get my ring to work
[Rhoran]: Ack The spirit just ate my sword
[Dionae]: lol
[Cerridwen]: heh omg
[Jahron]: Hmm, I guess he's hungry.
[Jahron]: It happens.

[Cerridwen]: man this is kinda sickening
[Jahron]: ?
[Rhoran]: what is?
[Galdorf]: Agreed.
[Someone]: galdorf flashing people again?
[Cerridwen]: Tathalin heh
[Dionae]: hehe
[Rhoran]: only after I get him killed
[Galdorf]: Again? I never stopped.
[Someone]: nah he cant flash then he just streaks

--> Silma got toasted by Geminae at Upon a Silver Canopy [room 10057]
Silma gossips 'well now I'm dead again o.o...'
Aethal gossips 'don't die silma. it's not conducive to a long life'

Iris auctions 'WTB any item that causes sex change, send me a tell '
Aethal answers 'umm if male. any bladed weapon would do i would imagine *shudder*'

Aethal curtseys to himself, since no one is paying attention to him.

[A cold drake]: hi, I'm boon's drake. Bite me.

[Dionae]: This is funny.. Eloquai has the last piece and he won't give it up until he gets some cake...

Tilal gives a large piece of Aequitas' birthday cake to Eloquai.
Tilal says, 'that is all I have..'
Eloquai eats a large piece of Aequitas' birthday cake.
Tilal asks, 'to your liking?'
Eloquai gets a piece of staff from a magical purse.
Eloquai gives a piece of staff to Tilal.
Eloquai nods.
Eloquai says, 'That was very good indeed.'
Eloquai says, 'If only demons raided this place every day.. I could get fine exquisite feasts..'
Eloquai says, 'I'll have to look into that.'

[Dionae]: Hey, Vesper is here.. he should be doing some killing...
[Vesper]: Nah, it's an odd day. I only kill on even days.
[Dionae]: hehe

Dakin question 'Popcorn is the strangest spell I have ever seen...'

Dakin yells 'I summon the awesome scalding power of... Popcorn!'

[Vesper]: You guys ever have that random feeling of wanting to outcast everyone in your house and start over?
[Rhoran]: hmm I did that remember?
[Laran]: nope
[Dionae]: hehe
[Vesper]: I swear, sometimes I just want to get them in the manor, outcast all of them and watch the ravens kill them one by one...
[Vesper]: Not that I would.
[Vesper]: But sometimes, it's such a nice thought.
[Vesper]: Death by bird. =)

[Rhoran]: tallia is having my Priest's child.. ack

The Sheriff of Stonegate gossips 'A bounty has been placed on Tymir for 4050 gold'
[Cerridwen]: who just bountied tymir?
[Rhoran]: who did it this time?
--> Tymir was defeated by Vesper at The Center of Stonegate [room 25000]
[Cerridwen]: rofl
[Dionae]: snicker
[Laran]: not me
[Rhoran]: I got bored of him
[Vesper]: he was hitting on my woman
[Dionae]: lol
[Rhoran]: hehehe
[Cerridwen]: ROFL
[Cerridwen]: damn him
[Galdorf]: lol
[Laran]: hitting on your woman?
[Vesper]: well, unofficially, yes
[Rhoran]: works for me
[Vesper]: one of the many =)
[Cerridwen]: seems reasonable
[Dionae]: hehe
[Rhoran]: hehehe you should just be like me I got just one woman hehe
[Laran]: heh.
[Rhoran]: but then again kill him at will I dont mind at all

[Vesper]: Well, Dionae...
[Vesper]: Looks like I couldn't do it. =)
[Vesper]: Odd day or not.
[Vesper]: hehe
[Dionae]: hehe
[Dionae]: Well, it's after midnight there isn't it?
[Vesper]: hey, you're right!
[Rhoran]: it is 1 here hehe
[Vesper]: Yay, I did it!
[Dionae]: So in actuality.. it's an even day...
[Dionae]: :)
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