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Sadness and Incomprehensible Acts

Sometimes, for whatever reason, something in the news strikes me with such disgust and sadness that I find myself unable not to weep at the thought of it. I just start crying as I read it and wonder how people can behave in such a manner or how someone's pain can be brushed aside because of the callous stupidity of others unaffected by the circumstances. Twice in the last three days I've had that experience and I've sat here for the last 30 minutes crying after reading about the following stories and just felt the need to try and express my thoughts and sadness, if for no other reason than to let it out so I hope you'll all pardon me as I do so.

The first was a case in France involving a woman with severe disfiguration due to an uncurable nasal tumor. Having no first-hand experience as to the incredible pain and suffering she must have gone through, the best I can do is remember the pain I endured with my years-long battle with my ankle problems. I at least had the hope that they could get better because, despite whatever difference from the reason I was not healing, others had healed from similar conditions. That this woman, whose life was irreparably transformed with no hope of evading her eventual premature and painful end, was not allowed to dictate her life on her own terms is beyond me. I've said many a time that should I ever be diagnosed with Alzheimer's like my grandfather suffered, I will end my own life. To think that the state, be it the U.S. government or the French government or any government, does not allow me or anyone else to end their own pain and suffering when it becomes unbearable is not only saddening, but maddening.

Reading today about the case of the torture-death of a mentally-challenge pregnant woman in Alton, Illinois (I have an ex-gf from Alton and have been through the town many a time) impressed upon me once again just how disgusting human beings can be. That even one person could engage in such atrocious behavior toward another is bad enough, but a group of them? How could anyone not have at least a shred of decency in them to recognize the horrific nature of what was done to this woman? How, how can someone do that? How can someone shoot a pregnant woman dozens of times with a BB gun, scald her skin, keep her locked in conditions that most people would call inhumane for a dog? How?

I can not describe the knot I feel in my stomach right now. I didn't know either of these individuals nor should that matter. But it saddens me beyond words. I am an atheist. I don't believe in a god. I don't pray to a god. But if there is a god and an afterlife, may these poor souls have the peace and compassion they were not afforded in life. If there is not, I hope somehow that they were able to experience some peace in their final moments. My tears are not enough, but they have them too.

With deep sadness,

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Re: Sadness and Incomprehensible Acts

I agree with your views on the first story, in her case euthanasia should have been permitted. I do not think the doctor should have been "forced" to give her lethal drugs (should the ruling have been the other way around), but she should have had the right to legally pursue a painless death.

This reminds me of the case we looked at in ethics; that of Dax Cowart. I think they should have let the guy die and he thinks they should have let him die.

The second case is just plain disgusting. I am glad the perpetrators are all up for 1st degree murder charges, and being charged with the death of the child.
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Re: Sadness and Incomprehensible Acts

The euthanasia case begs a question: Is the suggested feature abusable? What safeguards will there be against using legalized euthanasia to kill sick people who don't really want to die and conveniently write it off as euthanasia? That question needs to be answered before any legalizing can be done.

The second case was plain obvious and disgusting. It was wrong and a punishment is deserved, plain and simple. I don't feel a need to say more about it.
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