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Teyral sits in the Great Library, pondering all the things going on in Tharel recently. The evil of the land had gained a strong foot hold over the last few years, and those of the light had become fewer. The neutral temples had just set idly by and let it happen.... Not anymore. It was time for change. Time for someone to make a stand. Time to bring the land back into balance.

"But there are so few of us..." he said to himself as he considered the situation at hand.
"If we are to make a stand, we must build up our numbers, increase our strength."

He pulls out a clean peice of parchment, picks up his quill, and begins to write.

To all those who wish to fight the darkness,
I am Teyral. I come to you in what could be the land's darkest hour. The land of Tharel has been overrun with evil. Where ever you look, there is evidence of the darkness that grows. There are a few of us that wish to stand against that darkness, that want to put a stop to it, and bring balance back to the land. We can no longer stand by and watch to see what will happen. And so, I write to you all... If you wish to be a part of the battle to save the land of Tharel, then come! Join us! If you are tired of seeing the horrible atrocities that are occuring at the hands of those that would see us all destroyed, the come! Join Us! The temple of Cylad is open, as are those of Mentmacro and Vyrul. If a neutral temple is not for you, then help us to rebuild the light! Markov, Sylune, and any of the others, all of them can use you! If you come, come ready to fight! Come ready to help put a stop what is happening! The Rod of Destruction has returned to the land, it must be found and kept from those that would use it! So I ask you, no.... I beg you... Join Us! Join Us! Join Us! for the sake of the future of the land we have come to love, Join Us!

At Adventures Unlimited, roleplaying is encouraged, but not enforced. We are a mud full of things to keep you captivated. Whether you are new to the text gaming world, or a hardcore veteran, there is something for you. The world of Tharel is an extensive and mostly original world, and it just keeps getting bigger and better. The coders are always actively working on new ideas. Adventures Unlimited is a feature rich enviornment, with friendly players, and a very active immortal staff. Drop by at port 5005 and see if you will become the latest citizen of the realms.
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