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Play Adventures Unlimited!

Adventures Unlimited (AU) is a friendly, roleplay-encouraged MUD
for all ages. Although roleplaying is optional, the vast majority
of our players choose to participate in the world of Tharel to some
degree. AU is based on the ROM 2.4 codebase, but during its 9 years
of operation has been customized and extended considerably. Our web
site documents hundreds if not thousands of the code changes and
additions made since roughly 2001.

Please note: Because we cater to players of many different ages, our
public channels, character descriptions, etc. are rated PG.
  • 17 races, 9 classes
  • A little over 10,000 rooms, mostly original
  • Spell specialization available to spellcaster classes
  • Item crafting system that ties in with class skills
  • Ansi automapper gives you a view your surroundings
  • Own a customizable shop in Naerlan's marketplace
  • Buy a house in one of Naerlan's neighborhoods, also customizable
  • Noble entitlement ranging from Citizen to Duke
    • Earn a sprawling manor house with upgradeable guards
    • Access restricted areas without fighting your way in
    • Gamble away your savings at Tucker's Hotel
    • MUD-wide questing bonus upon each new title
  • 12 Temples
    • Rise through your temple's hierarchy
    • Enhanced cleric-type spells as your temple rank increases
    • Reassemble the god-slaying Rod of Destruction
    • Capture rogue spirits to be redeemed (or damned)
  • PK Clans
    • Player owned and operated
    • Battle enemy clans using unique clan skills
    • Invade and desecrate enemy clan halls
    • Conquer other clans' territories
  • Questing
    • Earn quest items
    • Upgrade your stats
    • Gain new skills and spells
  • Also gain quest points by exploring the world of Tharel
  • Archery and ranged combat
  • Staff-run OOC (and sometimes IC) mini games: Four Cities Poker, Bludgeon, Lotteries, Scavenger Hunts, Mob Betting
Features are nice, but the people are the important part. AU is a close-
knit community that has long prided itself on how we treat newcomers.
We'll take the time to welcome you to the game and there's usually someone
around willing to show you the ropes and answer any questions. AU
ultimately thrives on a philosophy of mutual respect that just makes it a
great place to play!

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Temples of Adventures Unlimited

Twelve temples stand in the great city of Naerlan, each dedicated to one of Tharel's gods and to a way of life. Temples provide a foundation for a character's early RP, a meeting place for like-minded characters, and a sanctuary from the world outside. They also have more tangible perks.

The holy symbols worn by temple members show their rank in the temple, and allow them to recall home. They also provide bonuses, and better bonuses become available as one climbs the temple ranks. Cleric, paladin, and antipaladin spells tend to be stronger wielded by a caster of high temple rank.

Rogue spirits often pop up after a battle. Wielding a special "soul stone", one can subdue and capture these spirits. When enough spirits fill the soulstone, it can be redeemed by the temple master for some decent rewards.

The Rod of Destruction is the most destructive artifact in the world. Among the testaments to its power are 5 abandoned temples to gods slain the last time it was used. It tends to blow itself apart, but can be reassembled. Each god seeks the Rod for his/her own purposes, and well rewards followers who bring them splinters or larger fragments of it.

Come see what else AU has to offer!
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Re: Play Adventures Unlimited!

Again, the Days of Redemption are upon us! AU's premiere event returns after a long hiatus. DoR is a fast-paced, exciting contest to establish a pecking order among the clans of Tharel. Petition a clan now to join in time for this highly competitive event, or just come on out and help your favorite clan wrest idols from the clutches of their foes. Heats will be held on the last three Saturdays in November.

See you there!
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Re: Play Adventures Unlimited!

The final DoR schedule:

Heat 1 - Saturday, November 15th at 12:00pm EST
Heat 2 - Saturday, November 22nd at 3:00pm EST
Heat 3 - Saturday, November 29th at 6:00pm EST

Each heat lasts only 3 hours, and we expect competition to be fierce.
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