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Adventures Unlimited has many features but this post will address specifically the clan and player killing system. AU has an optional system for player killing that allows characters between the levels of 15 and 25 to choose to have the ability to kill and be killed by other players. The character then has 6 hours with which he/she can choose to stay or not stay in the system. If a character chooses to leave the system, he/she may rejoin the system provided they are in the proper level range but they will be unable to remove themselves from the system. A character may only be attacked by people 10 levels or less above their level unless they have initiated some sort of aggressive action such as looting of a player corpse or invasion of a clan hall. All attacks upon other players must be justified with a written note stating the reasons for the attack - additionally prior to joining the pk system all players have to submit a list of motivations for their characters. These motivations illustrate the reasoning behind the actions of the character.

Characters who have joined the pk system may join a clan. The clans of Adventures Unlimited control much of the power that is available within the game. They compete every two months for control of the bank taxes in a competition called Days of Redemption. All of the clans are religiously based and are limited in their membership to temples that have ethos consistent with their purpose.

Clans are player run. The following list of clans shows the wide variety of organizations that are available for characters in the world of Tharel.

Clans of Tharel
1. Sophism - This clan contains primarily the followers of Jirah, Mistress of Shadows. The membership specializes in manipulation and political intrigue.

2. Virtue - This clan is comprised primarily of followers of Crifus, God of Light, Barbades, God of Strength and Courage, and Gedria, Guardian of Children. The membership attempts to help all within the realm and work through primarily passive means to eliminate suffering in the land.

3. Ruatani - This organization contains the followers of Sylune the Huntress, Markov the Earth God and Mahrina the Goddess of Dreams. They hunt evil throughout the land and will go to any lengths to purge it from the land.

4. Tzatru - This group of religious zealots are followers of Ytrewtsu, the God of Destruction. Their primary goal is to extend the influence and power of their Lord and bring a new Age to the land of Tharel.

5. Snowrose - This organizaion is comprised of the followers of Vallien, the God of Battle and Markov the Earth God. They work tirelessly against the followers of Ytrewtsu and Tzatru to remove their influences from the land.

6. Arcanum - This clan is a school of magic. They accept any of the followers of evil who can wield magic. Their goal is to explore every single aspect
of the great Art of magic and uncover all of its secrets.

7. Mischief - The followers of Asteri, the god of Luck fill the membership of this clan. They seek to promote the reverie of music, song, and riddles as well as more serious causes such as freedom from oppression.

8. Styrian - The followers of Elbar, god of Chaos and the Storm seek to promote the views of their god and bring all who are in opposition to their views. They are attempting to touch all of Tharel with the Storm.

9. Diadem - This clan is primarily the followers of Kiradus, the god of greed and thievery. They attempt to attain wealth through whatever means necessary. The acquisition of property, gold, and any other type of material wealth is their primary objective.

10. Parilis - This organization is filled with the followers of Vyrul, the God of Fiery Justice and Balance. The membership seeks to aggressively obtain and maintain the balance of Tharel.

Those are the clans of Tharel - We have a wide variety of roleplaying options within these clans and have spent a large amount of time developing and promoting the roleplay within this system.

Please stop by and check out Adventures Unlimited!
telnet: port 5000
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