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Immerse Yourself in ShadowGate!

Shadowgate is a large text-based role-playing game derived from the D&D Forgotten Realms manuals and lines of thought, to create our own unique world and history. Our community of players and immortals strive to create a world that reflects not only the tabletop world of adventure and role-playing but also a whole dimension of interaction, both positive and negative. When you enter our realms you can look forward to prejudice and tolerance, conflict and cooperation, hate and love.

You can forget your other worlds because, here, you are your character.

Some of the many things that make SG a truly wonderful role playing experience:

**Deep world lore and history, just waiting for adventurers to add their own legacies!
**Highly customizable character creation with many race and class options!
**Further customize your character with an extensive feat and skill system!
**The ability to craft unique gear (or to customize your spoils of victory) to match your personal style!
**A mature player base dedicated to roleplaying and creating unique tales and story immersion!
**Dedicated coders who are constantly adding to the world and player options!
**Friendly people who are always eager to help new players find their way. Just ask!
**A huge, vibrant world with lots of quests to keep you busy!
**Always 100% FREE for the past 20+ years!

Join our adventure!
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Re: Immerse Yourself in ShadowGate!

Some very interesting-looking things. I've never ran into Shadowgate before, somehow. A couple of questions?

- What engine is it built from?
- Is death permanent? If not, how does death work?
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Re: Immerse Yourself in ShadowGate!

Shadowgate is built on ShadowGate/Nightmare Mudlib 1.5/3.2 .... Driver: MudOS 0.9.19 - does that answer that question? I'm really a bit clueless when it comes to technical aspects like that.

As for death! It isn't permanent. If a player is killed in PvE fashion, they lose some experience as well as everything they had in their inventory. They are welcome, in this case, to attempt a corpse-run and gather up their things, or to find someone to help, etc.

If it's a PVP, the victim must RP that they have no memories of the incident. They lose some experience and all of their belongings . Additionally, they are flagged for a few days which basically means they can't jump right back into provoking/pking/etc others. There's a fair amount of rules in place about how that situation is handled. I think it's also important to note that a lot of players on Sg consider KILLING to be a bit of a desperate action. We have a lot of options available to us, being able to knock players unconscious - bind them, gag them, blindfold them, and all the happy, imaginative things that could possibly entail!

(In both death instances, there's always a chance some random piece of equipment will return with you, but it tends to be something pointless, like a lantern.. and "High Mortal" players are permitted to have one item bound to them which they can't ever lose)

I'm sorry it took me a week to get back to you. Please let me know if you have any more questions!

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