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'Tell me the story Grandfather' cried the child with sleepy eyes. "Again child?" he said with an exaggerated sigh and a poorly concealed grin.

"Our world is huge, much larger than any adventurer could explore in any less than a lifetime. The lure of the challenge is more than your brother could resist. Perhaps you too will someday make the long journey to Portsmouth, where one can learn more skills and magical spells than can be imagined. There are treasures to be won, adventures to be undertaken and, should you find success, you could even become a wealthy landowner. The last that we heard of your brother, he was well on his way. He mentioned something about being very close to discovering the secrets of the spheres."

"That is enough for tonight child. Tomorrow I will tell you what is known about the Chaos Storms although there is still much to be learned."

Legends of Karinth is a huge project in the middle stages of production. We have a vast wilderness of over 4 million rooms and all unique areas. We run a classless system that is soon to incorporate a new magic scheme. Levels are unlimited! You'll notice the difference immediately in the creation sequence. We aren't your everyday MUD.

Our building standards are high and we have a dedicated and pleasant staff of excellent people who manage to avoid the typical pitfalls of mud politics. We are looking for several good builders with a strong sense of team spirit. Experience is a plus but very promising novice builders will be considered.

We are also open for playtesters. We can promise no pwipes even though we are still in beta. There will be many changes along the way but playtesters will be treated very fairly.

Come and join us at port 4444. You'll be amazed at the scope of this world! Our webpage is at
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Send a message via ICQ to Dulan
And I'll be amazed at the multiple postings! -poke-

Ikonboard should allow for thread deletion -hint hint-.

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