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After many years, the different thieves guildmasters across Thera have decided to specialize in their teachings, and require more loyalty to their own guildhalls. In doing so, many new techniques have been uncovered to be used by those in training. Some may choose the path of a true pickpocket, honing their eyes and hands to remove adventurers of their 'needless' belongings, of course, in choosing this path they may forgo learning how to create intricate traps to surprise their victims, or roguish combat tactics to overpower their foes.

The thieves of Thera have now become a very diverse group. With abilities that range from being able to drag a bound victim away, to creating an inhaled poison to instill fear, the thieves guild is now more diverse than ever. Rarely will you ever see two thieves that are trained in the same arts.

For more information you can visit our website at Or you can connect right to us at Port: 9999

The Carrion Fields is a RP mandatory MUD, as well as a PK mud. It's a bloody world, as well as a complex and intricate world with several different factions you can join, each with their own agendas. If this sounds like the kind of thing you want in a MUD, please, come on over and give us a try!

-Arvam Raenau
Immortal at The Carrion Fields
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As an extra teaser to Arvam's ad, the changes include 70 new skills, all incorporated into a system where you, the player, design your thief, and not in a simple "choose one of these subclasses" way.  This way, you aren't forced into an archetype- there's a wide range of possibilities, from bullying thugs to thieves that thrive on finesse, and you're free to mix and match.  (Of course, specializing more has its own advantages.... *nods mysteriously*)

And the skills have depth- puzzling out poison recipes, gathering the right ingredients for a clever sequence of traps, or finding a way to isolate and rob one enemy without his friends seeing a thing are all challenges, and never just a matter of spamming your class's one "best" skill.  These thieves are definitely not "warriors with hide and backstab".

Take a closer look at our website to see more of what we're about, or log in to, port 9999.
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