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ToW: Sandbox, Coordinate-Based w/Map, Browser-Based, PvP & PvE

Thorns of War is a browser based MUD which mixes elements of an RPG
and a Sim. While there are plenty of monsters to hone your fighting
skills against, the main focus of the game is on living out a life in
the open world provided. Building is nearly unrestricted and includes
everything from roads and bridges to towers and halls of timber or
stone. While many players throw their support behind an existing
village, some choose to strike out on their own, blazing new trails
and settling new areas of the MASSIVE world.

Nearly all items are crafted by players of varying professions, from
bronze casters to locksmiths, and working together is key to survival
in a world that is, quite frankly, a pretty rough place. Fortunately
there's always an NPC hireling looking for work who you can hire to
guard your lands, pan for minerals, forage, chop timber, dig up stone,
or even give you a hand down in a kobold hole.

Unlike most MUDs you'll find this one to be very mouse friendly, with
a mini-map and an organized layout which makes it very easy to play
and keep track of what's going on around you.

Want a quick peek? Follow the link! The home page is very simple and
shows you a couple of screen shots right off the bat. Hope to see you
in Ebinoth!

Thorns of War
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