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Old 10-27-2003, 08:36 AM   #1
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For those who know me, I'm Rundvelt. For those who don't, you will by the end of this note. I am annoying, asinine yet articulate. Which when you think about it, isn't really a contradiction, yet I feel it is.

I tend to ramble. Incoherantly. But even then I do have some flashes of insight. Which isn't really a contradiction, but I've been down this path before.

I'm gonna take a few minutes to try and describe how I feel about aardwolf, and why I think it's the number one mud in the world.

First of all. Rules mean something in aardwolf. But probably not in the context that you interpret that to be. Rules in aardwolf apply to all. Even the immortals. They have a guide of conduct that they cannot violate. These "immy rules" allow players to act the way they feel comfortable with. And not have to worry about being nuked cause an Imm doesn't like him/her.

(Otherwise, I don't think I'd be a player there anymore. )

Secondly, aardwolf is based off a work system. The time you put into your character is never lost. Even if you choose a new path, or descide to restart your character. You can consistantly work for one goal and achive it, without worries that doing something wrong with your character will screw it up.

Thirdly, aardwolf has one of the best clan systems I have seen in a long time. Clans there actually can administrate over themselves, as clan leaders are given "imm-like" commands over their clan halls and members. Leaders are made responsible for their use of these commands.

Lastly, and most importantly. Aardwolf is always growing. It is a player driven mud. What I mean by this is that players contribute ideas, suggestions, areas they have built, clan themes and a miriad of other things. Most importantly, players in aardwolf who wish to help can become immortals. There are very few imms in aardwolf who have not been players before.

So, that's why I love aardwolf. It's fun. It's a community. It's quite addictive. Oh, and it's free.
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Aye! An example of what reboot notes look like:
*> There is a new command called 'nowarinfo' that will turn on or
off whether or not your total wars/losses show when your warinfo is viewed by others. (Dave)

*> A new gamestat option, 'gamestat 9', will show the breakdown of tiers online. (Elysian)
This is just a small snipit, but the ideas often come from players and they are given credit for their work in () after the idea is explained. Aardwolf has a board just for ideas and imms frequently respond to ideas explaining how they would/would not work. Players do so as well. :)
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