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Looking for a free T-Shirt?! Well now we're giving them away for FREE! Absolutely FREE!

Yes, just log on to ASSAULT: High Tech War, and you will find, in your inventory, a free T-Shirt. Just look at what these people had to say:

"I couldn't believe it, I actually got a free T-Shirt! I never got a Full-House T-Shirt!" - Bob Saggot

"At first, I thought he was lying, that the shirts were covers for weapons of mass destruction, so I decided to send my army there... but all I found were T-Shirts..." - George W. Bush

"I ate my tea shirt!" - Ralph wiggam

So while you're there, come try out the Mud itself, here's a little about it:

First, it's not a Hack n' Slash Mud, it's full Real-time strategy PK (No mobs, only people to kill). You build your own military base on a 1K x 1K map, advance technologically, and build weapons to destroy anyone who stands in your way.

Features include, but aren't limited to:

*) Over 130 building types, ranging from resource-generating ones to turrets and superweapons.

*) A huge 1000X1000 map

*) Everything is based on the choices you make - You can wear all the pieces of EQ in the game, as long as you can get your hands on them, which is the real problem. You decide which technology tree you pick, out of 9 available currently.

*) Use dozens over dozens of attack methods - Vehicles, guns, explosives, nuclear weapons, superweapons, mind control, sneaking, hacking...

*) Create and join alliances, or go to war with them.

*) There are no races, and the classes are like on Counter-strike, where you can change them upon death. There is no class advancement, rather a general 'rank' that represents your skill in the game (Not through experience points, although those can be used to upgrade your skills)

*) MXP, MSP and MCCP protocol usage. Right-click on the map to get information, hear the sounds of your weapons firing, and get over 90% compression rate if your client supports it.

*) And the usual, much more...

So go get your free T-Shirt! Log on to ASSAULT: High Tech War:

Address: 3003
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