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You gossip 'I have kidnapped Aaryn, and set a ransom for him for 100,000,000 gold and one sock.'
Leowyn gossips 'How much for you to keep him?'
Azariah tells you 'if i pay it does he become my slave?'
Sinon gossips 'We don't care about him'
Aaryn gossips 'Hey.'
You cackle gleefully.
Aaryn says, 'You tell your house: 'Saaaaaaaaaaaave me.''
Ananiel gossips 'LoL'
Henry answers 'Bah, you're such a bastard Leowyn.'
Aaryn says, 'Bastards.'
You snicker softly.
Jobe gossips 'Id pay it.. if it was about.. 10,000 times less.'
Zalah gossips 'jest kill them i dont have that much gold'
Clarie answers 'we all have that much gold, but where are we going to get a sock?'
You gossip 'That is the real question.. isn't it?'
Zalah gossips 'i have underwear is that good?'
You gossip 'No.. gobbo underwear is not good...'
Zalah gossips 'no it YOUR UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!'
You gossip 'What are you doing with my underwear!?'
Mercatox gossips 'You have underwear?'
Zalah gossips 'Boon gave it to me'
You gossip 'Bad Boon!'
You gossip 'Wait.. how did he get my underwear?'
Mercatox gossips 'Cross dressing again. :)'

Harken tells you 'Goodnight kiddnapper ;)'

You gossip 'Revelin has succeeded in tricking the mortals and trapping them in a bottomless void. Nice work, if you ask me.'
Kesin gossips 'I say, nice shot.'
Christoph gossips 'Anything that's bottomless or topless is fine with me '

Christoph says, 'you all are just jealous of my witty remarks :)'

Revelin says, 'you must buzz in by saying : I wear dirty ogre socks on my hands.'
Terrace says, 'so you can quote me? I think not'

Revelin quotes 'Terrace says, 'I wear dirty ogre socks on my hands.''

Daehron leaves south.
A banker pony leaves south.
Someone yells 'wrong way'
You snicker softly.
Someone yells 'up'
Someone says, 'stupid ogre'
Someone mutters something quietly to himself.
Daehron has arrived.
A banker pony has arrived.
Daehron says, 'I realize this.'
Daehron smirks.
Daehron leaves up.
A banker pony leaves up.

You gossip 'Ahhhhh!!!!'
Dela gossips 'im lost :('
You gossip 'Oh sorry, I was just screaming..'

Malaak says, 'Hmmm....I think i will go chop down the rest of Kisah :)'

Tilal whips Terloch across the back. This is too kinky for your taste.

Bedwyr gossips 'Can one of the ancients make it light so that I can see my girlfriend?'

[Salja]: would you take an elephant a few miles under the ocean?
[Dionae]: I would
[Boon]: yes
[Moeve]: if it had water breath why not
[Boon]: its just a small whale with legs
[Boon]: and hell if the elephant can wear plate mail carry a shield and hold onto bastard sword I'll take it to the moon

[Dionae]: three adjs for a troll? besides stupid?
[Salja]: ugly
[Salja]: green
[Salja]: lanky
[Boon]: big ugly dumb
[Someone]: flammable
[Salja]: giggle
[Chade]: lol
[Dionae]: hehe
[Dionae]: I'm gonna have to make an area with flammable trolls now..
[Salja]: hehe

Alaina gossips 'My group. any others brave enough, We are running the gauntlet soon. meet at the center'
Alaina gossips 'Pray for our souls!'
Azariah gossips 'Have fun dying'
Alaina gossips 'Yes thanks for your encouragement.'
Leowyn answers 'funeral services for Alaina will proceed 20 minutes after they enter the gauntlet.'

Timbo quotes 'Xaneros says, 'My name is Bedwyr, I am a Timbo hailing from Wenlin''

Veit question 'why did a Happy Guard attack me? He looked so happy..'

Cecilia asks, 'Would you like me to bite him, Sir?'

[Salja]: we're open and loving here, and f*ck you all, and stuff
[Dargus]: f*ck == love!!!
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I'm beginning to think this is going to be the universal FR quotefile, hehe..

Ezylie answers 'Can anyone get me out of here..wenlin summoned me to Pussy stoarage..'
Aval answers 'heh, thats Wenlin for ya.'
Mercatox gossips 'OoooOooo that's the place to be. . .'
Mikla gossips 'cats, Mercatox... just cats.'

Xaneros says to you, 'Quessa invaded Laultopia I think.'

You yell 'mister jahrjahronon i havents seens you in blue years!'

Timbo exclaims, 'DO NOT HUG THE COW!'

Timbo shouts 'DO NOT PUSH OR HUG THE COW!'

[Daehron]: If I ever feel like building, I'll make the Island of Hairdos.

You say, 'See, we gave the goblin a bath, and now he's all wet and unhappy..'
You say, 'But look, Zalah, you smell nice and fresh.'
Zalah drys himself off
You exclaim, 'Springtime fresh!'
You giggle.
You ask, 'Doesn't he, Mercatox?'
Mercatox smells the goblin.
Mercatox says, 'He smells better, I don't know about fresh.'

You give the key to the hot chicks room to Terloch.
[Terloch]: aleady had one
[Salja]: was just making sure
[Salja]: never helps to have a spare when hot chicks are involved

Neia says, 'my brain got empty'

Timbo exclaims to you, 'DO NOT HUG THE COW!'
You giggle.
You hug him.
You focus all your bovine Zen on Timbo, and speak your thoughts. Muh-OOOOO!
Timbo gasps in astonishment.
Timbo exclaims to you, 'PAY THE PRICE ELFY!'
In minotaurian, you say 'Moo. Moo moo moo moo. moo moo.'
In minotaurian, Timbo says '*gasp*'
In minotaurian, Timbo says 'MOOOOOOOOOOOO!'

Timbo says, 'Ah, I know who ye are now.'
Timbo says, 'And I can't say I like ye much.'

Indech question 'Salja, there was something I was going to say to you but i can't remember what it was, do you?'
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You say, 'waking up in a pool of your own vomit can be very spiritual'

Dargus pokes you in the ribs.
Dargus kisses you.  
Dargus says, 'Oh no!  Salja is being kissed by an oversized dwarf.'
You snicker softly.
You exclaim, 'hey! you can't do that when i'm in note-write mode!'

You say, 'It's a Salja party.'
You say, 'Kind of like a tupperware party, but I'm selling goblins.'

You say, 'So, guys, welcome to 'what imms really do all day''
Dargus falls down laughing.
You exclaim, 'you think we're thinking up ways to better the game for you, but NO!'
You exclaim, 'we sit around making junk!'

Conner says, 'Poker anyone, we play for souls.'

Dionae gossips 'Evil.  I mean.. hello.'

Neia tells you 'Psychiatic help. 5 farthings.'

Drastor says, 'Someone caught me when I was in the out house again'



[Salja]: ok, dave is officially a f*cking badass builder
[Salja]: i would have his babies if they built as well as he does

[Dargus]: Are you a doughnut?  huh?
[Salja]: i dunno, are you?
[Dargus]: I'm baked and have a jelly filled center.
[Dargus]: Guess I am.

Dave gives you a big bowl of cookie dough.
Dave gives a big bowl of cookie dough to Dargus.
You say, 'ooo'
You giggle.
Dave drinks black tea from a big bowl of cookie dough.
You say, 'bah'
Dargus takes the bowl of cookie dough and dumps it on his head.

Aval tells you 'Thank you, I am now the guerilla terrorist of the food industry! As a farmer, I handle all your food products!'


Dargus says, 'People are like cut them up and they cry.'

Timbo gossips 'How much time is in the world?'
Mercatox gossips 'It can't be less than the amount of space in your head. '

[Una]: Gertan tells you 'can you tell me something'
[Una]: You tell Gertan 'sure, sometimes while no one is looking I pick my nose and put it on salja's shoes'

Boon says, 'maybe we should wash leirer's brain'

[Cerridwen]: ive been swept off my feet by a Boon! *is never going to wash these lips again*

Neia yells 'HEY, woundn't cha know, a got some dragonbalde cheese in my pocket'

[Vesper]: And I've come to the following conclusion:  After the housewipe, I will accept ONLY gnomes.  I'm making Riverdale VERY exclusive.
[Vesper]: Little gnomes who will run around, doing only my bidding.
[Salja]: any gnome, or just underpants gnomes?
[Vesper]: Underpants gnomes, who bring me the undergarments of any woman I desire.

[Vesper]: I'd rather ride the Gravitron at the carnival 24 times over after stuffing myself with Taco Bell, than think about what Mr. Fluffles is.

[Wenlin]: poor dragon, she's sweet
[Wenlin]: she just likes donkey

You say, 'yeah, you have good DNA'
Aaryn grins playfully.
Dionae snickers softly.
You say, 'let's make babies'
Aaryn exclaims, 'Ok!'
Aaryn says, 'Out, Dionae'
Aaryn grins playfully.
Dionae blinks innocently.
Aaryn asks, 'Unless you wanna do a threeway?'

Indech answers 'Salja and Dionae generally take tells..the rest of them like to know why they are being bugged...has something to do with the CIA, but they'll help'

Araltizario auctions 'I am looking to buy an adult faerie, name your own price if you have one to sell.'
You auction 'I don't think Cerises is for sale..'

[Una]: holy ancients
[Una]: where did we all come from
[Salja]: our mommies and daddies
[Thomas]: duh. mommy.
[Una]: *laugh*
[Salja]: except thomas, he came from a goat


+[81] [GUIDE] Ezylie Heimmneur The problems of the future,today!

Ezylie answers 'But we love you ruyven...but saljas cooler..I mean....'
Bertolis gossips 'Ezylie's right, I mean, Down with Ezylie!'

[Salja]: hope ya feel better cerri
[Salja]: go quaff some tussin.. i mean.. umm
[Salja]: wow, i need to get out of the house

Dargus says, 'You're just jealous that the voices talk to me.'
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You didn't put all of it, Salja. The dragon luved donkey in Shrek. Guh!

You give a blue-green potion to Boon.
You exclaim, 'tasty!'
You quaff a blue-green potion.
You feel much better!
You feel fully refreshed!
Boon eats a blue-green potion.
Boon says, 'glassy'

You tell Salja 'help! I'm an artist!'
Salja tells you 'help! so what?'

Timbo says oocly, 'only puppies live in stonegate'

Thomas says, 'okay. on the count of three say now'
Thomas says, '1'
Thomas says, '2 '
Thomas says, '3'
You say, 'now'
Migdalia says, 'now'
Jobe says, 'now'
Keedu says, 'now'
Kylara says, 'now'
Daru says, 'now'
Ezylie asks, 'whats going on..?'

Thomas says, 'It's time to playyyy... The Weakest Setence. '
Thomas giggles.
Mercatox asks, 'Setence?'
Mercatox raises an eyebrow inquisitively.
Someone says oocly, 'Its actually Sentence'

You say, 'go straight to voting, Kylara'
Thomas exclaims, 'who sucked?!'
Kylara says, 'Daru.'
Thomas says, 'oo..'
Thomas nods.
Aval says, 'Sorry, but Daru'
Daru gasps in astonishment.
Jobe says, 'Daru..'
A fat groundhog leaves west.
Thomas exclaims, '2 duru's!'
Thomas exclaims, '3!'
You say, 'Daru, he's a fat dragon hater that gives all dragons a bad image with
 his "noxious fumes"'
Migdalia says, 'I think Daru as well.'
Daru sighs.
Aval pats Daru on his head.
Jobe asks, 'Daru, who do you vote for?'
Jobe grins playfully.
Thomas says, 'tsk.'
Mercatox says, 'There's really no need to continue. . . '
Daru says, 'I will vote for myself..'
A small bunny leaves west.
Thomas says, 'a noble end.'
Mercatox says, '.......'
Jobe grins playfully.

Salja reaches down out of the clouds grabbing your head.
You feel a sudden pressure and your head explodes!
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Labricus gossips 'I'm a Moeve wannabe!'

Newbie alert! HeyDionae sighted.

Leowyn answers 'thank you salja, may your hurricane season not be too rainy'

Conner exclaims, 'You will all suffer in the fiery bedchamber of the Prince of Darkness!'
Kintara says, 'your bedchamber is only fiery when you eat burritos before bedtime.'

Conner says, 'Just in case you think I'm going to ask,,, I don't want a thong.'

Conner looks Dionae over... hm, virgins always appease the demons.

Conner recreates the laws of gravity to send you all for a three-point shot.

Dionae exclaims, 'well, I'd think I'd know if there was a hungry bobcat on my.. ahh! A bobcat! Get it off!'

You put the bucket of truth in a small handbag.
Conner says, 'Hand me that bucket, and I promise you it will spring a leak.'
You giggle.
Lightning flashes in the sky.
Conner says, 'I like storms.'
Conner says, 'There, put that in your bucket'
You say, 'needs a verb.'
You say, 'put that in your bucket and... <insert action verb here>'
Conner asks, 'and... preserve it for posterity?'

Someone makes squirrel say 'Where are the nuts, I lost my nuts.. I need to find my nuts.'.

Jobe yells 'Salja loves Jobe, but Jobe loves Lorlyea, so Salja is confused!'

Timbo question 'am i on the map?'
Timbo question 'under big ugly mino?'
You answer 'your butt's not QUITE big enough yet, Timbo. Keep workin.'

Dave says, 'the world map looks like a running gingerbread man'

Jobe says oocly, 'the king's title should be'
Jobe says oocly, '<title> owns you. Bow down.'

Jobe exclaims, 'Suddenly I heard the bunny groan, and I look over and I realize she mugged me to make a nest! *PLOP* It laid a ... caddberry egg!'

Angston says, 'Just then Hulk Hogan came up beside the monster,ripped his shirt,and said You know somethin brother..'
Leowyn says, 'Mister T looked up and had to laugh at the old steroid addicted man," Yeah I know something, you should of retired years ago!" Quickly I used this distraction to run over and kick the bunny.'

Leowyn says oocly, 'that wasnt no carmel egg man.'

Angston says, 'The bunny was standing right before me,he then told me that my friend was a monster from outer space,he also handed me a black suit saying it would be the last suit I would ever wear.'

Jobe mutters, 'sneaky blue chairs.'

Leowyn says, 'Peering back towards the Twister, I watches who other then President Bill Clinton run out with 2 dozen naked whores upon his tail. I quickly Punched carrot top cause he is terrible at comedy and skated off letting the twister Eat shaq and the comedian.'

Cerridwen says, 'i decided to be the first person EVER to dance a hula naked on the moon!! I stripped off all my clothes and...'

Cerridwen says oocly, 'i could paint pretty pictures with my toes '

Jobe says, 'Just then, Fluffy the Bouncer stepped out of the confessional, and turned to me and said...'
Angston asks, 'Would you like fries with that confession?'

Cerridwen gossips 'the pudding gods have forsaken thee!!'

[Reich]: okay, idea, think of as many dumb names as you can and I'll collect them, we can set something up so that every tick the name changes to another stupid name

[Reich]: can i have the innkeepers sell methanphetamines?
[Dave]: if methanphetamines is a codeword for candy and cake then yes.

[Reich]: how bout if I name it the 'isuckatbuildingandneedalotmoresleepbeforeanything idoherecanbeconsideredhalfwaydecent inn'?
[Salja]: um
[Reich]: or the 'imsickofworking inn' for short

Calvin auctions 'I'm looking for someone to trade belly buttons with. <--- Currently has a tan, inny belly button, un-pierced.'

Neia asks, 'WEnlin, havent you EVER played Harekjack?'
Laul exclaims, 'Fold!'

Wenlin says oocly, 'who wants the picture of Wenlin I drew?'
Elelia says oocly, 'i'd rather not have nightmares for the rest of my life ..'
Wenlin says oocly, 'Salja's seen it'
You say oocly, 'Yes, and I still have nightmares.'

Conner says, 'A thick, frothy potion appears shortly after a discussion of manhood. Something is not right about that.'

Laul says, 'I have sat around and looked very stupid for longer then this.'

Kesin tells you 'heh, i'm not completely stupid, only mostly dumb'

Laul says, 'Mortals are not good enough, because we are the other other other white meat.'

Laul says, 'I think he means do you engage in physical relationships as in courting mortals.'
Laul winks at Conner.
Elelia coughs slightly.
You say, 'Mortals? No, not really.'
Conner shares a sly grin with Laul.
You say, 'I've had my interests..'
Laul grins playfully.
Salja taps her chastity belt.
You say, 'But Chade can't seem to get the lock picked.'
Salja gives a little smirk.
Laul asks, 'Is this the kind of thing that drove Elowan insane?'

Conner says oocly, 'Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a test... I repeat this is not a test... just a glimpse in thelife of an immortal'

Aaryn says, 'You know you want to touch it.',
Conner says, 'Not as much as you want me to.'

Timbo gossips 'Bunny queen is always pregnant, being how bunnies are...'

Jobe tells the group 'There are ogres, therefore there are magical evil giant bunny kings.'

[Kevin]: i agree with something

Dargus says, 'Gave Timbo the crash course into mob resets.'
You ask, 'kinda dangerous to call it a crash course, dontcha think?'

Timbo says, 'Dont make me annoy wenlin'

Footman Indech tells the house 'I feel dejected...people have to acknowledge your presence for you to be I'm just dejected'

Soibhan exclaims, 'Tis ganja from the sky mon!'

Jobe says oocly, '"Get everyone on one side of the city! lets tip it over!"'

Timbo says oocly, 'the world is round?!?!?!?'
Timbo says oocly, 'why wasnt i told?'

Vesper says, 'We need a village of gnomes who get mega-ticked when you invade their turf...and they tie you up with tiny rope while you sleep so you can't move'

Xaneros watches the conversation fall of the road and roll around in the land of stuff he doesnt know about.

Champion Mercatox tells the house 'Moeve caught me sleeping with a tiger. '

Laul stops using a doubled edged boot knife.
Laul holds a Dionae doll dressed in black leathers in his hand.
Laul holds the doll and prays for dionae to come.

Labricus says oocly, 'But who's her daddy?'

[Dargus]: mountians...wonder if those are people who mount things.

Keldon tells you 'can i use 2 writs? and I want a salja doll too '
You tell Keldon 'meh im drinking'
Keldon tells you 'aw'
Keldon tells you 'can I have a Salja shot glass? heh '
You tell Keldon 'rofl'
You tell Keldon 'i need my own merchandising division'
Keldon tells you 'a salja shaped shot glass'
Keldon tells you 'rofl'
You tell Keldon 'kinda like in spaceballs... 'salja, the coffee maker''

Log Dave: trans davetest 1212
Davetest disappears in a mushroom cloud.
Dave says, 'he is the realm of the dead for multiplaying'
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Aerius question 'Anyone know what a The staff of the Dragon's Claw does?'
Xaneros answers 'it turns you into wenlin'

You question 'I wonder if it's possible to not fail at making a haft.'
Xaneros answers 'pff. if it was the whole world would be made of hafts. Hafthide shoes, sharpened haft swords, and haft-roofed houses.'

Cerridwen says oocly, 'dude im in too good of a mood to think IC right now heh'
You say oocly, 'i'm too ****ed off to be ooc, haha'

Isyll does the silly walk all around the room. she *is* silly.
Xaneros does the isyll walk all around the room. he *is* isyll.

Xaneros answers 'I am female on thursdays and sundays, after 6 pm. And only in certain Taverns around the countryside.'

Eloquai quotes 'Allegiance: all my loyalty are belong to eloquai'
Kintara quotes 'Computer nerds: All your base are belong to us.'

Vesper drops Vesper's Rug O' Sin.
Xaneros giggles.
Vesper sits on Vesper's Rug O' Sin and rests.
You ask Vesper, 'May I.. sit on the rug, Count Lauphel?'
Vesper smiles at you.
Isyll giggles innocently.
Vesper says, 'Damn right you can'
Vesper pats the rug.
Labricus falls down laughing.
Xaneros grins playfully.
You say oocly, 'Isyll Nuwore, whore to nobility!'
You sit on Vesper's Rug O' Sin and rest.
You smile at him.
Xaneros says oocly, 'Xaneros, the old man who is soon to retired!'
Vesper says oocly, 'Vesper Lauphel, Loves Whores'

Vesper says oocly, 'I could use some boobs'

Vesper says, 'My name is Vesper, a pimp hailing from yo momma.'

Laul pats where his manhood used to be.
Laul says, 'It will come back home sooner or later'
Laul says, 'it will miss me'

Labricus says, 'Time to order the playboy channel and a batch of viagra, Xaneros. Be my grandpa.'

Laul says, 'My name is Laul, I am a Man-whore from the House of Ill Repute.'

Keegan tells you 'oh, well in that case dream about me. ye'll have sweet dreams ::kisses::'
Keegan tells you 'lol'
You tell Keegan 'smoochies'
Keegan tells you 'now i sound as vain as Laul'

-[81] [AFK] Mercatox Venteero is in the bathroom.

Argoth answers 'you probably have the GLS wrong in coordination with the PPF while transferring the DLES into the FJA, so all you gotta do is fix the LDS2 and update it with the FLA2.0 and you're all set'
Lional answers 'yeah and play the TRI while messing with the DPE which doesn't help the GRE but does help the PTP nearing the HYI'

Ereptor got toasted by Cerskel at Inside a Small Cottage [room 20166]
Dionae asks, 'You toasted someone?'

Conner gossips 'All Hail the Mighty Terloch! orsomethinglikethat'

Isdenar asks Endsach, 'where are your lackies?'

Timbo gossips 'Fear mah bovine zen! Muh-OOOOO!'

Kenthar tells you 'one time whenever I tried to eat a mushroom it broke the mud'

[Salja]: still got it all vesp?
[Vesper]: whew
[Salja]: woot
[Vesper]: *nod*
[Vesper]: I think it's bigger
[Salja]: this is a good thing
[Vesper]: Oh...that was my stiletto, nm.

Moeve gossips 'if you see Chade make sure you tell him he rocks'
Lional answers 'why does he rock?'
Moeve answers 'becuase he has great control of esoteric unix commands'

-[81] Laul Nomiki, Supreme Ruler of Vespergate.

Someone tells the group 'will be stave siblings!'
Someone tells the group 'Is(yll)denar! of the shimmering staff!'
You quote 'Isyll and Isdenar, stave sisters.. er.. brothers... siblings!'

Someone tells the group 'PONG'
Someone tells the group 'PONG'
Someone tells the group 'PONG'
You tell your group 'NARF'
Someone tells the group 'RAWR'
Someone tells the group 'SNARF'
You tell your group 'RAWR'
Someone tells the group 'SNARFARFLE'
You tell your group 'SNUFFLEUFFAGUS'
Someone tells the group 'THUNDERCATS!'
Someone tells the group 'HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'

Isyll acts like a spoiled rich girl (which she is).

You exclaim, 'A dwarf! Get it out of here!'
Isdenar exclaims, 'ITS HAIR ATE MY HANDS!'
Isdenar slips his hands into the sleeves of his shirt and waves them around!
You run around in circles freaking out.
Isdenar runs around in circles freaking out.

Isdenar asks Galdorf, 'Your glowing. Can you turn it off?'

Isdenar yells 'HELP! this dwarf pulled a mushroom from his bear and ate it!'
Isdenar yells 'now he is seducing me!'

Isdenar says, 'If you kids dont quiet down im pulling this car over.'

[Vesper]: I'm 22, I go 4 years younger than my age...that's how I figure it.
[Galdorf]: In tx it's statuatory rape
[Galdorf]: 14?
[Salja]: vesper
[Vesper]: I think it's 13 in New Mex
[Galdorf]: What the hell?
[Galdorf]: Sweet jesus.
[Una]: oh look vesper you're the perfect age!!!
[Salja]: i'm afraid of asking WHY you know that site
[Tinarith]: *rofl*
[Galdorf]: lol
[Vesper]: ....uh
[Salja]: pervert
[Vesper]: project.

[Salja]: HI DIONAE
[Dionae]: Hi
[Dionae]: Okay
[Dionae]: Yes
[Salja]: Oh.
[Salja]: canyouhearmenow
[Dionae]: What?
[Dionae]: I can't hear you..
[Salja]: Can you hear me now?
[Dionae]: Yes
[Salja]: Optimal level achieved. Thank you for your help in this calibration exercise.

The keeper of evil speaks forth: People, this is your deathmaker speaking, we have a drunk Duke on the loose, please be warned about his state, he is a frisky one

[Salja]: how is depreciation a cash flow
[Dionae]: goblins?
You gossip 'Help! Help! The cash flow goblins are eating me alive!'

You gossip 'It has been decided that everyone's name must be changed.'
You gossip 'From now on we will all be referred to as 'bob''
Vaughn gossips 'What?'
Timbo gossips 'Hi bob!'
Leowyn answers 'we are down to 7 go vote!'
Una gossips 'no that name was in a book I read'
You gossip 'Oh..'
Una gossips 'we can't have that'
Harken gossips 'What ever Bob!'
Kenthar gossips 'Bob's already the name of that fisherman in Kisah'
You gossip 'What about Fred?'
Zheff gossips 'hello bob... and bob... and bob... oh and you too bob'
Una gossips 'nope'
Una gossips 'read about fred too'
Christoph gossips 'name everyone terloch it will please him'
Una gossips 'remeber.. that movie.. about fred?'
Neia gossips 'wha...whosa bos?'
You gossip 'Oh hell.. um... okay, we'll all simply be assigned numbers. Prime numbers, so as to be original.'
Neia gossips 'I NOT WANNA BE A BOS!'
Laul gossips 'Whats a Bos?'
Toran gossips 'I call number 1.'
You gossip 'Nono, 1 isn't really a prime number... theres too much debate. You can be... 17.'
Dionae gossips '1, you go sit with 2 and 7.'
Christoph gossips 'i call 4'
Zheff gossips 'can we wear orange suits with the numbers on them like criminals?'

Una says, 'allright mom and I better get going.. see if I were driving I'd wait 10 minutes.. but as she drives slower than dial-up'
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Araltizario quests 'timbo your arm and axe are over here'
Araltizario quests 'well your arm was i think someone ate it'

Conner question 'Would someone kindly shoot me?'

Laul gossips 'you will come far alone, with out anyone but yourself, I will run you around a few times, to make sure your alone. and remember i will be watching you dont know when and where i will be watching'
Ezylie gossips 'do we look that stupid?'
Isdenar gossips 'Only in our clown outfits!'

Laul gossips 'watch out iwizia might try to kiss you'
Conner gossips 'I will accept such a kiss.'

Kintara the 1'11" faerie flutters around with her 1'6" long smashy thing, and smashes things thusly.

Malaak says to Belyn, 'If you bonk me again I shall destroy you'

Araltizario yells 'Answer me at once, bunnies of cute deathness!'

Revelin waves his arms and uttes the words, ' Llywarchus just talkatus to la leopardus'

Moeve gossips 'mercatox sleeps with a tiger'
Moeve gossips 'on the same rug'
Truden gossips 'Watch out, else he might wake up and threaten that you'll be sleeping with the fishes soon. *grins* (Catch the pun? yes, yes?)'

Laul gossips 'Ouch Belyn poked me in the eye and ran!'

You tell Eloquai 'Darn.. it didn't work..'
Eloquai tells you '?'
You tell Eloquai 'hehe'
Eloquai tells you 'Shoot'
Eloquai tells you 'You cast change sex on me'
Eloquai tells you 'For 63 hours and 50 minutes, damn'
You tell Eloquai 'But.. it made you an it :('
Eloquai tells you 'lol'

Eloquai answers 'I'm an it everybody'
Eloquai quotes 'Gender: none'
Vesper quotes 'Allegiance: None'
Isyll quotes 'Appearance: Sexy'

You say oocly, 'You might have been fixed already'
Vesper smiles happily.
Vesper says oocly, 'eep!'
Vesper says oocly, 'fixed??'
You say oocly, 'But Jahron was way messed up, and Cerr was missing stuff'
Vesper looks down at his crotch
You snicker softly.
Vesper says oocly, 'ok, i'm good'
Vesper looks at himself.
You say oocly, 'Sorry, we had to fix you.. didn't want any little barons running around :)'
Vesper says oocly, 'rofl'
Vesper says oocly, 'Neither do I!'

You bat your eyelashes.
You ask, 'You guys are killing the spirit?'
Jobe nods.
Jobe says, 'for no reason'
You say, 'It's not wearing anything..'
Jobe says, 'whatsoever.'

Laul says, 'My name is Jobe, I am hooked on Phonics from Quessa.'

Vesper says, 'I'd go home, but my own ravens would eat me.'

Jobe says, 'the bunnies should randomly [1 in 10 chance every tick] double.'
Jobe says, 'thatd be funny'
You giggle.
You say, 'Only if you put two together'
Jobe grins at you...can you come out and play?
Laul says, 'They should mutliply like nomikis'
Laul chuckles politely.
You snicker softly.
Jobe asks, 'you mean asexually?'
Laul nods in enthusiastic agreement with Jobe.

Laul gossips 'That someone send me a tell again'
Laul gossips 'Dang it! do it again'
Lional answers 'sorry i meant to mess them up on purpose hehe :)'

[Moeve]: I don't trust the brownie in my room

Therean question 'someone, help me...'
Antus gossips '*throws Therean a rope* *tosses him the other end as well*'

Salja says, 'this makes as much sense as a wookie living on endor'

[Ruyven]: Great....Timbo thinks I'm the Yoda of the Ancients.

Struad question 'where is everyone??'
Isdenar answers 'over there.'
You answer 'I ate them.'
Argoth gossips 'plotting your death'
Struad gossips 'hmmm'
Grebbli gossips 'They've hopped on the magical caterpillar bus to banana-town.'

Pengolod says oocly, 'my fingers are going numb, is that good?'

[Vesper]: go ahead, rub my belly
[Vesper]: you know you want to
[Galdorf]: lol
[Galdorf]: Is it good luck?
[Vesper]: it will heal all your ailments.
[Vesper]: I may be a thief on the outside, but my digestive tract is a cleric
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I've got a few more than 4 this time, starting off with an intelligent thing to say from my good irl friend, Kogroth! And then some fun with 'report' which states your occupation and where you hail from.

Kogroth says, 'no, they live in wood'

Engwaalphien gossips 'home'

Engwaalphien gossips 'happy'

[Salja]: just a spoonfull of rare liquor makes the medicine go down

Darken auctions 'neck'
Galdorf auctions '2 silver.'

Sevxo Zicto a half-orc with white hair and green eyes, is here.
You ask Sevxo, 'what's your other half...orc?'
Sevxo says to you, 'Janitor'
You ask, 'half orc half janitor?'
Sevxo nods twice in quick succession.
Sevxo exclaims to you, 'Half orc, half janitor, dats me!'

Truden answers 'She looks as cute as a newborn halfling, honest.'

Timbo says to you, 'Dont make me beat you down with me udders.'

Kenthar says, 'My name is Dr. Drahon, I am a counter-terrorist hailing from metro station'
Aval grins at you...can you come out and play?
You grin at Aval...wonder if he wants to play?
You say, 'and I'm a doctor'
Kintara says, 'My name is Kintara, I am a suicide-bomber hailing from New Jersey'
Radd chuckles at Kintara's joke.
Aval says, 'Hes a doctor of counter-terrorism'
Therean says, 'My name is Bob, and I'm an alcoholic.'
Kenthar pulls out akimbo mac-11s and completely clears the room of terrorists.
Aval says 'My name is Aval, I am a farmer hailing from Shatiras'
Kogroth says, 'My name is Kogroth, I am going to smack out Kenthar's brains'
Kintara says, 'My name is Lothar, I am a leader hailing from the hill people'
Kogroth says, 'My name is Jason, I am the leader of the invisible people'
Valkeir says, ''My name is Jeffrey Dahmer, I am a serial-killer from Ohio.'
Therean says, 'My name is Mr.Z, I am a robot-zombie hybrid who got separated from him master in a battle 8000 years ago...'
A red fox says, 'My name is Lava, I am a doctor of machining and engineering science hailing from your bathroom.'
Kintara says, 'My name is Mr. T, I am a milk-drinking-enforcer, hailing from the children's orphenage.'

Neia yells 'Neia Massage Shop! In the Center of Stonegate! 10 silver a rub!'

Kintara yells 'Kintara's Massage Shop! In the Center of Stonegate! 100 gold for a VERY special rub down!'
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[Salja]: its a different sort of thing, called 'multi stupid'

Zheff says to you, 'Hows bout ye takes ye tail, sticks it between ye legs an be goin so me can have me ale in peace'


Una quests 'you can wait because you're a moron'

Cecilia gossips 'who are you? radiohead?'

Aerius yells 'behold the power of Salja Doll!'

Kesin says, 'And apparently he's an idiot'

You hurl a beach towel at Domtar but miss completely.
You exclaim, 'towel rack!'

*[94] Reich is beating his head on a wall, DO NOT DISTURB

Larsax gossips 'Has anyone seen my tiger? He has a name tag and it says Bitemetwink'

Galdorf says oocly, 'fat people should be able to absorb knives'

Bane yells 'what for orc lovin dog kissin bearded gnome is sell 'is ale in weasly pints!'

Galdorf attempts to cast a spell but mispronounces it, lighting his own beard on fire.

You say oocly, 'i want to pick up a spork and be able to gut someone with it'

Adeiven tells the group ''lay self'.. isnt that like masturbation?'
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Its so depressing to see the forums so inactive...

Leowyn answers 'it was a good game ireland tied it in like the 90th minute then since it was a tie after penalty time it went into kicks and well spain won ... poor ireland '
Leowyn answers 'sorry mistell all'

Trystram says, 'senseless mockery can be quite amusing at times though, just not at a wedding'

- Aurius Stupid Wenlin! Im the Pretty Fae!

A faerie can be heard sneezing in the distance, unfortunatly her boogers are COMING RIGHT AT YOU!!!!!
Una gossips 'bless me =)'
Una hurls Una's nasty boogers at you but misses completely.

Jaden gossips 'mmm.... cake...'
(after I gave him 8 pieces while he was sleeping)

SherCana asks you, 'Was it a lovely wedding?'
You nod at SherCana.
You say to SherCana, 'they almost kicked me out, I think they're racist against female faeries'
SherCana says to you, 'That is good'

Neia says, 'oh my terloch, you are going insane, Wenlin.'
Neia says oocly, 'the kirganthian alternative to omg'

Neia says, '...terloch save me'

You question 'what's green aura mean?'
Isdenar answers 'wenlin-immune'

Isdenar quests 'I say we just murder all the elven maidens.'

Isdenar says, 'I have a belly button.'
Lexor pushed Isdenar's belly button.
Isdenar dies.

Neia tells the group '---Neia--- I KNOW RIVERDALE LIKE THE BACK OF MY BACK'

Someone says, 'too many someones'

Neia exclaims, 'I feel...CLEEN!'

You tell Dionae 'can you send me a tell?'
Dionae tells you 'Um.. sure '
You tell Dionae 'ok, do that please?'
Dionae tells you '*sends you a tell*'
You tell Dionae 'What delivery service did you use, its not here yet'
Dionae tells you 'Hm.. maybe next time I should use FedEx...'
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[Daehron]: I've made a marvelous discovery!
[Daehron]: All of the dummies are female!
[Salja]: yes
[Salja]: oh god
[Daehron]: muahaha
[Salja]: now daehron's gonna be humping practice dummies

[Jahron]: So what was the quest, regardless of me joining or not?
[Galdorf]: Kill Laul, apparently
[Una]: capture flag
[Jahron]: Ah.
[Dionae]: capture the flag is codeword for kill Laul
[Jahron]: Ah.

[Vesper]: I feel like sticking my stiletto in somebody's spleen.
[Galdorf]: Is that a sexual inuendo?

[Vesper]: I need to come up with a low down, dirty, conniving, sneaky maneuver and call it "The Lauphel"

[Galdorf]: Guys, I wish I had a harem

[Jahron]: Damn, I got the plague.
[Una]: rofl
[Jahron]: Galdorf, get yer arse up to Minah and cure me of this plague.
[Una]: only on a mud can someone say that and everyone be ok with it

[Galdorf]: I'll slap you to next Tuesday
[Una]: yeah well I'll slap you to the tuesday after that
[Galdorf]: Oh, you just come and try it.
[Jahron]: Shut up, or I'll slap you both to the Third tuesday after this one.
[Vesper]: I'll slap you all so hard you'll wind up in LAST Tuesday

[Jahron]: Bah.
[Jahron]: -Goes back to plotting with Cerridwen-
[Cerridwen]: *giggle*
[Jahron]: Perhaps if we threatened the trolls with fire and offer the ogres meat.

Kesin answers 'NO! Not Sydney!! We need his evilly goodness!'

Therean question 'Forgotten sea? how can a sea get forgotten? I mean, those things tend to stand out, what with all the.... wetness.'
Kesin answers 'You'd be amazed'
Vispilio answers 'It is under the sea that you get that sword... so it could, in fact, be forgotten...'
You answer 'Under the sea.. under the sea...'
[Cerridwen]: ooo sing Dionae!
[Dionae]: hehe
Therean answers 'argh! don't start singing!'
Kintara answers 'In the town, where I was born..many man, came ashore...and they lived...beneath the a yellow...submarine..... :P'
Therean answers 'Argh! My brains!'

[Moeve]: is this channel for discussing eye gouging?

Miles yells 'I WAS KILLED BY A F@#$ING SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Angston says oocly, 'Dont say I never did anything for you.'
Mercatox says oocly, 'ok. =)'
Mercatox says oocly, 'You don't do anything for me!!!! -sniff-'
Angston kicks Mercatox in the shin!

Adeiven says oocly, 'no!'
Adeiven says oocly, 'i was a boy! i was a real boy!'
You say oocly, 'I wanna make you an it :)'
Adeiven says oocly, 'but i want to be a boy'
Adeiven says oocly, 'dont you understand!?'
You poke him in the ribs.
You say oocly, 'You're still a boy :)'
Adeiven says oocly, 'i'm a she that's masquerading as a he :)'
Adeiven says oocly, 'oh.'
Adeiven says oocly, 'then you tingling sensationed something else..'
Adeiven says oocly, 'must've hit puberty.'
You giggle.

Daehron says, 'shins, shoulders, sleeves 'n' 'bows'
Daehron exclaims, 'sleeves 'n' 'bows!'

Mercatox asks, 'Bows?'
Daehron says, 'the L variety.'

Mercatox feels left out that his name doesn't start with a D.
You snicker softly.
Daehron says, 'Hush Dercatox, tall talk here.'

Kintara auctions 'anyone wanna buy a lvl 16 fae druid?'

Aaryn quests 'Why don't you come and fiiiiiind me.'
Sydney quests 'maybe i willlllll'

--> Aaryn got toasted by a unit of finely trained Gelathian guards at A Second
Floor Hallway on the East Side [room 28017]
[Llywarch]: hmmm.
[Dionae]: Hey, you said to trans him to you :)
[Llywarch]: i know.
[Llywarch]: heehee
[Llywarch]: trans him to me again?
[Dionae]: Is he gonna die this time?
[Llywarch]: i hope not, im in the courtyard.

Clio says, 'not every day i die twice at a wedding'

[Llywarch]: Oh Try i so heard that tiger comment.
[Cerridwen]: ROFL
[Vesper]: lol
[Trystram]: tiger comment?
[Trystram]: what tiger comment?

[Llywarch]: im going to kill all of you, just know that :)

[Trystram]: a man cannot make a few bestiality related tiger comments without being branded disgusting, what is this world coming to

Someone forces you to 'alias socket immt I TOUCHED THE RED BUTTON AND I'M SORRY!!!'.
socket is now aliased to 'immt I TOUCHED THE RED BUTTON AND I'M SORRY!!!'.
[Dionae]: haha
[Aequitas]: lol
Someone forces you to 'socket'.
[Someone]: damn
[Someone]: didn't work
[Dionae]: But.. we didn't crash :)
[Aequitas]: Your lucky lol

[Salja]: aw, i just broke duncan's heart
[Dionae]: Good, now kick him in the shin

[Daehron]: Llywarch sucks...this is the llywarch sucks song...suck suck suck...cause he can't hear it..suckety suck suck suck

[Daehron]: Trystram needs to pick a new name...a mean noblish type name that I can remember...

[Daehron]: lly tastes like chicken?

[Daehron]: does the command murder automatically make your victim scream?
[Terloch]: yes
Sinn yells 'Help! I am being attacked by Daehron!'
[Daehron]: wow, that's cool.

[Terloch]: ok Lly
[Llywarch]: ?
[Terloch]: I need you to do something
[Terloch]: and do it so it doesn't look like you are 8


Trystram asks, 'cotton and trousers?'
Trystram says, 'how about silk'
Trystram snickers softly.
You snicker softly.
You say, 'Okay, you can have silk'
Trystram says, 'instand of pants can it be panties'
Trystram looks around and whistles innocently.
You giggle.
You ask, 'The Duke wears silk panties?'

Angston quests 'Dark Sanctuary and Darkness!'
Clarie quests 'everyone will die'
Vispilio quests 'rofl, no'
Angston quests 'Mwahaha'
Vispilio quests '=P'
Lexor quests 'angston are you nuts?'
Domtar quests 'Not everyone'
Vispilio quests 'some of us would live'
Vispilio quests '=P'

Eloquai auctions 'WTB a life'

-[81] Banar has no_peek underwear.

Angston exclaims, 'Angston pie! Chewy goodness in every bite!'

[Vesper]: I'd like to see a drunk minotaur sailor...that could make for a humorous situation.

[Jahron]: Heh, Dwarves HATE goblins. Or is that minotaurs?
[Dionae]: Everyone hates goblins :)
[Vesper]: I think they're cute

[Llywarch]: I have mithril in my basement.

[Galdorf]: Mages can be any class

[Vesper]: These pink letters on leaderchat are permanently burned into my retinas.

Truden quotes 'Galdorf asks, 'Why'm I a woman?''
[Trystram]: i don't even wanna know galdorf
[Galdorf]: lol
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simple quote:

[quote]Do not feed the peguins!
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You gossip, 'Don't you just hate it when you wake up, and you realize that you have to go to work; making armor, scraping feces off a noble's shoe, that sort of thing...and than you realize that you are filthy stinking rich and can do whatever you want?'

Banar gossips, 'Than I'd just be filthy, stinking, and drunk.'
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Toran question 'qHello uDionae, ehow sare tou?'
You answer 'Subliminal messages?'
Toran answers 't*GASPS* oAre ryou aaccusing nme iof ssuch gnasty oawful othings, dDionae?'

Bedwyr says, 'I want it to say "A long white robe with green designs around the edges." '
You say, 'Gimme the robe too'
You grin playfully.
Bedwyr asks, 'Then what will I wear?'
You say, 'I need it so I can restring it'
Bedwyr asks, 'Do you have something I can wear while you do?'
You say, 'Um..'
You say, 'I won't look, I promise :)'
Bedwyr says, 'I do not like being *whisper* naked *whisper* in public'
Bedwyr says, 'But okay'
Bedwyr says, 'Turn around.'
You snicker softly.
Dionae turns around.
Bedwyr stops using a mage's robe.
Bedwyr gives you a mage's robe.
Bedwyr steps behind a couch to hide himself.

Aval tells you 'FATE QUEST!'
Aothacos tells you 'FATE QUEST'
Mahin tells you 'GO DEAF'
Aothacos tells you 'FATE'
Mahin tells you 'eek'
Aval tells you 'FATE'
Mahin tells you 'too late'
Timbo tells you 'FATE'

[Vesper]: I'm going to be a cereal rapist...Cap'n Crunch will never see it coming.

[Tinarith]: *giggling* not a pretty mental picture....dwarves in bondage :P

[Galdorf]: Apparently cheating is 'illegal'

Sevxo gossips 'I woke up in Hell once, it was nice. I'd like a round trip vacation there sometime.'

[Trystram]: someone play something with me
[Trystram]: anyone wanna play pool on yahoo? =X
[Galdorf]: Go play with yourself.
[Trystram]: =/
[Galdorf]: <grins evilly>
[Tinarith]: i suck at that *pout*
[Dionae]: *waits for someone to make a joke out of that*
[Trystram]: lol tina
[Trystram]: come on
[Trystram]: lets go play
[Tinarith]: i suck at pool offline though too ;) guess i shouldn't be surprised
[Una]: uhm tina do you suck at pool or playing with yourself?
[Dionae]: hehe
[Trystram]: LOL

[Galdorf]: I left my spaghetti in the car
[Galdorf]: Think it'll be okay overnight?

[Galdorf]: Diputs
[Galdorf]: That's so funny
[Galdorf]: To say out loud
[Vesper]: hehe, yer right
[Galdorf]: About what?
[Galdorf]: Diputs?
[Vesper]: haha, yea
[Galdorf]: Yeah
[Vesper]: If I spend my day tomorrow saying that name, I will kill your dog.
[Galdorf]: You'll dream about it
[Vesper]: If I dream about's over for me.
[Galdorf]: lol

[Vesper]: I coulda went out, but noooooooooooooo....
[Vesper]: I'm here talking to a dwarf

Voriskehl exclaims, 'hey playing mindless characters is my specialty!'

[Vesper]: I got an idea...
[Vesper]: just you and me, we'll run the Gauntlet. You heal, I backstab.
[Galdorf]: Yes, that'll work
[Galdorf]: Right before we die
[Vesper]: Ah...but it'll work!
[Galdorf]: Horrible, horrible deaths

Voriskehl says, 'where am I'
Mekrath says, 'Freeman's Guild'
Voriskehl exclaims, 'really so where are all the free people Im starving!'
Voriskehl says, 'I would like a freeman sandwhich'
Mekrath exclaims, 'Cannibal!'
Voriskehl says, 'hey Im a minotaur'

[Galdorf]: Guys
[Galdorf]: My name should be Dalgorf
[Galdorf]: So I could be Froglad
[Galdorf]: Half frog, half lad
[Tinarith]: Dorfy :)
[Vesper]: I wish I had something to say to that.
[Galdorf]: lol
[Vesper]: I feel as if I should respond, but you've done it...I'm speechless.
[Vesper]: *sits speechless*
[Tinarith]: *watches Vesper in silence*
[Galdorf]: <screams to disrupt the silence>
[Vesper]: *thinks about people watching him*
[Tinarith]: there's always gotta be ONE asshole......
[Galdorf]: <raises his hand>

[Tinarith]: there's no 'death'......just a brief interruption in your immortal state

[Galdorf]: Anyone know some good cleric eq?
[Vesper]: Try the "Cleric-o-Rama" store in Karlsburg
[Galdorf]: ...right...

[Vesper]: if I pay you guys in mead, can I hire you?
[Galdorf]: No
[Vesper]: WHAT?!
[Galdorf]: We want real gold
[Galdorf]: You cheap bastard
[Vesper]: you won't take mead??
[Galdorf]: Hey, that lines up
[Vesper]: hey, that could be your motto
[Galdorf]: lol
[Galdorf]: We want real gold, you cheap bastard
[Vesper]: Steelforge - "We want real gold, you cheap bastard."
[Galdorf]: lol

[Vesper]: I have, like...2 saves.
[Vesper]: I might as well be an airport, because everything lands on me.

[Vesper]: pay up, beard boy
[Galdorf]: For what?
[Galdorf]: So you can peek?
[Vesper]: for associating with a dwarf
[Vesper]: well, what if the guy is ugly
[Vesper]: I mean
[Vesper]: I don't wanna look at him
[Galdorf]: It's a chick
[Vesper]: it is?
[Vesper]: oh
[Dionae]: hehe
[Vesper]: well
[Vesper]: geez
[Vesper]: why didn't you say so
[Dionae]: In THAT case... :)
[Galdorf]: With beautiful flowing robes and a lovely belt which accents her womanly features
[Vesper]: damn right in that case, let's rock

[Vesper]: I paid him
[Vesper]: poor horse didn't come with me
[Galdorf]: who cares?
[Vesper]: I do, I loved him
[Galdorf]: I'm coming, vesper
[Vesper]: you insensitive dwarf

[Galdorf]: I'm an utter moron.
[Galdorf]: How am I still alive?
[Dionae]: Well, we know that..
[Trystram]: no one is disagreeing =P
[Galdorf]: Thanks, folks
[Galdorf]: I love you too.

[Vesper]: dear lord, I'm being attacked by suicidal tomatos

global> A loud shattering noise echo's through the lands.
global> Una's loud cursing rings in your ears.
global> Chickens everywhere stop laying.
global> Your beer suddenly goes flat.


Voriskehl says, 'Die woodland creatures'

Mearyl yells 'choppin broccoli!!'

Derkus says oocly, 'oww i just hit my forehead on the space bar'
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Wenlin waves his arms and utters the words, 'porta'.
Wenlin steps through a gate and vanishes.
Wenlin has arrived through a gate.
Wenlin goes *ACK* and looks somewhat worried.

- [GUIDE] Isyll Nuwore is not a travel agent. &copy;
- [GUIDE] Wenlin Bluebeard is not a travel service
You question 'I would like to have Wenlin investigated for copyright infringement.'
Wenlin answers 'I'm not an agent, I'm a service'

Toran moves to squat near the fountain.
You say oocly, 'toran. there's a latrine in the stables.'
You say oocly, 'please, don't do it here at center.'

You tell your group 'i so didnt get a gift'
Vesper tells the group 'hehehehee'
You tell your group '<scribbles her name on the tag of your gift> see.. i really did.. we both did.. ya'
You tell your group 'same way i get thru christmas so cheaply'
Vesper tells the group 'looks good to me'
Vesper tells the group 'I just write IOU's in crayon'

Vesper has the date and the he just needs a room.

You tell your group 'get it over with and give us our booze'
Vesper tells the group 'seriously, move it along...'
Vesper tells the group 'I should have brought a flask for this ceremony'
You tell your group 'oh totally, we could've passed it back and forth'

[Llywarch]: i dont wub you, i want you all to die.
[Salja]: nono, you lurve me.
[Llywarch]: death death death death
[Salja]: lunch
[Llywarch]: quick lunch death death death
[Salja]: death death death quick shower
[Cerridwen]: ok thats it gimme back my present
[Salja]: death death death
[Dionae]: hehe
[Salja]: oh, we missed afternoon tea
[Llywarch]: Simpsons death death death
[Llywarch]: death death death drugs, then uber death death death
[Llywarch]: a couple quick late night aim conversations
[Salja]: 'You killed a hundred thousand people? You must get up VERY early in the morning. I can't even get down the gym!'
[Llywarch]: and then death death death death annnnddd...
[Llywarch]: death.

[Aequitas]: *Leans up beside the big read button, and takes a biiiigggg stretch*
[Salja]: nono aeq
[Salja]: theyll cut off your hands too
[Salja]: <shows off her nubs>
Someone forces you to 'alias socket immt I TOUCHED THE RED BUTTON AND I'M SORRY!!!'.
Sorry, you have reached the alias limit.
Someone forces you to 'socket'.
[# Conn_State Login@ Idl] Player Name Host
[Someone]: damn
[Someone]: dodn't work
[Salja]: is this like a ripoff of the 'don't touch the orb' quest? hehe

[Llywarch]: I can't hear you. Leader Chat is off because it's not really leader chat, it's #### talk. Talk to me when you have something nice to say.
[Daehron]: Llywarch sucks...this is the llywarch sucks song...suck suck suck...cause he can't hear it..suckety suck suck suck
[Daehron]: smile.
[Daehron]: wait, you can't use a channel you don't have on.

The keeper of evil speaks forth: Proclaimed by Una, I am now called Midget-R, the R Class of Midget!
You question 'Is that a sport utility vehicle?'

Neia looks up into the clouds and mumbles something about, 'dang that fish' to himself.

* Tinarith, too clueless for crusty undies.

[Cerridwen]: just smack me around and call me nancy or something

Sareena tells the group 'Sareena -{@}- God, I swear this is going to kill me one day... now I lay girls!! RoFLoL'

A Gold Gargoyle whispers, 'I want you badly'

- [GUIDE] Isyll Nuwore has discovered your net present value.

Trystram tells the group 'how about Scutum'
You tell your group 'dunno what one of those is'
You tell your group 'sounds like scrotum'
Trystram tells the group 'lol'
Trystram tells the group 'i guess pavise then'
You tell your group 'i mean do you really want people to think that about your armor'
Trystram tells the group 'let see'
Trystram tells the group 'lol'
Trystram tells the group 'hmm, i dun know, might distract them in combat =P'
You tell your group '<worn as shield> a giant nutsack'

Araltizario tells you 'sorry, Im powergaming'

You tell your house: 'wow, if i'm this cranky today, i cant wait to see what I'm like tomorrow when i quit smoking '
You tell your house: 'I'll bend you.. nvm'
Woodsman Pengolod tells the house 'ewwwe sick'
Woodsman Malaak tells the house 'Geez'
Woodsman Malaak tells the house 'I sense some bad mood here '
Woodsman Malaak tells the house 'If you stop smoking too *SHIVER*'
You tell your house: 'my pms lasts for about 3 weeks'
You tell your house: 'well i -am- gonna do the patch thing this time'
Woodsman Pengolod tells the house 'Canae, Im going to chill in Brulan for 3 weeks'

You say, 'A man who walks.. naked..'
Gyviel motions to Conner's bare legs.
Conner says, 'Latest fashion, I assure you... or so the frost giant told me. He was rather persistent.'

You tell Kazad 'in other words its a pain in the butt, and i'm willing to share needles'

Radd says oocly, 'You will not smoke a cigarette... you will not smoke a cigarette... if you so much as touch a cigarette, you will be smitten by Terloch.'
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Canae asks Pengolod, 'why did we have such a loser for a kid?'
Pengolod says to Canae, 'He came out of you'
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<mutters at Terloch for actually quoting that>

Angston tells you '*cry* Some ass is gonna come in my house and urinate on the rug!'

Fildor question 'how do you get pking?'
Someone answers 'help pk.'
You answer 'you jump through a series of flaming hoops and then wait for them to put the flames out, then you undergo a ritual beating. Then you can pk.'
Sipe answers 'hehehehe'
Lional answers 'Canae you forgot the part where we through them off a cliff, and they fall next to the iwizia, in which they have to beat it solo before they hit the ground.'
Raymond answers 'ritual beating for Canae scheduled in 10 minutes'
You answer 'I've already had mine, thanks '
Someone answers 'I wanna watch! '

Conner tells you 'dammit I wanna worship the beaver!'

Solorin tells you 'the barons passing Isyll around like a doobie snack?'

You tell your house: 'Hello, Vesper.'
Executor Vesper tells the house '*tips his big ol hat*'
You tell your house: 'You know what they say about men with big hats..'
You tell your house: '...they have big hats.'

You tell Vesper 'its too much of a list of 'who's who of FR dumbasses''

Tholci shouts 'Canae is standing in Stonegate! Where's Thomas!?!?! SOMEONE put this in print!'
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Pengolod says, 'Im hotter than two rats screwing in a wool sock and I want to swim.'
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Someone quotes '50 crystal vials of strange nectar, 50,000 gold crowns'
Someone quotes 'Buddies to help you powerlevel in 16 hours, 1000 crowns'
Someone quotes 'Dying to the spiritual soul with all of your nectars in inventory because your skills suck horribly, Priceless'
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[1399] (1 hit) a member of the Protoss Conclave annihilates you with his blasting, which totally ANNIHILATES you!!
That really did HURT!
You wish that your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!


(In other words, I got hit for 1399 damage when my max hp is 1400)

You ask, 'what do you say when someone gives you a free gift?'
Kogroth says, 'COOL'
Lacerta says, 'Screw You'
You ask, 'what do you say to the giving person?'

Havilar gossips 'Myke Tyson, professional boxer, bit someone's ear off during a match'
Radd gossips 'Boxer?  So he makes boxes for a living?'

-----EDIT ALERT------
You tell Boon ''
Boon tells you 'that is strange'

(Boon being the drake lord, and this being in the middle of a drake-killing quest, and drake being a VERY tough mob that's snapping everyone in two)
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