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PK tournament in ArcticMUD

Welcome to ArcticMUD - where the good die young and often!

If you're looking for a MUD with unrestricted playerkilling, look no further, any horrible death you can imagine awaits for you in ArcticMUD ;--P

However, the new players seldom have a chance to see how the best players destroy their opponents. Don't miss your chance to watch our special event - a PK tournament!


There will be a tournament held on Sunday, 09 November 2008, from 3PM-???.

It has been a long time since we have had a large-scale tournament to allow everyone to prove who the best among you are. The tournament will be made up of five main events:

First Event: Five versus Five Team Tournament
Player-picked teams will combat eachother in a 'playoff-style' tournament. The top two teams at the end will fight five times for five minutes each time. Whoever wins the most times out of five (three wins) will be the winning team, the Champions!

Second Event: Three versus Three Tournament
Randomly chosen teams will combat eachother in batches (the amount of teams fighting at once will vary based on how many we have). The winning of each batch will move up and fight the other winning teams and on and on until someone finally wins!

Third Event: Best in Class Tournament
Mages vs mages, clerics vs clerics, druids vs druids, warriors vs warriors, paladins vs paladins, thieves vs thieves, dark knights vs dark knights, barbarians vs barbarians, scouts vs scouts, shamans vs shamans. The winners of each round will then fight to see who is the best class.

Fourth Event: Free for All Tournament
Everyone in an arena and a whole lot of dying. This will happen in a few different phases. Phase one: everyone against everyone, carnage ensues. Phase two: everyone against everyone, more carnage. Phase three: winner of phase one versus winner of phase two, small but entertaining carnage.

Fifth Event: Championship Round
The winning five versus five team will fight the winning three versus three team which will take on two new members, the winner of the Best in Class Tournament and the winner of the Free for All Tournament.

So, you want to play? Great. Here's how:

The tournament is restricted to characters level 25 or higher. All entrants will use whatever equipment they already have, none will be provided for you.

For the Five versus Five Team Tournament:
Form a team and make a list of the players on your team, try to include accurate class/level information on your list and then send the list in an e-mail to with '5v5 Team' as the subject. (When making these teams, please try to be sporting. I reserve the right to reject your team!)
Entry deadline is Friday, 07 November, 2008.

For the Three versus Three Team Tournament:
Send an e-mail with the name/class/level of the character you'd like to enter to with the subject '3v3 Team.' The teams will be randomly generated (we'll adjust anything horribly unbalanced).
Entry deadline is Saturday, 08 November, 2008.

For the Free for All Tournament:
We will be taking players for this event on the day of the event. There will not be a sign-up process, so nobody needs to worry about this one!

Substitutes and alternates will be taken from other events, so there doesn't need to be a sign-up for that, either.

Everyone may participate in as many events as they choose and may use the same, or different, characters in each. If there are any conflicts we will use a substitute.

- Kam, the Little Kender that Could Beat You All In This Tournament If He Wasn't Running It

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