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Tithe trains get ransacked on their way to High Reaches Weyr! Winter is coming, how is the weyr going to handle the shortages?

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Tillek's tithe train sacked. Wed May 13 N'thei
"Wait, all the /beer/ got stolen?!" Not an uncommon cry in the lower
caverns on the evening of the 23rd, when word got out that a tithe train
bound for the Reaches from Tillek was sacked overnight. While it's not
common for holdless to turn criminal, it's not exactly as rare as it was
20 Turns ago to hear of some little farmhold or some poorly guarded tithe
or trader train getting sacked, but the fall tithe from Tillek? The facts,
as can be sorted from the rumors:

--The attack took place a day out of Tillek, when the train stopped for
the night.
--There must have been about thirty people involved, though the chaos of
the events prevented anyone from getting a head-count. No one saw any of
the attackers, so no one can provide a description, but there are rumors
of male and female voices being heard.
--The entire wagon containing the Tillekian tithe of beer, ale, spirits,
all that lovely stuff was jacked. Also taken was a second wagon, the
contents of which were first offloaded to be replaced with anything of
marginal value: fabric, furniture, and most of the saltfish.
--No word yet from the Tillekian leadership.

For more High Reaches history, check out the wiki page: Main Page - High Reaches Weyr

Connect to NorCon for more!

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