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This is one of those threads in which I welcome participants to pitch their favorite games - but there's a catch, a caveat you must satisfy to prevent your post from being wiped off the board.

It's quite simple, really.

Use this thread to post about specific roles you need filled in your RP-oriented game. Don't post general promotional stuff about how many races or spells your game features.

An example of a proper post in this thread:

ABC MUD, an RP-encouraged gaming environment, is looking for a cleric to serve as second in command of a mysterious order of monks who will be pivotal in an upcoming storyline. Information about the monks can be found at or e-mail me at Experienced roleplayers need only apply. Fantasy background preferable.

An example of an improper post in this thread:

ABC MUD is a kick-ass RP-encouraged gaming environment with 40-gajillion classes, 30-bazillion races, 40-quadzillion coded systems, and 2-million people online at any given time, thanks to our whacked-out dedicated T400 server. We're the mack daddy. Free stat bonuses for the first 100 people who logon, chargen and send a shout out to Cletus.

Think of this as a Hollywood casting call crossed with a MU* classified ad.

Good luck!
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this is a great thread

I think Dragon's Gate needs a few more Goblin-al characters. A while ago some the goblin-al players got together and made a clan called the "Skulls". They'd all get together every once in a while and form a road block and ambush people. It was great, when you'd be walking down a road and all of a sudden 10 goblin-als jump out screaming in their own language and then trying to decide if you can take them all on or can get away before they figure out what their going to do next. Now it looks like most of them have either made new characters or don't play as much anymore.

You can check out some info on Dgate's goblin-al's at in the manual

Here's the "IC" message board that most goblin-al's use:

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Old 04-26-2002, 06:37 AM   #3
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Feudal Realms is an original medieval fantasy mud with a unique feudal system where roleplay is strongly encouraged. One thing I've noticed is that a few of our houses are somewhat lacking in members. Most notably, the Order of Lunarou has had a significant drop in its numbers, with only one or two members logging on consistently.

The Order of Lunarou is a band of chivalrous knights sworn to upholding justice and protecting the city of Stonegate. They are not a noble house, and are rather militaristic in their ways, following the orders of their appointed leader, currently Baronet Terrace Kanem. You are not required to be of the knight class to join, and in fact clerics, mages, warriors, rangers, and more have all been included among their ranks. Necromancers and thieves, however, are forbidden to join the noble Wolfknights. Humans, elves, half-elves, and possibly minotaurs are the accepted races.

Other houses in need of members are the Duchy of Gelathia, the Duchy of Tirome, the Concolor Guard, and the Splitrock Clan, though all houses are currently accepting petitions. More information on the houses and orders of the realms can be found on the Nobility page of the website (note: it has not been updated in some time) or by reading the different helpfiles on each of the houses. Or, if you'd like, feel free to contact me for details.

Also, soon to come is a housewipe, which will remove all members from the houses, so they will have to re-petition to be allowed back in. If you were already a member of a certain house, you stand a good chance at being accepted again. Along with this will be new changes coming to the house systems, as well as new storylines and alliances being formed. This would be a good time to grow accustomed to the game and to learn about the history of Kirganthis and the noble houses.

If you're interested, you can visit the realms at: port: 4444 or view the website at:
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I'm looking for a few different things for my faction on Azhad, a role-playing enforced MU*.

The faction is an illuminati group of mage/mystics that feel the general public is too ignorant to deal with anything of a magical nature. The group fronts as a school for those unwilling to follow the path of the Tzakiri. One of its main tenets is extolling the virtues of a particular astrology theory. Feel free to email me and check out the Azhad site or send me an email.

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Calling all Swashbucklers to OutremerMUX!

First, the general stuff: it's an originally-themed MUX, based on our world in the early 17th century--it's like the Three Musketeers in a fantasy world. It's RP-mandatory, and the level of RP looks very high so far (only been open a week, though.) Focus is on scheming, political plotting, duelling, and social RP. World is extremely small, to foster RP. Factional membership is mandatory. It's probably one of those elitist RP-intensive games; if you don't like those, you won't like this. If you do, you will.

Now, for specific roles:

The Queen's Escort needs members. The Escort serves the Dowager Queen of Ardainne, and competes against the King's Immortals (who are a bunch of rowdy knaves in tabards) and the Cardinal's Guard (who are grimly loyal to the too-ambitious Cardinal). The Escort, however, is known both for its excellence of style--yeah, we look gooooood!--and for our loyalty to the Queen, who is the leading voice of the Orthodoxy (and not a boy-king, like her son, or a slimy operator, like the Cardinal). Members should probably be guardsmen or women (the Escort is the most female-friendly of the three Great Companies) or their lackeys or minions. There are also a few roles for peope who are associated to the Escort, but not actually members.

You could join the Immortals or Guard, too ... but then I'd have to challenge you to a duel, you blackguard, and you'd not escape *that* with your honor--or your skin--intact!

Oh, and the game's only open for playtesting. It's definitely ready for great RP, but there are also a bunch of kinks still being smoothed out.

Anyway. Check it out:
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