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Home MUD: Advent of the Mists
Home MUD: Advent of the Mists
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After over a year of pre-development, Advent of the Mists MUD is now offering opportunities for creative and inventive minds to help us bring our world to life. Advent is a roleplay intensive classic medieval fantasy MUD based on a heavily modified ROM 2.4 codebase. We are completely classless, alignmentless, and leveless, and and are designing our world to place as few restrictions on players as possible, allowing them to customize their character to suit their wishes. Our world is completely original and all stock areas have been removed. We are not yet open for play, but are pushing to open up for beta testing this spring. Our staff has already spent countless hours designing various aspects of the game, and developing rich, detailed theme information.

Our main interests lie in creativity and detail, not technical experience. If you are a writer that wishes to create an area or help flesh out theme, you're welcome at Advent even if you don't have any building experience. All of our builders are encouraged to offer input on game design and theme, and actually participate in helping to develop the MUD beyond simply building.

Our OLC has been optimized to remove number crunching and to keep stat setting to a minimum. Our goal is to streamline the building process for builders as much as possible so that their main focus can be the innovation and detail in their areas. Our OLC also comes equipped with a devastatingly advanced prog system that allows us to add dynamic content in our areas. Our progs can accomplish nearly anything a builder can imagine, so there are few limitations when it comes to building areas. Join our building staff and watch your areas practically come to life!

We have also developed informative, educational building tutorials customized to suit our OLC step by step, so that builders will have no trouble finding help if they need it. Our tutorials also include resources and detailed examples to help break the occasional writer's block.

We understand that builders have lives outside MUD, and our deadlines for area completion are generous. All we ask is that candidates use proper english and grammar, write detailed and enticing descriptions, and not leave their work unfinished.

If you have any questions, please feel free to to sign on to Advent at 8310. Our staff is very friendly and always willing to chat or answer questions. Interested builders should visit our website at and fill out an online building application.

If you're interested in having a visible effect on an up-and-coming MUD destined for success, we urge you to join us at Advent of the Mists.

Advent of the Mists Staff 8310
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