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Accursed Lands ( is a vast world of over 20 million rooms.
The world is spherical and it has been traversed. It takes about 3 months of real life traveling time to complete the journey.

The land is composed of grassy plains, lightly wooded forests, heavy woods, oceans, swamps and an underground terrain that is vast beyond compare.

You can walk upon the land, swim underwater (if you are of the correct race), tunnel below the ground (making your own permanent tunnels as you go) and in the near future flying races will be available so you can soar the skys as well.

Roleplay - This is highly encouraged as it will add to your fun while engaging the other players as well as yourself in this medievil world we call Terrinor.

Our playerbase is right around 200 accounts, and at times our online playerbase ranges from 25-50 people playing at the same time, anytime day or night.

PK - This mud is a player killing mud, but you don't have to kill anyone or anything to enjoy your role playing experience.
At this time we also have a nasty little feature called Perm-Killing. It's a way for one person or more than one person to permanently erace your character from the game. This is a players option, so we as players, can totally remove someone who is going about killing every player they come across.
It's not something that is easily accomplished. A well RP'ed killer is looked upon with great favor, but a hack & slash butcher who causes new players to turn away from the mud is highly discouraged.

Along with death, we also have ressurrection. At the time of your death, you are dead. If someone should come along and find you, mostly likely they will take all of your possessions. But if you are lucky, they might drag you to a church to ressurrect you (bring you back to the living once again).
If no one find you, then after your corpse is dead for an hour and 15 minutes, you will auto-rez in a church and be alive, coughing & spitting blood, gasping for your next breath.

Crafting - There are tons of items to craft in the game. Items of wood, glass, metal, bone, grass. You can sew to make clothes, work with leather to make (items of leather), skin animals for their pelts, tan those pelts to make fur.
You mine ore, then smelt the metal from the ore. Use the metal to forge swords, armor, etc.
You can lumber trees and craft boats to sail on the ocean.
You can spend your entire life being a merchant, crafting items for sale, talking to the townfolk about any new trading posts without ever lifting a sword to anyone.

Tunneling - This is an aspect of mining, and I mention it for this reason. The underworld is around 12 million rooms. The tunnels you make there are permanent. You are your own ant colony. Plus not only do you make your own tunnels, you can discover new tunnels with things that no one in the entire game has ever seen before. You will be the first to see it, but you must DIG and you must watch for caveins. You don't want to get trapped down there.

Magic - Unlike most muds, magic here is very rare and most of the general public hates magic and anyone who uses it. Magic has the nasty side effect to cause everyone in the game to feel some fatigue. We have a bar system on the prompt that shows you your level of fatigue. It's from 1-10 bars. At 1 bar you might be barely tired from a jog in the woods. At 4 bars you are worn out from battling a few wolves trying to have you for diner. At 10 bars you are system shocked and you pass out. Magic drains the land and the people in it, each time it is used.

We have the following races to chose from......

Humans - Barbaric bastards with a taste for blood & money
Some of the best fighters in the land have been humans.

Mysrrae - Cat like people who have strange ways. Their entire city is offlimits to all other races. I think they have something to hide.

Braman - Intelligent folk with a great deal of magic lore, but don't be fooled, they can fight with the best of them.

Aquaepura - They are an aquatic race than can also walk on land. While on the land, they appear to be Braman. At one time in their history they took upon the guise of humans. A very secretive race. You never know what's below you while swimming.

and lastly Goblins - What is a mud without a good goblin and ours have all the RP you can handle. Muddy little creatures living in bogs. But don't be fooled by their size, a spiked club to the groin will take any man down. They are good traders and can spot fun time from a mile away. Oh and did I mention the goblin hoarde. Nevermind, you probablly won't find them. They will most likely find you first.

I have babbled on enough and yet I feel like I haven't told you anything. I'll leave that for the next post.
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Grendal is on a distinguished road
Cities - There are 7 major cities that I know of.  Some cities are large with over 150 rooms while others are smaller with < 50 rooms.  Within most cities you will find places to buy & sell clothing, weapons, armor & many misc items.
You can also own your own shop and stock you own items for sale for other players to buy. You set you own prices and the tents or cabins have a fair amount of space to stock most everything you might want to put on a table for sale.
Most cities have banks and you can access your bank account from any other city that has a bank.
There are post offices to mail letters to people within the game.
We also have mentor rooms where newbies can go to for help.
A mentor will show you the ropes of the game and help you with any roleplaying problems you might have.
Most cities have town boards where you can leave messages about anything you want. Advertising for your shop. Ask someone for help in learning the newest techniques in whittling. Or perhaps you would like to hire yourself out as a guide to help people find the lost gold of "Catmandu"
It's a place to let everyone know about the coming festival or to warn everyone about the man with dim dark eyes who robbed you the day before while you were traveling in the mountains.

Other special places - There are a great number of special places in the world of Terrinor. Some are very large and mysterious. Other are small and deadly. Always watch your back and never explore without light. You just never know what you might find.

Creatures of the land - We have some basic creatures that you all should be familiar with, but a bunny rabbit in the Accursed Lands can be as deadly as any demon you might face.

Normal (Rabbit, squirrel, rat, cat, dog, wolf, deer, fox, bear, snake, crocodile, spider, lizard, vulture, raven, hawk, owl, jackal, mink, tortoise, monitor lizard, etc etc.)

Others (knifespider, snake demon, rock demon, pit demon, lurker demon, skeleton, (various animal skeletons), black blood, ooze, bracal, molok, giant bee, tarantus, etc etc.)

These are by far not all the creatures, but just the few that came to mind as I wrote this.

NPC's - Our npc's have been very well crafted and at times have been mistaken for actual players. You can have a conversation with them and learn a great deal of information about the land by asking them questions as you would another player. They have advanced brains and I've been told from other people that they are some of the most advanced npc's that they've seen.

Health & Combat

body: in perfect health.
head: in perfect health.
left arm: in perfect health.
left leg: in perfect health.
right arm: in perfect health.
right leg: in perfect health.

When I type health, this is what I see. All of my limbs, head and body are in perfect health.

Accursed Lands uses different descriptions to indicate how damaged an object or body part is. Here are the damage descriptions in order from the most serious to the least serious.

    BODY                        |       OBJECTS
   in perfect health          |       in perfect condition
   barely wounded           |       in nearly perfect condition
   slightly wounded          |       in good shape
   hurt                           |       slightly used          
   badly hurt                   |       moderately used        
   injured                        |       slightly worn-out      
   broken                        |       moderately worn-out    
   completely destroyed     |       badly damaged          
                                    |       very badly damaged      
                                    |       falling to pieces      
                                    |       almost totally destroyed

Combat - It can last a very long time (I think the record is 2 hours for a single fight) or can be over in less than a second.
Most fights last anywhere from 1 second to 3 minutes depending on your fighting style and what you are fighting and of course what you are fighting with.

We have bows & arrows, slings & stones for ranged combat. Swords, axes, clubs, daggers (in so many types and styles I couldn't name them all)

We have a system of style settings that you can alter while you are in a fight.
Combat Style
Aim | * | Control
Offensive | * | Dodge
Daring | * | Parry
Power | * | Speed
Attack | * | Defense

You can aim for your opponents head or any other body parts they have. The more you focus your settings on aim, the less you are focusing on control. Control is your abilty to control a shot away from one or more areas of your body.

Daring is used to get passed opponents weapons.
The others are self explanitory I think.
The faster you move, the less powerful your hits are.
You can adjust these settings in small increments (5 moves left or 5 moves right) so you can truly personalize your own combat fighting styles.

A small example of the end of a fight.
A young male snake-demon with red scales slips through your guard and grazes your left leg with his teeth!

A young male snake-demon with red scales just barely dodges your iron longsword.

You slip through his guard and poke his body with your iron longsword!

You rush forward and graze his left foreleg with your iron longsword!

A young male snake-demon with red scales dodges to the side and pokes your left leg with his teeth!

A young male snake-demon with red scales quickly evades your iron longsword.

You sneak past his defenses and nick his tail with your iron longsword!

You force past his defenses and slice his left foreleg with your iron longsword!

(My health)
body: barely wounded.
head: hurt.
left arm: slightly wounded.
left leg: slightly wounded.
right arm: hurt.
right leg: hurt.

health demon

body: slightly wounded.
head: injured.
left foreleg: broken.
right foreleg: broken.
tail: slightly wounded.

A young male snake-demon with red scales gets inside your guard and nicks your left leg with his teeth!

You feint to the left and shave his body with your iron longsword!

You sneak past his defenses and gash his head with your iron longsword!

A young male snake-demon with red scales' head is crippled!
A young male snake-demon with red scales slumps to the ground.
A young male snake-demon with red scales's body goes limp.

You hit a young male snake-demon with red scales, who is unconscious, with your iron longsword.

A young male snake-demon with red scales' head is ripped off!
A young male snake-demon with red scales dies right before your eyes.
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