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The Vorpal Tribble
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... a chance to participate in one of the best roleplaying enviroments in the MUDding world. Everyone benefits! Depending on your race you could very well win a...

... set of claws and a deep, rich history if you go the wandering ways of a mysrra. Designed and grown by use of magic to fight in wars these half feline/half human products of genetic engineering fought they're way free of their creator's enslavement. You to could gain a sense of honor, of integrity, and an unstoppable spirit.

... pair of large, sensitive ears and an intricate and subtle mind if you rise yourself up to the level of the curious braman. A way of standoffish watchfulness and a sense of peace could be yours, along with the knowledge of herbs and the uses of alchemy. A society far in advance of its brethren sentients is wide open to you.

... a strong back, and a way of life that adapts itself to its needs if you go the way of the human being. A race pulling, but not yet pulled out of, a life of strife and barbarism. A sense of security within the cities or the feel of blood pounding through your veins while upon the dangerous roads will draw you.

... the fantastic healing abilities and sound body of a dimunative goblin. The swamps may be cold and heartless, and your mud huts damp, but with your tough hide, and ability to stand hardships, you will hardly notice it.

... the view of a vast underwater enviroment and the understanding of the dry land as well if you dive into the world of the aquapurae. Breathing both water and air these amphibious beings have mastered adaptation. Split off from the braman people years ago, but still closely resembling them, you to will have intricate knowledge of the ways of acting and deception.

Further prizes include an all original theme; based on nothing outside of Terrinor, a realistic battle system, a huge world to explore; within the air, upon the land, beneath the waves or under the ground, helpful players and staff, and a chance to enter the continuing and ever developing story that those who survive in these Accursed Lands call life.

But thats not all! Simply for logging on you will aquire your own native language, a canteen, a pack, sack or satchel, some rations and a torch to light your way.  

If your interested in a game of intensely realistic and in depth dimensions, Accursed Lands might satisfy that craving within you for a place to call home. We will welcome you with open arms (sword, axe, mace, stone club...)
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