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Thumbs up EmpireMUD! - A different kind of MUD.

(This is being cross-posted from a response to a thread in another forum.) (Dawn of the Empires)

This MUD is still going and we still need more active players!

I'll be honest, many of you will find character creation difficult at first. The hard part is that the creation help is pretty non-existent. It's hard to know what skills you'll need or use and, more importantly, which ones have actually been finished. An important thing to understand about the EmpireMUD code is that it was never truly finished. Don't let that stop you from checking it out because, once you do, you'll be so hooked that you won't mind some missing features.

First of all, let me give you some quick character creation hints:

1) Human, Werewolf, or Vampire? Hardcore or Softcore?
I prefer human softcore. Many of the vampire disciplines are unfinished (potence does work, I believe) and sunlight is very unforgiving! It does not take long at all to burst into flames when you are caught out in the sun as a vamp. Humans and wolves can get a lot more done during the day. The reason I prefer softcore is because, as the head of my empire, permanent death means my empire is out of a leader.

2) What stats?
Attributes are pretty self-explanatory. I do not know how important Manipulation, Wits, Charisma, or Appearance are. I think appearance only determines whether your character is described as "ugly" or attractive." Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Perception are definitely used in various tasks, Intelligence being the main one when it comes to building.

Abilities have not all been finished. Here are the ones I use and know count for something: Animal Ken (herding), Alertness (gathering), Archery, Athletics (physical tasks), Crafts (sewing, building, crafting, forging, etc. - Very important for the builder.), Brawl, Dodge, Melee (fighting and some tasks like chopping trees), Linguistics (number of extra languages you know), Larceny (stealing), Performance (music), Leadership (for some buildings like temples), Ride, Stealth (hiding), Science (buildings), and Subterfuge (sneaking, I believe).

I could be mistaken on some points, but I think these are mostly correct.

As far as vampire disciplines or werewolf stuff, I'm not sure.

3) Joining an Empire?
Many players like to be in charge, and even I insisted on trying to run my own empire for the longest time before I finally got the chance to be a member of someone else's empire. I never learned so much in this game as when I was a member of The Republic on an EmpireMUD years ago. First of all, I had access to buildings and resources that I would not be able to obtain myself until my stats had been built up significantly. For instance, you can't build a castle until your Intelligence and Science are maxxed. Without a castle, and its vault to hold gold and silver, your empire will not have a wealth rating. Another example: you can't build mines until your science is at a 2. If you can't mine, you can't get iron to make weapons or armor. Even a lumbermill requires at least a point in science, and if you didn't give your character that to start out: you won't have any way to store your lumber, one of the most critical resources!

So, if you are new: JOIN AN EMPIRE!

My empire, Corpse Stealers, accepts all races and is one of the oldest on the mud. Presently we are the most famous and most powerful.

OOC: We like helping newbies.
RP: We're a collection of thieves, mercenaries, and vagabonds (of all races) trying to survive. Arabic is our preferred language, but we all generally speak English as well.

My character (Thraessa Maelicia) is generally on at all hours, but I am not always at the keyboard. You can still pledge my empire while I'm away or, if I'm not on, ANY Corpse Stealer can enroll you into the empire! We have plenty of resources and a nice piece of real estate with everything we need right at hand.

If you'd rather not become a member of an empire with a name like "Corpse Stealers" or, if you are trying to roleplay a little differently, there are always other empires to join. Lesea Fulyn runs the New Fulyn Market, the wealthiest empire in the land, and is probably one of the most knowledgeable players out there. Another experienced player is Alden Alastair, who founded Knights of the Blue Rose. Both of them would make great mentors while learning the game.

If you absolutely insist on running your own empire, good luck. Other players will still be willing to help you, but it will be tough to get started and you will need to build your stats before you can construct or craft certain things. I also HIGHLY reccommend choosing to go as softcore if you plan on leading your own clan. It can suck when there's no one around to enroll your new character into your own empire. Not to mention that no one will be able to promote you back up to leader. Nevertheless, many other players (usually experienced ones) lead empires as hardcore characters and manage okay.

Maybe the best option, if you want to lead an empire, is to join another at first to learn the ropes and build your stats, then eventually go out on your own. My empire, at least, would be okay with this as long as you didn't plan on taking all our resources with you.

Okay, so you've created a character and logged in and pledged my empire...what next?

My character should auto-enroll you and give you the coordinates to our main compound, even if I am fast asleep. The easiest (and safest!) way to find the base is to look for a Tower of Souls (ToS, looks like= */\* ) and then transport randomly until you find the ToS on my continent. If you happen to spawn on an island without a ToS, you might have to cross water and that can be VERY dangerous to a newbie. I suggest that, if this is the case, you stay put until someone can come get you and safely escort you to the base.

If you really want to risk it, you'll need a canoe. Rivers are safe, but the oceans have sharks. And sharks can quickly kill even the toughest player under the right circumstances.

To make the canoe, you'll first need to dig until you find 2 rocks. Wield one and use it chip at the other until you get a handaxe. Find a forest and gather sticks. Use the handaxe to craft a handle from the stick and then attach the handle to the handaxe. This makes your basic axe.

You'll need the axe to chop down a tree and then craft a canoe from that tree. Holding a canoe will let you cross the water but, again, be careful.

Hopefully I've covered enough to spark your interest and help you get started. Additionally, if you have some decent experience coding in Circle, you may want to talk to Zenn about helping him finish up some of the features that Gideon did not complete when he wrote the EmpireMUD code (based on Circle). For instance, there's a help file about encrusting gems or seashells into weapons and armor to give them bonus points. But the seashells or gems were never added into the game, nor was the Jeweler building where the encrusting would take place (and probably where you store the gems and shells).

Anyway, see you soon, bring your friends, and say goodbye to your old MUDs. Once I found EmpireMUD, I gradually stopped playing any other type of MUD. This was always the game for me, even unfinished.


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Re: EmpireMUD! - A different kind of MUD.

Suppose if I didn't advertise it wouldn't' be long until somebody did, hehe.

At any rate, let me add some details that were missed:

The world is one very (VERY) large ASCII map, totally editable by the players. You can dig ditches that fill with water if they're connected to a river or the ocean, fell forests, plant crops, and build great castles.

There are also PVP options as occasionally Empires will go to war with each other.

Exp is primarily obtained by roleplay and simply being in the game.
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Re: EmpireMUD! - A different kind of MUD.

Five hours ago, I was here reading this post and thinking that this was just another MUD. But as soon as I logged in, I was kindly greeted and helped through the beginning process of getting into this game and immediately I was hooked. The style that this MUD has is unique, and the strategy to it makes it very deep. While I admit the learning curve is a little steep, there are plenty of people available to help you learn and grow. It has a healthy mix of strategy and role-playing that really appeals to everyone.

It's almost like a textual Age of Empires or a multiplayer Dwarf Fortress in that it is deep and extremely addicting.

Even if you're not sure about this game, log in and give it a try. I was skeptical at first too, but after finding hold in an empire, I was immediately drawn into the MUD.

Now, the OP states that new players should join an empire, and I completely agree with that. Starting out on your own at the beginning is going to be tough. However, something I would like to see is more distribution of players across the empires. Currently, the Corpse Stealers are the most populous empire and this game is most fun when there are multiple empires on even ground, not one that dominates the playerbase. I encourage all new players to look at the options, whether it be with Fulyn and their wealthy empire or with any of the smaller empires who just need a few players to bring them to the next level of expansion and possibilities. No matter what empire you join, we can all help you learn.

See you in-game!
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Exclamation Re: EmpireMUD! - A different kind of MUD.

The wiki is evolving:
Dawn of Empires - EmpireMUD

MUD Listings submitted.
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