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Okay... A while ago, there was a topic going on about How to get more non-mudders involved with mudding, and the idea came up about tv advertising.

Well... one of the assignments in my media prodoction class that i'm taking is to create an ad campaign, and this immediatly came to mind. I can't garuntee that it will be shown on tv or anything, but I can probably make a copy to send anyone who would be interested once it's finished.

Anyway... onto the point of this post. What I want to do is identify a target audience first, then get some help with the ad, just ideas, or anything else you can throw at me. I need at least 1 of each, 15, 30, and 60 second ads. Any help is appreciated.

Ideas i've had so far for a target audiance are:
Forum RPGers
Chat Rooms

Ideas to highlight in the ad:
Low Cost/Free
Intensive Roleplay or PVPing
Don't need a top of the line computer to run
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Most muds get updates/additions/new area's/etc far more often than graphical MMO's, and you don't have to buy an expansion to get access to them.

Long lasting, most big graphical games are REALLY popular for a few years, then slowly die down. A good mud stays good for far longer(look at IRE, what... almost 10 years, Simutronics... 20 I think).
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It was myself who suggested T.V. advertising in the forum post you were referring to. Catch me via email or (preferrably) AIM, and let me know more about your assignment and I'd love to help you out.
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