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To Next:

The lag has nothing to do with the influx of new players. It has everything to do with a faulty SBC router, which I happen to share with the game's server since we're both in the same state.

I've been experiencing lag on everything and suffer occasional punts off my DSL as a result. No doubt the ginka server is experiencing the exact same thing, and again, it has nothing to do with their traffic.

Regarding the uber noobs - it's a wave, and the wave will wash back out to sea as it always does. When I started playing Arm I was part of another wave that showed up 2 years ago. Fortunately I was taken in hand by another player, strictly via RP since I didn't know who played their character. Hopefully, many of these new folks will have the same luck I did. If they didn't, they'll learn eventually. If they don't learn, they will either quit or have their accounts suspended.

If you see someone behaving in an obviously twinkish manner, wishing up to alert the staff can help if someone is available to monitor it. If no one is available, sending an e-mail to mud with the character's sdesc and a description of their behavior will also do the trick. I've done this a few times and the "offending party" ceased to be offensive. Sometimes they just need a guiding hand from someone with authority. And yeah, sometimes they need a smack up-side the head.

But if you don't alert the staff to the problem, it's very possible they aren't even aware of it. They -want- the game to maintain its high standard of roleplay, so it's up to us to help them do so.
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I agree with Jaz. I've been at Armageddon roughly 3 years, and in that time I've seen alot of newbie 'surges'. While it can be frustrating with all of the newbies, remember how confusing it was when you started, if only for a bit.

I must have played six months before I fell into my groove, and then it was only because of a certain set of PC leaders in a certain mercenery group were fantastically helpful, and infinately patient. I've seen completely hopeless newbies go from socials to three line combat emotes in a month, and I've seen newbies take a year to fully get it...

I guess that kinda went nowhere, but just remember that they hopefully love the world as much as you, but if not, use your own talent and desire to enrich the world so that they will see how exciting it can be and strive to improve their own skills...

But, I'm an ass so you can probably ignore me.

EDIT: Ah yes, and like Jazuela said, if they're spamming skills, 'exping', being twinkish or completely unrealistic, mail the admin. Our Immortals don't tolerate **** like that, and for good reason. They usually fix people like that real quick.
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We're getting hit by that same POS router that SBC is having issues with, I feel your pain...
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