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Thumbs up Lensmoor: Medieval Fantasy

Lensmoor has been up since 1997, and has been in a state of constant evolving. There is an average of 15-25 people online at any given time, with a peak of around 35-40 people online at once. While there isn't a huge crowd anymore (we used to have upwards of 120+ on at any given time), there is still a reliable crowd to help new players get started.

Things that Lensmoor offers, that I personally, see offered that a lot of other MUDs don't offer are:

*A reputation system - feared/ridiculed, famous/ignored, wise/foolish, loved/hated... and more. And status has a very real impact on how mobs interact with your character.

*A very well rounded crafting system - mine your ores, work them into usable metals, then use those metals to craft all sorts of equipment. You can also enchant crafted gear to completely customize your gear to your playstyle - not the other way around!

*Player driven economy - while you can hack and slash mobs for money, and pick up items and sell them, the majority of the economy is player driven. You can buy your own shops - item and pet shops , buy your own house, start your own clan (and choose whether it will be a PK or non-PK clan), etc.

*Custom titles (upon completion of a custom tailored quest).

*Automated quests: your generic kill, capture, or find an well as a new crafting questmaster that has you harvest or craft an item for the crafty types.

*Imm run quests/games: Imms can create custom "global" quests, i.e. a piece of birthday cake for someone's birthday...or to "geek out" with a fellow geek. There is also scrabble, bingo, guess the phrase, hot potato, corpsegrinder, and other nifty games that imms runs from time to time.

*Bonus modes: Recently added are bonus modes (double exp, double qp, no quest timer, etc.) that imms can turn on

*PvP is restricted - if you attack someone more than 5 levels below you - you're considered a KILLER and face a level drain as well as being a free PK target. If you attack someone more than 5 levels above you, or attack someone in a lawful (no PK) zone, you're considered an outlaw, and are a free PK target until you can get a pardon from a mayor. Getting caught stealing has the same punishment as outlaw.

*The ability to modify a room temporarily: This has to be used with caution, but can definitely enhance RP - you can only modify the room's description, and it's not permanent, but it's definitely useful.

If you'd like to check Lensmoor out, the connect information is: Lensmoor Mud : 3500

My most active character is Nickolaus, so if you see me on, give me a yell and I'll answer any questions you have - or you can use the newbiehelp channel.
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Re: Lensmoor: Medieval Fantasy

I just started playing. I like it. It has a lot to offer. I'm looking forward to exploring the world and all the features.

And since I like it so much, I figured I would give this post a bump.
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