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Old 08-24-2002, 09:23 AM   #1
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Okay, so here's the current situation:

I come back to my old MUD after being offline for quite a while. I add one of my old friends from it to my IM client and we just chat a few hours away together about things that have changed untill I get a warning from my friend. Apparently, the level of favouritism (something which I truely loathe. People should be chosen based on their skills, not on their ability to deepthroath) has risen to a horrible level where a certain female players desperately tries to gain favour with the immortals by mudsex, webcam strip shows and even tried to get favour through RL sex. I got told that quite a few people had done naughty things to her, made it public and got banned by her immortal friends in return and that she is a general horrible mud slut who happens to be 16 y/o with a kid. Sounds lovely.

I didn't pay much attention to it though, considering she was a level 50 players (like the aforementioned player) and level 50 players share their own channel, neglecting the common channel where level 1 through 49 people talk on. Anyways, after a few days of mudding I spot this player my friend talked about. Without any hidden intentions, I go talk to her a bit, trying to get her side of the story because my old "friend" has proven herself to be untrustworthy. So we talk a bit, a bit more the next day and on for a couple of days as I slowly gather her version of the story without making it seems like an interrogation. Turns out she isn't 16, she's 18 years old with a 16 months old daughter she truely seems to care about. (Her character is named after her daughter and she keeps talking about her) She doesn't seem like a slut at all to me in general and thus I start to wonder why my (ex-)friend would have lied to me (again) about something like that.

A few days later I learned a bit more; this player left a few in-game organizations because she was being harassed by several people of which she disclosed no names or specifics about the harassment. I never told her what my old friend told me about her, because she seems to be in enough troubles already...

How should I deal with this? Handing it over to the immortals is not an option, only to highest level imms can safely judge about this because of various reasons that are of no effect on this, but the higher level imms are usually too busy with coding to meddle around with players...

Now what should I do?
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Old 08-24-2002, 10:21 AM   #2
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It's quite simple really. If she is being harassed she should log it and report it to the Imms. If they don't do anything about it then she should leave the mud. Any Imms that don't take harassment of their players seriously deserve to lose all their players. It sounds to me that there's more to this story and I'd guess that none of the players involved are innocent.

Hmm...after reading your post about favourtism, harassment, etc. I hope I never start a character at whatever mud it is. Just sounds like a painful place to play and I've no idea why people stay at those kind of muds - it's a game and you should be enjoying it, not ranting about favourtism, etc., etc.
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Old 08-24-2002, 10:47 AM   #3
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If I were you Ingraham I'd suggest to the one who told you the first story that it's not a good idea to discuss players' lives or situations with other people, whether or not it's true. It's none of her business and not her place to divulge this information to you.

I would also tell the person who is being talked ABOUT that if she has a problem with anything people are saying about her, as a player, then it's her responsibility to bring it to the game's admin. And as the previous poster said, if admin doesn't take this seriously, or doesn't get involved and attempt to resolve it (since it's a totally OOC issue that doesn't belong in the game), then she should seriously consider a new game to play, ASAP.

But I wouldn't go to admin myself, if I were you, because it wouldn't be my place to do so. The more people who get involved, the more mess it becomes. Best to stay out of petty squbbles between players if you can. It doesn't even matter which one of them is telling the truth. What matters is that one of them is intentionally lying to other players to promote their own "cause," and it does nothing but disrupt the enjoyment of the game for everyone else.
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Old 08-24-2002, 04:39 PM   #4
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Jazuela gave some good advice, Ingham, and I'd just like to add a few more comments to what she said.

There is rarely an angel and a devil in a situation.  It's likely that both players are fudging the truth, so taking sides in this isnt going to do you any favors.  Bear in mind though that if  the rumours of her gaining favor through favors with the admin are incorrect and unfounded, there isnt just one victim here, there are two.  If the player has logs backing up her claims, then she would be advised to take it to the admin, because these players aren't just harming her, theyre also casting aspersions on the admins' characters, and the way their game is being run. If they're mature enough to generally not get involved in player disputes, they're likely to be mature enough to discern that, and deal with it in a proper way that involves only the people concerned, and not witch hunts and public burnings at the stake.

Take a step back from the situation, don't involve yourself further. Players who are spreading nasty gossip about one player today are just as likely to treat you the same way in two days time.  You need to balance the risk of that with what you enjoy about the game, and decide for yourself if it's worth it.  Finally, you have my commiserations.  Finding yourself a third party to something like this is never pleasant, but how you decide to involve or not involve yourself will either help or hinder the situation, so please choose your (non/)words and (non/)actions carefully.
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