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What do I care for your suffering? Pain, even agony, is no more than information before senses, data fed to the computer of the mind. The lesson is simple: you have received the information, now act on it. Take control of the input and you shall become master of the output.

-Alpha Centauri
I tire of listening to, and reading, futile discussion.  

"What right have we to judge another?" one may ask.  "The same right that we have to listen to another" I respond.  

You may state your opinion, and I may listen to it.  I make no claims to comprehend, or to even care about, what you have written.  It is up to me to decide.  You cannot force me to do something I wish not to do.  

My opinions of any discussion are mine alone, and unless I wish to share them, I will not.  I take care not to try to offend people needlessly, as is my will.  I read what I post, and edit when necessary.

I enjoy what I do, and I try to share my enjoyment with others.  Of what concern is it of mine if others do not enjoy it as much as I?  It is the right of those others to say whether they enjoy it or not.  Do I think less of them if they say no?  Certainly not, I respect their honesty and listen to their complaints. Do I think more of them is they say yes? Certainly not, I respect their honesty and bask in the glow of compliments.

It is honesty which I respect.  I care not for truth, nor power, nor bravado.  If someone feels that he or she is the greatest in the worlds, that person is entitled to that opinion.  It is not my right to try and change it.  It is, however, my right to agree or disagree.  If that person publishes his or her opinions, it is also my right to publish my own.

What do I care for you? What do I care for your feelings?  What do I care for your opinions?  What do I care if you understand?  The answers are mine alone, and I choose to remain silent.

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