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Red face

hmm, well it's interesting... a few weeks worth of grounding and i come back to find that my little post became a flame war... i just want to say to all of you in here, and especially those that i've offended, that i only asked because i was really sorry about it, and i want to post on this forum and not the ones that are full of spam... point being that i don't want to be in another one that's full of spam, because i'm over the spam thing... if i wanted to spam, i'd go someplace where it wasn't met so hostilely... people DO mature, and i think i have... anyways, i sincerely doubt that it will change anyone's mind, but i REALLY am sorry...
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[[Post deleted by Alastair and sent as a PM instead]]
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Having being, at best, a very disinterested viewer of the spam and flames that went revolved around you and all the rest of them all I can advise is that you stop posting fairly useless posts like your last one. People are not going to say "Ah, she's sorry... let's forgive and forget." My opinion is that the *only* way you will gain acceptance is through the posting of sensible posts. This will demonstrate that you have changed. It's completely and totally up to you.
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Players of the Realms of Despair may remember a character who was nicknamed "Spamstrino". Well, I've said practically everything else about myself on these forums, so why not. He was me.

Take it from a fellow spammer. The best way to get people to forgive you and leave you alone is to STOP spamming. Unfortunately, getting on your knees and begging for mercy is just going to annoy people even more. Just lay low for a while and it'll all boil over. Probably.

I'm not going to lecture you on the use of these forums, because that would be dull. But just think before you click that "Add Reply" button. Is your post:

1) Related in any way to the topic,
2) Useful or informative,
3) Funny.

If it's none of the above, then it's likely to be considered a spam post.

Think about it.

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