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Possible App$store collaboration

Fellow Devs,

This is a serious offer to collaborate on a commercial project. Please don't waste my time, and yours.

As some of you may know, in recent weeks, I've been working on a major update to my iPhone GUI that I believe will bring it visually on par with any professional MMO sold in the AppStore. It will include over 1,600 professional-grade 3D renders of fantasy environments, mobiles, characters, and items, all of which I am licensed to use commercially.

But, alas, my deeply customized server is Diku-rivative and subject to a license that leaves me with very limited monetizing options. So it occurred to me that there may be someone out there with a server that is not subject to a restrictive license, and who is looking to gain access to a wealth of new customers.

What you will get:
  • An iOS GUI app that looks like this, and this, and which drives new players to your game. (To give you some idea, you will most likely receive 10-20,000 logins in the first few months, though nothing else is guaranteed.) The app will be branded with your game name and logo (if you have any), pointed at your game sever, promoted and supported entirely by me.
  • 50% of all profit generated via the iOS GUI app. To be clear, that is 50% of the profit remaining after Apple takes its cut (30%). We will be in full compliance with Apple's terms and will be cutting them in by providing a method for app users to purchase game content via the AppStore.
What you must have:
  • A functional MUD server to which you own full commercial rights, and which you are looking to monetize or which is already commercial (e. g. pay-for-perks).
  • A developer (e. g. you) who is capable of customizing a significant part of the game output/input to specs that I will provide, who is professional, prompt, hard-working, and willing to see this project through in a minimal amount of time.
  • A fully playable game with a good amount of existing content.
  • The world should be fantasy-themed. It should have rooms, items, spells/skills, some form of PvP, and some form of player guilds.
  • Willingness to adapt any aspect of the game, including the pricing model, to try and optimize AppStore conversion. Basically, this means being open to discussions about what will work, what seems to already work, and what presents an apparent obstacle to attracting a wide range of mobile players, including casual ones.
The ideal server would have a well-developed guild war system, no RP, an SQL database that can be interfaced independently, either directly or via server-side scripts / RESTful. The ideal server would already have a good number of game mechanics that appeal to casual players (e. g. command shortcuts, an easy way to quit and save your progress, fast initial leveling, etc.). A logically linked world is a plus.

The ideal partner(s) will be someone who can provide me with enough solid evidence that they are capable and serious, e. g. by having an existing portfolio of things to show, including a live and playable server that I can take a look at. Some experience with JSON (GMCP) would be good.

What the project will involve:
  • We will exchange specs and work together in parallel to interface client and server to a point where the two form one seamless experience that can compete in the AppStore (this will include designing a fool-proof tutorial, making sure in-app purchases work infallibly, etc).
  • Neither one of us will be expected to grant any form of code access to the other, nor will we be signing over any rights to client or server code, client or server assets, etc.
  • You will not be expected to make your game server exclusive to the iOS app. It can be one client out of multiple clients that you are supporting, and the app's payment model may co-exist with other payment models if our preliminary discussions determine that it won't hurt our common cause. Likewise, I will not be required to make this client exclusive to your game.
  • Before we do anything, we will discuss details about our partnership, and when ready, we will sign a binding contract to make sure that both parties' interests are protected (e. g. we will set up a system where both parties can monitor profits, and auto-split them if possible).
If you are not a single person but a team, the terms of my offer are the same, i. e. I offer 50% of all net profit raised via the iOS app, to be split among you in any way you see fit.

Prospective partners who meet my basic requirements will be able to preview actual gameplay on the app before deciding. Additional screenshots and technical details will also be made available.

Serious inquiries only, preferably using PM. If you have questions that you don't mind making public, I suppose you can post them in this thread.
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Re: Possible App$store collaboration

Those are remarkably specific requirements.
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