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"A little tweaking"

I was tasked with the job of adding flaming objects to Legend many, many years ago. I'd just wrapped up the code and had run some small scale tests. I added in a few polishes to the handler that checked the room for what objects could ignite and which ones couldn't.

Proudly, I brought our head coder over to take a look at the results and fired up a test mud. I got everything set up, he and I in the same room with a few trees, and cast an area-effect fire spell.

It lit everything on fire. On the whole test mud.

Every. Single. Item. All. 22,000. Of. Them.

It didn't matter which room. I'd swapped ->next for ->next_in_room in the loop and I knew it right away.

And we got a line of spam for each one.

After the onslaught and subsequent ignition of everything it got real quiet. The Head Coder broke the silence.

"I think it needs a little tweaking," he said, and logged off.
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Re: "A little tweaking"

Thank you for the chuckle!
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