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Old 08-24-2002, 08:42 PM   #1
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I am not the most agreeable person in the world... and the three MUDs I just left could probably agree with me.
I started this recent love of Whitewolf, and those MUDs have the coolest features, stuff I've never seen before.
As it stands, I played on three... two a MUD, one a MUSH.
The MUSH was typical confusing as heck MUSH fare, with a hundred billion trillion gazillion different options and places and stuff, and required so many different applications for one thing. The first MUD I didn't get along with too many people, but specifically one IMM who was so high on his horse he only heard the barest glimmers of what I was saying. The second, again, the people were really irritating me with their fanatical devotion to writing notes for everything! You want to walk one east? You have to write a describing WHY you're going east, as well as why you WANT to go east, who this is going to affect, and why only one room. It was ludicrous! Gaah.
I start school on Monday, so I'm depressed and suicidal enough right now. I don't need another layer added to the crap-cake.
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Old 08-24-2002, 08:57 PM   #2
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Never let online people drive you crazy IRL, it'se not worth it. Whenever things go really horrible online, just turn off your computer, take a few steps back, rent a few good movies and books and spent a weekend with those instead of being online. Or just try to find another hobby for a well, either online, offline or not involving computers at all. It'll both do you good...
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Bah, rent movies? Movies cost too much. Online computer gaming, for the most part free. (You know, excluding Everquest, silly Pay2Play MUDs...)

Yeah, that's it. Color my avatar's eyes in red and make his face all squiggly. I'd do that if I found somewhere to host random files, or just images.
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