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It is generally agreed upon that the LotR: Fellowship movie set an incredible standard for all other fantasy films to live up to.  With access to the outstanding visual effects today's CGI offers the boundaries grow, allowing the filmmakers to bring out all the amazing landscapes and creatures of the imagination.

Recently, while going through my 8-track..errr VHS.. collection I came across some of my favorite older movies and thought to myself, do they still hold up under the behemoth that is today's technology?  Twelve hours, and many beers, later I have come to a conclusion.


So to give everyone else a chance at nostalgia I now throw out my top fantasy movies that didn't need today's eye-candy CGI effects.

7.  Erik the Viking
       Probably the funniest fantasy movies that not many people have seen.
6.   The Princess Bride
       It has Andre the Giant and Mel Brooks,  you dont need much else to have an instant classic.
5.    Labyrinth
       Who would have thought Bowie would make such a great goblin king?
4.   Krull
       OK the plot isnt the greatest, but many fantasy films to follow emulated this heavily.  Full of classic scenes and fantasy standards.
3.    Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail
        It is next to impossible to log onto a mud without a quote from the movie coming up.  All you have to do is say the word shrubbery.
2.   Conan the Barbarian
      "crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!"
1.   Clash of the Titans
       Even today this movie gives LotR a good run for its money, an epic storyline backed up by amazing fantasy creatures.  This movie was my introduction into the world of fantasy and still enthralls me everytime I see it.
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Never seen Eric the Viking, but I watch the rest of those movies at least once a month.

Krull was a kickass movie, though noone else seemed to like it but me...

But, you didn't mention WILLOW or LEGEND ffs! I've probably logged more hourse watching Willow than I have on Armageddon, if thats possible. Worn out 2 vhs tapes and my mom broke 2 more, because she hated it so much. Now I have the DVD *nod self* Hooray.
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