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I have recently started a campaign against stupidity on the mud I play.  It basically started as a result of several players forming their own elite cliques, ignoring and even harassing newer players, and showing general disrespect for immortals and other players who did not belong to their particular group of friends.  It had gotten to the point where it was truly irritating me (and I don't get ****ed off easily) as well as driving some of the better players off the mud.

I sometimes wonder why people get this way...  I truly cannot understand some of their logic.  They seem to be absolutely blind as to how their actions affect other people.  And do they even care?  Or do they actually strive to push other people to their limits?

This particular thread comes as a result of an encounter with yet another "stupid person".  They aren't always the older players, but often times come in the form of newbies who have perhaps played on muds or other games where they were allowed basic free reign.  The word respect does not appear in their vocabularies, and no matter what, they are the ones in the right, and who are being treated unfairly (without thinking twice about how they are treating other people).

Usually, this type of player won't last long, and my first encounter with them will most likely be due to the fact that they have chosen an unacceptable name, and I need to rename them.  Whenever I come across a player needing a new name, I'll send them a tell asking "Can you pick a new name please?".  Sometimes, I'll get a response, usually asking why, and then politely, or reluctantly agreeing.  Yet others are far too stubborn...

In this particular incident, I got no response, and so went to see the player in person, said hello, and asked them to pick a new name.  The immediate response was "I don't see a problem with my name."  (This was a word from the dictionary).  So, I explained to him why it was unacceptable, that it needs to be original, etc.  And he, like the typical player of this type, quickly took on a defensive stance, stating that it was his name, and that I shouldn't have a problem with it.  I asked again for him to pick a new one, and he responded with a comment that would have to be edited if I were to post it here.  Next step: purge.

Then, he logs back on, and I state that I can pick a new name for him if he'd like.  Then came another comment which I have found to be all too common: "You seem to have a vendetta against me already."  It just boggles the mind how some people can think this way...  No, I have nothing against you.  I don't have a set dislike for someone just because they are new or have an inappropiate name.  You brought it on yourself by the way you acted.

Yet, he continues to say that I am making a huge ordeal out of nothing.  I am merely asking that he follow the rules, as are stated clearly when making a character, that your name must be appropiate and original.  But he feels somehow wronged that I am not letting him have his way.  In the end, I realized that this was not the type of player we needed, as he insulted not only me, but another player.  So, it came down to "If you don't like it, you can leave."  I'm sure there are plenty of muds which are more his taste.

I suppose I just don't see why some people choose to act this way...  Is following the rules so difficult?  Is choosing a new name so absolutely painful?  But, some people don't like any form of control over them, and in that case, a multi-player environment which prides itself on being a friendly, fun place for everyone to be may not suit such a person.  Which is why there are many, many muds out there which appeal to a wide variety of players.

Again, I find it so difficult to understand some people's way of thinking.  They seem to believe that they may do whatever they please, yet if someone gets in their way, or does even a slight fraction of the same thing, they jump all over them.  I truly wish I could get it through some people's heads that they are not the center of the universe, and that other people do matter.  Alas, that day may never come...

If anyone else has any horror stories to post, feel free.  I just had to vent some things.  Sometimes these people make me want to scream...
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