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Hello all,

As you can see I'm new here, but I have been an active MUD player for about 7 years now. I appreciate the RP respect of MUDs the most, and participate in freeform RPs on a few forums. At one of these I was introduced to Diplomacy, and liked it instantly.

Some few months ago, I got the idea of making a persistant Diplomacy variant. Once I thought of persistance, my next thought was MUDs. The idea grew from there. Fo those of you who do not know what Diplomacy is, I'll provide a breif explaination.

It is a luckless game, aside from choosing the starting posistions. There are seven Great Powers, modeled after the largest ones truly around and involved in the first World War. Players control Armies and Fleets with a very simple movment and attack system and through acts of diplomacy try and rule Europe. Many hundreds of variants, both of changing the map and the rules -- often both -- exist, but this would be more then a variant.

Here's something of an explaination of what I have so far. If anyone here thinks this has merit, I'll add more detail.

Players could be one of three things.

Either they'd sit on a council with other people (presumably friends made prior to the game) and control the actions of a puppet king, or they'd be what would be a one-man-council. They things they'd control would be the taxes, where to move armies, trading, diplomacy, as well as a few other things of that nature.

The third option would be to be council (one-person) to a Lord who serves a King, and has only a peice of his land and army. Lords of a King could have infighting, and rebel against the King to make their own Kingdoms. This would be a large part of the self-regulation against Kingdoms growing too large.

Land would be subdivided into territories defined first by geographical features and defended by an encircling wall, but over time this would change. When a King wished to attack another, he would order his army (or order a Lord to order his army) to attack a specific territory. Assuming the army got past the wall, battles would be fought for predefined locations one by one. Hills, bridges, and so forth. Players would have no direct influence on the battles, but it would be decided by comparing morale, experience, hunger, amount and quality of equipment, ect. They armies would fight until one ran away or the attacking Lord (and only a Lord) called a halt.

The conquored land would be made into it's own territory, but without walls at first, which would take time to build. If a King wished to combine territories, he could order it, and any wall between them would be taken down. This would be irreversable until the whole original territory had been captured.

There would be trade and management of different types of food. Most likely around 20 different types of food, which would be grown as geography dictates. Equipment for the army - swords, armor, arrows, and so forth would be highly similar. Crafts - spoons, tables, jewlery, clothes - would be divided into small, large, and luxury, and be highly similar to foodstuffs.

There would be magic in the game, but in a limited way. The only concentrations of Mages would be the scattered neutral towns, protected and sacroscant. They would allow and facilitate diplomatic talks. The towns themselves would be exempt from any violence and any attempted violence within or against the towns would be delt with by kicking them out. Multilpe violations would evoke the wrath of the magi, and the Kingdom would most likely be destroyed. The mages would most likely be the Imms of the game.

Magic could be used by the players in limited ways. They could call upon the mages to do various things. The first would be instant automated but limited communication, mostly for requesting to talk diplomaticaly. If both parties agreed, they would be teleported to the closest neutral city. The next would be to look into possible transgressions of the rules of war - excessivle looting and pillaging, following a scorched earth policy, and other things to be decided. The mages would react as appropriate. The final thing would be to hire failed magi for limited battle support. These magi have failed their training, and sell their skills, either for a per-cast fee or on retainer. They could only do things such as cure/make hunger, fix equipment and engourage/discourage morale, that is, indirectly affect the game.

Well, I've gone on for far too long, and this has expanded as I wrote, and I suppose I'll be flamed, but if anyone who's nice enought o read through this and still like it could give me any comments, please do.
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